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Challenging yourself to be happy with the 30 Day Transformation Challenge

So what is holding you back from the things you want to accomplish in life?

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.” Anthony Robbins

I’m sitting here tonight listening to the rain pour outside, the way it does on occasion here in the Seattle area. To me it’s almost always this calming, cleansing feeling to hear, to see the rain. It opens my mind to the dreams as I drive down the road with nothing but the sound of the rain on the rooftop. It’s mindful of life. Rain nourishes the world around us. Without it there would be no rebirth of the world each spring. Without it we would not be.

So what are you getting out of the place you’ve stopped at?

The challenge is to be more, to find happiness, to change your life. You have been at a standstill or you wouldn’t even be here. I know that for a fact. First, you have to figure out who you are, where you are going. If you don’t know that, you have no idea what you are doing at all. You can’t plan for living after you are gone. Life is now. Living is what you are opening yourself up to either as a Transform30 Challenger with me, or perhaps as a Juice Plus Franchise Owner within the Nourished Warriors team that is looking to try the challenge for yourself. I didn’t come into this organization without a plan of where I wanted to end up. I’m not standing here as a VF Distributor without having done the work. I didn’t buy my way in, and I didn’t sprint for it without a destination in mind. It’s the same way with fitness, nutrition, health… I know where I am going and who I am. That’s what you need to determine for yourself. I want you to figure out your story. I want you to become the person you are meant to be. I will help you when you are ready. Connect with me here, or on our Facebook Group

Take a moment when you can and watch Episode 3 of Anthony Robbins’ Breakthrough CLICK HERE because I think it will really help you get this. 

I believe that you HAVE to believe to Achieve!! Together we are going to achieve this transformation little by little. Take it in 30 day bites and know that you can create this and every 120 days it’s going to be very very noticeable! 

Transform30 Results I 30 Day Transformation Challenge Juice Plus Seattle

Soul Purpose Business I This Is Your Calling, Make It Simple

Is this your soul purpose? Then why do you feel like you’re entire life is being time sucked by it?

The secret is the the Funnel …If you are building brand relationships in your entrepreneur live then you have to be using the idea of funneling someone into your business. That doesn’t mean you are looking at each friend like a dollar sign is tattooed on their forehead. It means that you are working with people, and if they have a need that you can support then you want to be able to be at the right moment of the relationship to share it with them. That’s the funnel.

Also as a business owner if you are like me you have so much going on, that there isn’t one marketing ad currently on your plate, there are 10. You aren’t dealing with 10 customers you are dealing with hundreds. So that is why I love using a very compound effect style of marketing with the latest technology tools.

More than one website, who doesn’t? I am Barbara Christensen and I have a domain addiction. 🙂 Although the more clarity I have, the more I find I am reducing those domains, and reducing the time I spend working on it. The trick to your business is to simplify it!!

For me that means I can only work with so many clients at a time, so for a great deal of my business I use automation tools. I find that using automation within a great email campaign tool allows me to stay on top of my job as a coach, a trainer, an Ambassador of good health. I need to make sure I’m there for my clients… all of my clients. This allows me to set things up for where they are, when they need it. It’s there.

Watch this video that will share some of what I do with my business, and hopefully it will help you out. I love AWeber because I can automate my programs to work with a larger community.

So you’ve heard a lot about email marketing, but you’re not sure how to use it. Well, now’s the time to discover one of the easiest ways to cultivate relationships with customers and prospects and grow your business. With this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create sign up forms
  • Create email content
  • Collect new subscribers
  • Automate your emails
  • Measure email performance

Download Free Email Marketing Guide

I also use SendOwl Document Stamping as my download manager because it gives the downloads a personal stamp for who downloaded an item in case there is every a question. It is also great if you are offering an affiliate program, or have bundles that you’ve created. It’s a great way to pull to great systems together, and get something that works amazingly for your business.

