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Eat Clean… Train Fast … Trust Your Purpose

Eat Clean 

There has always been this little part of me that kept going back to comfort foods. I don’t know if it was because as a teenager that is all I had. My mom went back to work, my sister grew up and had friends that were totally cooler than her older sister was, and at school was sort of the spaz of the group of friends that I hung out with. My mom worked sixty plus hours a week, and I was in charge of dinner. She would leave a $20 Bill under a book, or in a magazine and then I would go to the store and buy dinner. Sometimes that meant comfort from the things that life was throwing at me. 

Part of what I didn’t know was that the food that was comforting me, was also killing me as my severe food allergies were starting to come through.

I’ve learned to listen to my body, but I’ve still let those little round crackers, cookie dough, and certain candies call my name. This has been the hardest thing for me to realize that through my fear, I was letting the lonely little girl feed me.

Clean eating is the one thing that can free me. When I start the day with a big, green smoothie I just feel better. I know myself better, and I am able to deal with what life throws at me. It’s something that any emotional eater can understand, and hopefully will understand. And if you can find supplements that are made with dense nutrition that help your journey, or clean supplements that ease your pain… it’s so much better than a box of Girl Scout cookies.

Train Fast 

Over this last year I had a couple of very interesting A-ha moments, that even as a certified personal trainer I was shocked about. I did a 90 day program that was almost all strength training, and I was shocked that I lost body fat, and trimmed down with just strength training. It was the way that the muscles were confused throughout the program, and the fatigue which allowed the smaller muscle sets to get use. Then I went into a program that was a combination of cardio and max intervals. I love intervals. But when the program was throwing in 60 minutes of intensity on top of max intervals was killing my adrenals, and releasing an abundance of cortisol into my system… and that means more fat storage.

I’m turning 45 this year, so believe me when I say I do NOT need any help with storing fat. When I reduced to shorter bursts of intensity, incorporated the weights into it… things started to swing back the opposite direction. That’s why I was able to get so excited about interval sprint training this year, it’s perfect! I recommend to my clients now to get in 20 – 30 minutes, and if they want to add more they should do pilates based lengthening or kettlebell training. Mix it up, and not doing the same old thing every single day. Your body building the same two legs every day with the same workout will give you two lovely little tree trunks on the end of your cute little behind.

Trust Your Purpose

There are shiny sparkling items around every turn. People would love me to be excited about on board with everything they are doing and trying, and what I’ve realized is that it’s okay if I disagree with your point of view, or you disagree with mine. I have learned who I am, and I have gone through the trials of my life to be able to be here and share my soul purpose with someone that needs it. Every time I get a message like this one

{ You are an inspiration to me, truly you are and your sharing of your hard acquired knowledge is so appreciated by all of us in your days stream. thank you for caring about other people like you do. If more people loved their fellow man just a wee bit more it’d be a much better world for all of us. I love you Barb.}

that is what it’s all about!! I hope you take away from this blog the things that are right for you. And when you learn something that make a difference, share it with someone else. That’s the reason for my posting, that’s the reason for it all.



Blip … Blip .. Blip… How to market your business for success

How to market your business for success using the right communication tools

blip  (blp) n.
1. A spot of light on a radar or sonar screen indicating the position of a detected object
2. A transient sharp upward (or downward) movement, as on a graph.

You have to shock the system by creating a BLIP Strategy today. That is the push that I’m going through after the Breakthrough series and now at day 8 on the 30 Day Push. {even coaches look to be coached, to get better, to grow!}

B– Blog
L– Lead
I– Invite
P– Promote

Business, Life and Wellness Coach Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I Bija Coaching

By doing this you are going to taking advantage of the top items to build your business. This allows you to be “big business’ on the outside, while staying true to and working within the confines of your small business needs.I see this again and again within my coaching business when working with people just like you.

The average business will lose 10% – 30% of thier customer base every year, so keeping the customer base you have is the most effective marketing strategy you have. A fundamental first step in developing that effective relationshop marketing is to leverage yourself as the leader in what you do best.

