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Urban Gardens Giving Back To The Community : Garden to Groceries

Tower Garden and the Boys and Girls Club of Memphis team up in the Garden to Groceries program. In this video, learn how a donation from Juice Plus+ is improving diets, inspiring lifestyles, and creating opportunities for Memphis youth.

What is included with the donation?

      A Juice Plus+ Representative will partner with the interested local Boys and Girls Club to assist in developing and implementing a plan and/or program for using the Tower Garden to engage the young members who attend the club.
      The Representative will identify a champion on the Clubs’s staff to commit to the maintenance and implementation of the Tower Garden program, either with Club staff or volunteers.
      The Representative will commit to a period of time needed by the local Club to volunteer in some capacity, either in the actual Tower Garden program, becoming a board member, a committee member, a mentor, or to teach Club members and staff how to grow successfully with a Tower Garden.
      Once the plan is in place, the Juice Plus+ representative will submit an application to the Juice Plus+ Foundation for the donation of a Tower Garden. The donations are granted monthly and include a Tower Garden Growing System, a Support Cage, Grow Lights, a Dolly, nutrients, and growing supplies for several growing cycles.

As a convenient vertical aeroponic growing system, Tower Garden by Juice Plus+® simplifies gardening. Easily grow almost any vegetable, herb, or flower and many fruits at home with 90% less space and water and in a fraction of the time compared to conventional gardening. It’s perfect for urban settings—rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces—or just about any relatively sunny place outside. So what’s aeroponic. People get very confused when I first mention this to them. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. It uses both water and air to produce more colorful, better tasting, better smelling, and incredibly nutritious fruits and vegetables. Compared to hydroponic growing, aeroponics is a technological leap forward from traditional hydroponics. Aeroponics is sometimes considered a type of hydroponics, as it does use water to transmit nutrients to plants and thus requires no soil. Technically, however, true hydroponics uses water as the growing medium; aeroponics has no growing medium. Witness how quickly you can grow your own food with Tower Garden in this dramatic 4-week time-lapse.

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