Last year I did a program that I am working on relaunching in one of my automation programs soon, called Virtuosoul. I had to close it on day two because the response was OVERWHELMING!! Virtuosoul was my program to design your soul business, and align it to your desired lifestyle, all while keeping your artistic passion. I had 48 women sign up in the first few hours after the launch. I don’t have enough time in the day to work with more than 48 women through a month in that program. What I was most shocked about what how much this program was needed. We all have a calling, and we want to make it work, but the trick is the secret sauce. So I have worked over the last year refining the program and I promise it will be released soon!

Last Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Leading Your Network Marketing Business with Passion and Purpose

The biggest thing for you to realize about yourself when you are drawn into a network marketing organization, is that you are a leader in your own right. Someone is looking for you to lead them with your passion and your purpose. That means there are people who are turning to you for a reason, and they are listening to what you have to say. Your conversations have much more meaning than you even realize. Without understanding boundaries and roles you will be throwing people off with those conversations. So what should you realize about your conversation?

Conversation Characteristics:

– Every time you open your mouth, YOU create culture.
– These conversations are more important to results than most other conversations you have as a leader.
– They can be formal or informal, long or short
– You are having them already, even if you don’t consciously realize it.

Look for opportunities to turn a normal conversation into a leadership conversation. Don’t “vomit” up your business … but instead lead people into it by sharing your lifestyle… with sprinklings of why you are so passionate about your business every day. Determine WHY this business is so important to you, and break it down into a short and concise elevator response.

Learning to manage your passion with clarified boundaries

When we talk about “the passion of vision,” we’re talking about a deep, sustained energy. It’s fueled by the realization of the unique contribution we have the capacity to make—the legacy we can leave. It clarifies purpose, gives direction, and empowers us to perform beyond our resources. —Stephen R. Covey

This Energy… this VISION is powered by the roles and goals that really define who you are and what you need to do. But most of us don’t even know what our goals are. Without boundaries your time gets easily eating up, and the life you want becomes further and further out of reach.

What roles do you play in life? Wife, Husband, mother, business owner, teacher, daughter, friend, neighbor, volunteer? You know what they are – and some of you may be working on too many roles. You should have only six roles that you are using to define the forward momentum… think about what it would be like to wear twenty hats and get everything done in life that you need to do… how would that work??

So how can I define my roles in life to move my network marketing business forward?

Today I’d like for you all to do the following:
1. List your roles…. as many as you can think of.
2. Assign a priority to each role, or reflect on if one role really is part of another role.
3. List any key people associated with these roles.
4. Write a clarifying statement that describes specifically how you would want to fulfill this role in your life.
5. Break it down to just 6 Roles… and let the rest go. It is hard but your productivity will flourish if you can do this, and your life will feel completely different.

Looking to open your Juice Plus Franchise? Please connect or click here to learn more

Seth Godin and Purple Cows… Let Seth Godin help your business do it right first time

Seth Godin and Purple Cows and Mismatched Socks

Seth Godin and Purple Cows and Mismatched Socks I The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time

One of my favorite moments a few years ago was when Seth Godin spoke at a conference. He walked out on stage and told us about this amazing company for little girl’s socks…. which he was wearing. Seth Godin has gone beyond the normal tribe, and is the leader of many tribes. So when I saw the chance to learn from the best marketing guru of our time you can bet I jumped at it.

Even if you are an experienced entrepreneur, or have never met Seth Godin, you will find his approach and perspective refreshing and realistic and immediately applicable.

As you know, Seth Godin knows more than a few things about building a company. He’s so amazing. I love his books, and listening to him in person talk about purple cows. Right now you have a once in a lifetime chance to get practical advice from the man himself in a new video course. http://skl.sh/1eJK5LQ

Seth Godin and Purple Cows and Mismatched Socks I The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time

In The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time from Skillshare, Seth Godin explains how to create your own seven-part ‘Leverage Plan’ for your new business. Instead of being a boring business plan, this is a focused, detailed plan on how you can use things that already work in the world to your advantage.

