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Soul Purpose Business I This Is Your Calling, Make It Simple

Is this your soul purpose? Then why do you feel like you’re entire life is being time sucked by it?

The secret is the the Funnel …If you are building brand relationships in your entrepreneur live then you have to be using the idea of funneling someone into your business. That doesn’t mean you are looking at each friend like a dollar sign is tattooed on their forehead. It means that you are working with people, and if they have a need that you can support then you want to be able to be at the right moment of the relationship to share it with them. That’s the funnel.

Also as a business owner if you are like me you have so much going on, that there isn’t one marketing ad currently on your plate, there are 10. You aren’t dealing with 10 customers you are dealing with hundreds. So that is why I love using a very compound effect style of marketing with the latest technology tools.

More than one website, who doesn’t? I am Barbara Christensen and I have a domain addiction. 🙂 Although the more clarity I have, the more I find I am reducing those domains, and reducing the time I spend working on it. The trick to your business is to simplify it!!

For me that means I can only work with so many clients at a time, so for a great deal of my business I use automation tools. I find that using automation within a great email campaign tool allows me to stay on top of my job as a coach, a trainer, an Ambassador of good health. I need to make sure I’m there for my clients… all of my clients. This allows me to set things up for where they are, when they need it. It’s there.

Watch this video that will share some of what I do with my business, and hopefully it will help you out. I love AWeber because I can automate my programs to work with a larger community.

So you’ve heard a lot about email marketing, but you’re not sure how to use it. Well, now’s the time to discover one of the easiest ways to cultivate relationships with customers and prospects and grow your business. With this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create sign up forms
  • Create email content
  • Collect new subscribers
  • Automate your emails
  • Measure email performance

Download Free Email Marketing Guide

I also use SendOwl Document Stamping as my download manager because it gives the downloads a personal stamp for who downloaded an item in case there is every a question. It is also great if you are offering an affiliate program, or have bundles that you’ve created. It’s a great way to pull to great systems together, and get something that works amazingly for your business.

Last year I did a program that I am working on relaunching in one of my automation programs soon, called Virtuosoul. I had to close it on day two because the response was OVERWHELMING!! Virtuosoul was my program to design your soul business, and align it to your desired lifestyle, all while keeping your artistic passion. I had 48 women sign up in the first few hours after the launch. I don’t have enough time in the day to work with more than 48 women through a month in that program. What I was most shocked about what how much this program was needed. We all have a calling, and we want to make it work, but the trick is the secret sauce. So I have worked over the last year refining the program and I promise it will be released soon!

Last Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Creative Marketing For Effective Use Of Your Advertising Dollars

Creative Marketing is the key to your business success

I think that often the problem is finding the right marketing venue that works for your business. There are so many websites, magazines and newsletters out there that it can be overwhelming to someone new in business and it can be very frustrating even sometimes for those of us that have been in business for quite some time.

Many lower level executives think the advertising/marketing industry holds a poor grasp of the business issues confronting organizations such as theirs, according to the latest study from Forbes.com and Euro RSCG Worldwide. Most of the 9,000 senior executives polled agreed that advertising is an important driver of corporate success. In fact, 72 percent think advertising and marketing can have a substantial influence over the way the market perceives their company; while 62 percent feel their advertising and marketing programs have a substantial impact on sales. But when it comes to effectiveness, the respondents were split — about 42 percent felt that “the advertising industry seems to have a poor grasp of the business issues confronting organizations like mine”, while just under 40 percent think “external advertising and marketing services bring a valuable perspective to our advertising and marketing issues.”

You have to remember that there are 2,405,518,376 human beings (up from 812,000,000 in s 2004) are now online worldwide (Internet World Stats) and so online marketing is something that can be really quite confusing.

Electronic advertising is one of the biggest gaining areas that large and small companies are using today. It’s a very important feature for any company if it’s used correctly. An effective Web Marketing Campaign that would bring the rate of return visitors up, and house sales at an increase. Emitations.com, was looking to efficiently market new products and promotions to her loyal, yet demanding customer base. To appeal to these demanding consumers, she needed a convenient and appropriate communication vehicle. Emitations.com now publishes a weekly newsletter to communicate with customers and prospects. 

The newsletters that I am talking about are a great improvement from the text-based emails that were individually prepared and emailed, as they are now using a great HTML software program to manage their campaigns. Sometimes creating these emails and managing the mailing lists are too time consuming and you don’t get the professional look that you want as well. If you can’t look as professional then why bother, right? I love how AWeber makes not only my newsletter, but my automated and feature email marketing a breeze.

But if you use your tools correctly – you can keep your customers coming back for specials, educational benefits and so much more. Also you don’t have to just build your email list online. If you are talking to someone offline why not ask them if they’d like to get your email newsletters. Always put the contact into your smart phone, or address book. As long as you always provide them with an out, if they say yes you could turn them into a customer. Email marketing is one of the lowest cost advertising tools you can use today. 

