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New Year, New Word : Word of the Year is Brilliance

Last year I started out my vision with the word “fearless”. I decided it was time to come out from behind my fears because I am a creator. I am inspired by the divine. I color my life vibrantly, and not always within the lines. I am an artist, I dream big, go for it (move ahead), dance!! I am me… and I love who I am!!

I did a lot of growing the year before, and felt that I was taking a step or two backwards… but the truth I came to that day was that I was taking a giant leap forward. And so the year of 2015 began with an entirely authentic desire and belief that there is more that I am going to do this year than any year before. Are you fearless? I am!! What really struck a cord was that I wrote,

Bring it to me universe, I’m ready to take my journey to the next level of brilliance.

Daily meditation is on my mind, and on my plans for this year, because connecting to that higher power and plugging into that light really does make all of the difference. It gives you gratitude for everything around you. If you haven’t tried it, I bet it’s because you are a Type A personality like I am. I just cannot deal with slowing down. That’s why I use a guided meditation. I really need that to do it, and I really really need the mediation.<

What is your word for the year?

I’ve settled on ‘brilliance’ this year!! I’m doing things big, bold and vibrant because there’s nothing like a leap into your soaring desires to get you going in the morning!! And I have this intensely bright knowledge that can heal others. As a soulpreneur it took me a long time to get to that reality that my knowledge is powerful and the universe is just waiting for me to realize it and share it. Mapping out and defining your skills and desires helps, both life and businesses. You have to be aligned because they intertwine so often. So what are you doing to make this difference moving into the new year?

I determined that my motto this year will continue to make sure I “do not waste time” as in wasting time on bad relationships, bad business, bad habits… and as an underlying tone, those really stupid things that I was wasting my time with I will no longer worry about. There are truly too many stupid things that don’t matter that consume our lives.  Last year, I again went into the year with my Heart Chakra wide open expecting to accept all of the amazing infinite possibilities for our life journey.  However what I finally get today, on this new year of brilliance, is that there is a place of having your chakra too wide open where we allow our personal boundaries to be skewed. Instead of giving you voice, it often takes it away.

So this year I am going to be that intense brightness of light with my voice, even if only to laugh, kiss or whisper. I am going to let music back into my life in the best ways. I am going to create unplugged zones, in both time and place.

Also, I give up the external competition. The only competition is with myself to be a better me. I will believe that I am always worthy of the light and manifestation of good things in my life. I will lead as I have been called to this and can do so much good by releasing this idea that I have to play small to keep from hurting the feelings of others. My gift is meant to be shared, not hidden. That doesn’t mean I won’t take some time for myself, because I am worthy of that self love and care as well.

Energy work and yoga are vastly prevalent in my future. Lord help me get through that without putting up my guard. I do honor my feelings, but squashing them doesn’t keep our soul intact. It instead creates voids that are empty and that feeling is something I don’t want to ever honor or nourish to growth.

What’s funny is that my Solar Plexus has been in deep need for most of my life of being honored. And one way we can do that is to be joyful when we poop. I BELIEVE this!! 🙂 In fact when I pooped this morning I thought,

Yes… good riddance to that last of the shit from 2015!!

I know, TMI, but so empowering!!

And glorious plants, you are coming back into my daily life with nourishing water without fear. I let go of the fear that my needs cannot be met with the beautiful bounty of the Earth.

I am going to be vividly alive this year when we talk, and I am going to engage you at a level that you had better be ready for. I am more than the torch, I am the spark – that’s what I know and where I will thrive!!


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