The 11-part video course is available now and I’d love to have you take this Skillshare class with me. If you are interested you can sign up at http://skl.sh/1eJK5LQ. <<< If you use that link to enroll you’ll also save $10 on your first class! You’ll be shocked that the cost is less than you spent at Starbuck’s this week. 😉

Break Free of the Self Doubts in Network Marketing

How do you break free of the self doubts in network marketing? 

I want you to sit down and think about the word “sales”

What does that bring up to you in your emotions?

For many people it’s fear, car salesman, liars, annoyed. Right?

This is a struggle that brings up conflict for a lot of you in the network marketing world. Because if you grew up thinking you’d do something more noble than being a salesperson, and you see yourself as a salesperson you will never perform with the volume that you desire.

You can’t outperform your belief system.

Having the business skill set is only 10% of what makes the top performers in the network marketing industry successful. The rest is belief, persistence, follow up, desire, being able to nourish their relationships.

Because truth be told, you can’t control the outcome. You can only control how you show up in the first place. People that connect with you do so because of who you are. But that doesn’t mean they are interested in buying from you today, they may just want you to give them insight, knowledge, support.

What do you get when you start with support??

When people are ready they buy from those that know, like and trust. So if you have any hesitation with building relationships then you aren’t going to see much success in this business. So stop feeling like a salesperson and start being who you really are, a solutions provider. YOU add value to the brand.

Let’s think about the research that has been done a Notre Dame University.

– 44% of salespeople quit after the first contact.
– 24% of salespeople quit after the second contact.
– 12% of salespeople quit after the third contact.
– 94% of salespeople quit after the 4th contact

What results do the last folks have?? 

60% of ALL Business Transactions (SALES) take place after the FOURTH interaction with you, your brand, or your business. That’s where the harvesting happens. And most people will come to you because of your freebies first. That’s you classes, samples, webinars, blogs, and just being a resource. Then they’ll eventually come in for the Tier 1 level of sales that is going to be under $100. BE THRILLED with that!! Quit feeling bad if someone only buys $39 of product from you. That’s them sharing that they trust you. It’s like dating. There is a process to this, because it’s all about building a relationship and sharing what you truly love and are passionate about.

It may take a year for someone to realize that you aren’t trying to get them to sign on the dotted line, and that you really do have something that you believe can help them. It may take a year for someone to get to know the heart and soul of who you are, and why you are so passionate about your product. It may take them a year to look to you for support, but I want you to remember that you need to support them from day one.

Never forget, persistence trumps talent any day of the week, and truth will always shine!

Why Resolutions are just so hard to keep

Why Resolutions Are Just So Hard to Keep You Ask?? 

Coach Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I Doterra Living Winter ResolutionsWell just about all of them. Why? Well we’ve been taught to believe that it will only take us 21 days to make those new routines a habit. But it takes about three times that. According to research it takes 66 days to get into a habit of a new routine without having to think about it. That’s well into March.

Every January we see this influx of folks signing up and heading to the gym. As a certified personal training it’s a boom… for about a month. People in our society want fast results. We want dinner in a hurry. We want to lose 10 pounds tomorrow. We want to look ten years younger overnight. We want to be rich yesterday.

When we find out that health and wealth actually take a little work, we get frustrated and walk away. In fact 88% of you “new year’s resolution” folks are going to walk away by February. And that’s out of the 45% that made a resolution in the first place.

So how can you reach your goals and keep your resolution? 

I think that last year I read an article that actually covered this and I truly believe it from my practice as a life coach. So here are those tips.

1. Keep Your Energy Up: When you are feeling low energy you will make excuses. You really are just tired often times when you say you don’t have the time. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, good nutrition and exercise to keep aligned to those items you want in life.

2. Make the Right Goal: Don’t say you want to lose 10 pounds if it’s not a good fit resolution for you. If you don’t hit that goal you’ll be depressed and walk away. Say “I’m going to lose 2% of my body weight this month” or “I am going to drop a dress size this year”… make it something you can strive to attain. And align your goals to your priorities and your purpose. It’s like the network marketing business. Those that get into it to “get rich” are either scummy and prey on people’s desperation, or walk away when they have no passion for the product. Go for the things you love, you cherish and will enhance your life experience. Go for the things that make your family better, and give you joy.