How many other ways can I connect with my customer base? 

Another great tool is networking with others. Networking is on of the biggest keys to the puzzle of business. Network can be a noun or a verb. It can be a group of people that exchange information or the act of exchanging information, contacts and experiences with others for a professional or social purpose.

Our American society does not encourage individuality as a general rule, and there for it does not teach us how to network. If you were to ask ten different people what networking is – you may get as many as ten different answers. One person’s definition of networking probably depends upon their use of this important personal and professional activity or lack of use as I’ve seen more often. Networking is about making new friends, finding a new job, developing your current career, exploring new career options, obtaining referrals or sales leads, or simply to broaden your professional horizons, as it is important to focus on networking as an exchange of information, contacts or experience. And you don’t just have to network in your po-dunk town. With Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In and many more the networking opportunities are endless. 

In any industry or career level networking helps you make connections in a personal way and build relationships of support and respect to discover and create mutual benefits. It is a skill set no serious professional businessman or women of the 21st Century can be without. The keys to networking are to make sure you introduce yourself, have a purpose for networking, make it easy for others to find you/your business, and of course when appropriate exchange business information and be prepared. Many people jump right to exchanging business information. If you were looking for a top-notch dentist or surgeon where would you look? Would you trust the testimony of a good friend, or the size of a phone book ad? To be able to sell new clients, you must be able to benefit from current clients. To be able to get referrals you must be able to make the connections needed to get the referrals. If you do not engage your networking community – you’ll never be able to gain their support. If you don’t think you can network with others effectively – then you should rethink starting a business for yourself. Poor networking can ruin your reputation. 

Your reputation is your business credit. Your networking partners are your business equity. When you have great equity in your home and you need home improvements it is always much easier to get a loan. When you need business – and you have great business equity in your networking community – it is easy to fill the time slots, to sale the orders, to raise the level of your business success. 
Good networking partners will provide you with referral clients because of the equity you’ve built with them through time. These supports will be a strong foundation to increase the value of your business. But never forget to send your gratitude to anyone and everyone that you network effectively with, in writing. Personal Communication is the single biggest strategy in building your business. One thank-you is worth a mint. When you get a referral, when a client allows you to use them for a testimonial, remember that in order to continue to grow your business equity you will need to communicate to them the gratitude. 

Learn to improvise and improve. When capital is low, it’s the smart business owner that uses a variety of plans to hold down marketing costs. Share newsletter space with great partner companies. Trade links with other websites that offer services or products that work well with your overall structure, not just to trade links. A good online friend may not be a great marketing partner. Offer great “freebies” on your website to keep your visitor’s coming back. Always offer an opt-in email for news and updates and use this as an effective low-cost advertising tool. Offer incentives to current and prior customers to keep them coming back. Learn to focus on your target market, and only advertise where you’ll hit the bull’s-eye. When in doubt, follow your gut instinct.

How many of you are looking for marketing or want new customers? How many of you do both online and offline sales? Do you consider yourself to be active in networking and referring business to others you meet? Do you feel you use your advertising dollars for the best placed ads? These are some important questions you need to ask yourself today.

Tracking downloads with email analytics

Track Downloads With Email Analytics

Track Downloads With Email AnalyticsYou may already know about our Email Analytics features. These powerful tools allow you to target your list with pinpoint accuracy, sending messages that respond to subscriber activity.
Anywhere you install our analytics, you can track which of your subscribers visit that page. You can send email newsletters to subscribers who visit your order page, or who look at a specific page or product on your website.
We’ve recently taken things a step further, allowing you to track subscribers who click download links on your site.

How Does It Work?

Any download link on your website can be modified to track subscribers that use it. I came across this post on Chris Brogan’s blog, and I thought to myself that this would be a perfect place to start tracking downloads.
This kind of page, with a free download, is the perfect place to implement download tracking. We could easily follow up with subscribers who downloaded the PDF, asking for feedback on the content in the download, or even linking to related products.
Let’s take a look at the HTML for that download link as it is now:
In order for the link to tell the AWeber analytics javascript that a subscriber has downloaded the PDF, we just add a line or two:
And that’s it – when a subscriber clicks that link, it will be tracked as a page hit to the download!

What Is It For?

Now that we are tracking which subscribers are downloading the PDF, its time to put that information to work. We can now segment our list and send a message to those people.
To do so, we’ll first search our list for hits to the download’s URL – this is in our AWeber account, under the Subscribers tab, Search.
Next, we save this search as a segment so that we can refer to it later:
Now we can create a broadcast and send it out to that segment, directing their attention back to our site with links to similar resources, or maybe just asking for input on the content of the PDF.

How Do I Get Started?

You can take a look at our knowledge base article for more detail on the process