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Coach Barbara Christensen I Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness CoachHi, I’m Holistic Coach Barbara Christensen, and I am so glad to be connecting with you.

Where it started

I am now a Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Certified Personal Trainer. Certified Aromatherapist, Life Coach, and Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.. but that wasn’t always the case. Before I created Bija Coaching, and started coaching business owners in a wholism style, I was dealing with my own internal and physical issues ranging from severe IBD to chronic pain and systemic inflammation, and so many allergies I was nicknamed “bubble girl”. 

Allergic to corn… ✓
Allergic to peanuts and tree nuts ✓
Allergic to avocado ✓
Allergic to all sorts of trees, weeds and pollen ✓
Allergic to my cute adorable doggy ✓
Together my husband and I went through all of the hospital visits, the inability to work for months on end, and watching me struggle. He stuck by me, and eventually we figured it out. And then we moved to Seattle.
WOAH!! Mind blown.
Let me just say that if you haven’t ever been, you are missing out. The food, the air, the life. It was amazing. And I found myself pulled in by this little company called WaZUKA … a juice franchise organization where I ran stores all around the Puget Sound. I was HOOKED on fresh and local, and I was so in love with nature. This is where I was meant to be. And yet I had even MORE allergies.
Super sinus issues due to more environmental allergies ✓
Allergic to soy ✓
Allergic to mango ✓
Allergic to sunflower ✓
Allergic to kiwi ✓
Allergic to Latex ✓

Bubble girl just kept getting worse.


Act Two


My second act started with a move back to Utah where I hooked up with an amazing Allergy doctor and she got me on the right path. I lost some weight, I got pregnant, started taking my mega multivitamins and miscarried. What could I have done? At that time nothing. Two months later I was pregnant again. This little babe wanted to be born… so she made vitamins a little too much for my gut. Good call… because what I needed was real nutrition. Unfortunately what I turned to was a lot of fast foods.

I gained a lot of weight, and then had my daughter and kept gaining for another 18 months almost tipping the scale at almost 200 pounds on my barely five foot frame. I started working on walking first, then nutrition, then hormones and lost over 60 pounds. I started homeschooling my daughter, and then we moved back to Seattle.  All hands on deck… the cortisol was about to get ugly!!

The Christensen Family I Barbara Christensen

Barbara Christensen and Dr. AmenWe moved and our house was not available… we had 24 hours to find a new house. I had left everything behind, and I was getting older. I met a fantastic doctor through Dr. Amen, and she helped me figure out what I thought was wrong … and I started the journey into compound therapy. But it was costly, and I gave it up. The I miscarried, found twenty pounds, and started feeling like crap again.
Sometimes our journey isn’t exactly what we had hoped.
But sometimes our journey is what we need in regards to our purpose. This is what led me to my nutritional diploma and eventually to Dr. Mitra Ray, her husband, and their friend, Linda. That is what led me to really re-evaluate what I thought I was getting nutritionally… and so here we are today.
barbara christensen I weight loss journey juice nutrition I am thankful that I figured out that my problems were very much a methylation issue, and getting whole foods and whole food supplementation was more than enough to redesign my health so that I could enjoy being fit again. Enjoy being a mom again. And enjoy helping others. I am so thankful that I am here to help you!
So when you are ready to boost your energy, stop using your secondary chimney to run your life, feel good, feel focused, improve your weight, and be the you that you want to… I am ready to give you life to the plus. Join me! Let’s connect so that I can help your wellness journey!
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