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Fantastic Business Advice : Speak Less Say More

Here’s my little tip of the day…something that I have to work on all the time myself but it really is important to get and recently brought back to my attention by a mentor.
( with your business, with your kids, etc)
You know when someone asks you about Juice Plus, when they are interested in joining? and you e-mail them 3 paragraphs with all the Transform 30 info, all the ways to do it, all the news, the minimums, the quotas, the earnings, the products, how much you LOVE it, 10 links, etc etc???
This is my go to nature to just vomit the information all over them!
It’s too much….they need it briefer, catchy and concise.
The more you say, the more chance they will walk away. the more chance they will talk themselves out of it.
Just like talking to your kids…You’ll find they listen better when you say things in 1 or 2 sentences because if it’s longer than that, they hear the charlie brown thing “bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah….”
Keep is short and sweet

Dr. Mitra Ray​ recently put me on a “twitter challenge” because this girl likes to talk. I truly do this all the time. (um… you have figured that out, right?) The decision was if I want to write a blog post, put it on the blog. Then share the link. 🙂

Just think about this post…. I know that most of you are reading this on your phone. Did you really want to push the “more” button to get to the end? What do you think your conversion rate is on your posts, messages, etc.

It has been working far better for me to be simple unless I am working on a one-on-one coaching call or chat. I think I’ve learned that usually I am blabbering to talk myself into it, not them. Instead I am prepared to share small, but listen big.

So remember…