And effective strategy would be concise, and focus on a single meaningful attribute, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. If you have never tried eating a dinosaur, how do you know what the best place to start is? Do you start at the front, the back, the legs? But if you’ve made 700 amazing green smoothies, then you have all of the knowledge to share with others on the how and why of how things go together.

And the most effective marketing strategy is to be rated as the BEST in one or more meaningful qualities. If you can’t be the best, then you try to better than most or different than the majority. But never settle for second best because your customers never will.

Studies have shown that 30% of all customers make decisions based on price. So don’t make price the deciding factor, because it’s not. Promote how you are going to be a detected item on the radar that they just can’t stop thinking about. BLIP… BLIP… BLIP… and by doing so you are going to be able to overcome most pricing objections because you are giving them what they have been thinking about over and over again.

What do you think would happen if you had an entire room of people and the lights suddenly went off? 

Turning off the power will not only gain you the most attending {turn back on} but it allows you to zero in on your clients as they collect outside to figure out what you are doing! You are inviting them to come on over and check you out. So what are you doing? Do you take the time to turn off the power? Or do you bombard them with heavy neon lights all day long?

The ideal way to market your product or service is to lead with the most compelling functional “need” you offer. and then appeal to the psychological needs of your niche market. If you can do this in a way that shows the primary differences between you and your competitors – then you have covered all of your bases, and you are see that graph start to move on up.

Now, you may just be choosing the wrong customers. This costs you in several ways. These customers are short term… they were never really into it in the first place. If you are building a team of people that want to be there, you are on track. If you are building a team of people that just said yes because you are that good… you are going to find that they are going to be very labor intensive. They will cost you time, money and in the end future referrals because you never should have sold to that customer perhaps in the first place. It’s best to avoid those customers and release yourself from focusing on those people that will never be happy with what you are offering.

When creating your marketing strategy you want to stop, think and ask, “So what? It helps you to translate the features of a promotion to the benefits. This will help you to develop how you will approach your customers when the time comes. It’s not going to always happen, and most of the time won’t happen the first time someone sees your post, your blog, your promotion, your website. The research has shown that the majority of sales are carried out after SEVEN exposures to your product. So you have to develop a way to keep bringing them back.

Blip… Blip… Blip… 

The average marketing communication must gain the interest of the consumer in 2 seconds. So you have to be quick, consise, yet make them want to come back? Pictures say more than words, and you can share that in your own image more than using someone else. Pull them in, and help them to continue to pay attention to your marketing message.

So take that moment in time where you get it… let this click! Watch the next Breakthrough with Anthony Robbins and start to take the shift to create  the quality of life that you deserve, and start thinking about your business in the way that your customers do. If you get the answer for this question in this video, you will figure out your niche. I promise. The decisions you make without targeting, what do you get? You don’t get the change you want. You have to be concise. Listen to the beginning of you journey, and start to develop those BLIPS!

You may not realize how all of this works together right now, but I hope that you watch the video, and then come back maybe later today, or in a week and re-read what you need to do and that’s when it will all really click.

How to use SMO to drag user’s attention towards your site

How to use SMO to drag user’s attention towards your site

Promoting your business on the web is a low cost marketing strategy and employing social media in your publicity is one of the cost effective and results better outputs. Optimizing company website to social media sites help in increasing a website’s visibility. The following instructions show how to promote your website using SMO to grab reader’s attention.