3. Be S.M.A.R.T: You’ve heard me no doubt talk about setting specific goals if you’ve known me long enough. Goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. I’ve been connected with what Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital has been up to because of the essential oils and so here is a boring great video that you can watch to cover SMART goal setting.

I love how one programmer used the concept of Agile Programming with SMART goal planning he said:

  • S for specific: during each sprint planning, the team agrees on a specific set of tasks to achieve, and commits to doing them. The tasks (and the user stories), answer the questions of what do I want to accomplish, purposes/benefits of accomplishing the goal, who is involved, where it takes place, and constraints.
  • M for measurable: the list of these tasks, plus the movement of the tickets throughout the sprint, from development to code review to QA to release (or whatever your flow is), answers the questions of how much work and when will it be accomplished.
  • A for attainable: functioning Agile groups don’t typically commit to something in the planning stage unless it is clearly attainable — all the pieces are there to know how to accomplish it
  • R for relevant: questions like is it worthwhile, is it the right time, does it match our other efforts — stories and tasks don’t get pulled into a sprint, and committed to, unless the answer is yes to all these questions (typically…YMMV)
  • T for time-bound: a sprint is necessarily time-bound, be it 2 weeks, 3 weeks, more, or less.
  • 4. Make A Plan: If you take this to your own resolutions what you can see is that you need to break it into chunks that are able to get done in 2 – 3 weeks. Make this plan, but be prepared to fail. That’s part of Agile. You learn from it. Daily check in with what you’ve done, what was successful and what you are going to do next as you go through these action steps. My husband has pushed me into Agile over years of me trying to get away from it… but really it’s a big part of what I think helps you be successful. Chalene Johnson says you should reverse engineer your goals, and I believe in that. Reverse engineer what you are going for, and then use that as your agile guide.

    I believe if you look at this in the new light of longer term, smaller, realistic goals you will tip that 88% scale and we’ll start seeing a lot more people reaching those resolution (intention) goals instead of feeling frustrated and failing.

    November Thankfulness – Day 8 – Have The Courage To Grow Up

    November Thankfulness – Day 8 Was Powerful

    Today as I was sharing why I was thankful … I found it to be so powerful I wanted to share it on the blog. I am pretty sure that we all have at least one family member with Peter Pan syndrome that refuses to grow up. They don’t get responsibility, they live with someone who takes care of all of their needs, and they are just not living up to their purpose. In fact they often hide behind the statement of DOING what they need to do for their purpose. Truth be told, it’s a lie. Purpose is meant to be shared and not stored away!

    People have excuses, I’ve had excuses. Every day you can come up with an excuse on why you aren’t going after things you should, to make your dreams come true. Goals are not just words on paper. They are ACTIONS! If you don’t take action you don’t succeed. You know as you are reading this how true that is. But why am I thankful for all of this? It’s because I didn’t have this at 20, or even 30… and 40 I was coming out of the fog of denial. I knew my purpose but I was hiding behind it. So be thankful for growing up. Be thankful for learning about yourself, and knowing what you have to do at whatever age you are at. And be thankful to know that there’s more for you out there no matter where you are… THERE is more!

    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer said today, “You can’t expect to draw people into your life who are kind, confident, and generous if you’re thinking and acting in cruel, weak, and selfish ways. You must be what it is that you’re seeking–that is, you need to put forth what you want to attract.” So you can’t live a life of true happiness serving your purpose if you don’t get out there and share it. You GIVE to RECEIVE! The secret to attracting all things in life. Move forward to get somewhere. Let go of fear, let go of control, let go of obstacles… and you’ll be open to get all of things that await the grown up version of you.

    {Day 8} – I am Thankful! 