  • Step1: Join a few appropriate social networks to your business, you must be careful while selecting social media outlet. Know your target market and evaluate how to reach them through social media. 
  • Step2: Understand which social media platform is best suited for your business. Some businesses that are related to entertainment category can easily get benefited from Facebook while business related to technology can receive huge website traffic through Twitter and other social networking channels. 
  • Step3: So, before you begin working with the particular social media channel, determine how you can get benefited from it. At the time of joining an online community especially for business, identify your target customers and start your plan.  
  • Step4: Post content on these networking channels; make sure to develop social media optimized content. This will allow you to widen the exposure of your content across social network channels.  
  • Step5: At the end of every post, don’t forget to provide bio information, this information should include your business purposes, contact details and should consist of a link to your company website.
  • Step6: Ensure to have an active presence in the social community. Commenting to posts on social networks is a good idea; this will prove how active you are on and make you share your ideas to others. 
  • Step7: Drive traffic to your website from social networking channels, this is possible when you interact with people in the social community. Use social channels for business promotion only after reviewing basic rules to follow. 
  • Step8: Promote more information on your business products and sales to users in your subgroup. Make sure to include accurate contact information for your customers so that they can contact you.
  • Step9: Design a business page that doesn’t focus only on business, be sure that this will provide useful information to users. Try to implement something fun on your website such as adding games along with the products and services of your business. 
  • Step10: Your customer should not feel that they have been bombarded with promoting business sales. This could turn them away to somewhere else. To make your customers visit again, update business pages regularly with recent updates and latest information.
  • Step11: Write content for social media press release, this helps in bringing massive potential customers. This offers a great marketing platform for advertisers who want to market their service, product or events. However, many businesses fail to get benefited from the press release as they typically follow traditional approaches. 
  • Step12: Come up with a great headline for your press release, this can grab attention of many readers. Make sure to focus in the right way and create value for it.  

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Wrote many articles on ppi claims . Find out more about her blogs @financeport

Gluten-Free Guru Dana Korn Talks about Tackling Giants

Gluten-Free Guru Dana Korn Trains about Overcoming the Giants

Danna Korn is the author of “Living Gluten- Free for Dummies,” “Gluten-Free Cooking for Dummies,” “Wheat-Free, Worry-Free: The Art of Happy, Healthy, Gluten-Free Living,” and “Kids with Celiac Disease: A Family Guide to Raising Happy, Healthy Gluten-Free Children.” She is respected as one of the leading authorities on the gluten-free diet and the medical conditions that benefit from it.

Social Media and innovation for growing your customer base

Training to take on Social Media to grow your customer base

Sending my team through a training tomorrow with Anthony Robbins and Scott Klososky. I love this TED by Scott on “Did G-d create the Internet”

The Internet is really changing everything, as is all of our technology. First off, I use my smart phone for my to do lists, for my coaching programs via the app I created, I watch webinars on my smart phone and can talk to people from another country right now on my Google+ app, Twitter or Facebook. If you are looking to build your customer base, and you have a busy lifestyle, you need what social media offers.

Tracking downloads with email analytics

Track Downloads With Email Analytics

Track Downloads With Email AnalyticsYou may already know about our Email Analytics features. These powerful tools allow you to target your list with pinpoint accuracy, sending messages that respond to subscriber activity.
Anywhere you install our analytics, you can track which of your subscribers visit that page. You can send email newsletters to subscribers who visit your order page, or who look at a specific page or product on your website.
We’ve recently taken things a step further, allowing you to track subscribers who click download links on your site.

How Does It Work?

Any download link on your website can be modified to track subscribers that use it. I came across this post on Chris Brogan’s blog, and I thought to myself that this would be a perfect place to start tracking downloads.
This kind of page, with a free download, is the perfect place to implement download tracking. We could easily follow up with subscribers who downloaded the PDF, asking for feedback on the content in the download, or even linking to related products.
Let’s take a look at the HTML for that download link as it is now:
In order for the link to tell the AWeber analytics javascript that a subscriber has downloaded the PDF, we just add a line or two:
And that’s it – when a subscriber clicks that link, it will be tracked as a page hit to the download!

What Is It For?

Now that we are tracking which subscribers are downloading the PDF, its time to put that information to work. We can now segment our list and send a message to those people.
To do so, we’ll first search our list for hits to the download’s URL – this is in our AWeber account, under the Subscribers tab, Search.
Next, we save this search as a segment so that we can refer to it later:
Now we can create a broadcast and send it out to that segment, directing their attention back to our site with links to similar resources, or maybe just asking for input on the content of the PDF.

How Do I Get Started?

You can take a look at our knowledge base article for more detail on the process