    I’m thankful for being able to sort out who I am in this life, and not just believing that where you are is who you are, and that there’s nothing more. I feel so sad when I see someone that is stuck in that mentality. We’re all going through the same things here. We learn something new, we have light bulb moments of why things happened, why things need to change, we realize we have purpose… but it doesn’t just happen because you turned 18. YOU don’t just grow up, become an adult and KNOW what you want to do with your life.

    Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I Have The Courage To Grow UpBut the truth is that it does take courage to do what you want to do in life. Every single day I watch these women and men on my teams really define who they are – and the IMPACT!! Oh my gosh the impact it has on your life to figure all of that out is so huge! It’s what makes dreamers into achievers. No joke. 

    I see it this way, I am maybe half way through life… I truly pray I have another half at least. And so it’s okay for me to still be defining my direction on how to best serve my purpose in life. I wasn’t one of those people that knew at 23 exactly what I was going to do… I explored. That led me to here, and it’s exactly where I am meant to be. Where it will take me tomorrow with be amazing I’m sure as well. Have courage!! Go after the passion in your HEART…. grow up, know that means sharing your passion and not hiding it away. You’ll change lives… I guarantee it!! 

    Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support and Pain Relief for All Ages – Starting with my loves!

    All Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support and Pain Relief for All Ages

    muscle soreness essential oils

    My husband has amazingly bad knees (surgery and otherwise), and my daughter they want to test for autoimmune issues. She’s just turned 8. After the conference I started talking everything I’d learned, and finally he was in such pain the other night I decided to use the Force {Wintergreen, Frankincense, Deep Muscle Oil Blend, Birch Essential Oils} and then added in Cedarwood and Rosemary. My husband started Monday back to his workout program, Body Beast, which is a lot of heavy lifting for him, so he was more sore than usual. On vacation we used the cedarwood every day, but I didn’t think to use the combination I had heard about during one of the talks.

    So Monday night I applied The Force Plus Yoda (which I’m calling it around the house) and gave him the omegas and some curcumin supplements, and then did the oils on my daughter as well. I noticed my daughter just almost lied right down and went straight to sleep. First off she never does that. She uses every bit of energy and is your total ADHD kid that can’t just go to sleep. The last time she did something like that was with teething tablets when she was a baby. She’d be in so much pain and when the tablets would finally work, she would be out. Like it was like instant relief. My husband seemed to go to sleep pretty easy as well, and last night he was really complaining and did the same. Into bed and fast to sleep. I’ve applied this every night since.

    This morning he posted, “Actually, I think I’ve just realized that everything *but* my knees hurts. I’ll be keeping on Barbara Christensen’s concoction for a few days to see if this keeps up.”

    This is a guy that thinks this is all natural hooey. LOL… and now he’s sold. Got to love that, and I love that I have something to help him, and my little girl with her pain. I think we’ll start with twice a day to see how it goes, but this is a life saver for any sort of muscle/joint pain in my opinion.

    So what is in the Anti-Inflammatory Essential Oil Protocol?

    The Force was created by this amazing kid, Patrick. he was diagnosed with childhood arthritis (spondyloathropathy) as well as Enethetis which happens to be another form of arthritis when he was just 11 years old. He had several years of just not feeling good, not being able to play sports with other kids, and had been on medication for six years. He was pretty sick, lots of gut issues and was overweight when Laura Jacobs met him. She introduced him to our amazing oils, and with his mom 15 year old Patrick decided to make some changes in his life. He went to the allergist, and my daughter and I haven’t been in over three years so now is the time for us to go. Patrick also not only eliminated the bad foods from his diet, he started drinking green smoothies and started working out. He felt a vitality and the ability to be a kid!

    The Force is his own blend of Deep Muscle Oil Blend, Frankincense, Wintergreen + Birch. It helps his arthritic pain, and then when he works out during the day he uses Deep Muscle Oil Blend and Ginger. I added the use of Yoda to make this something more specific for my family. I don’t think anyone realized how amazingly powerful The Force Plus Yoda would be…

    “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.” – Yoda, to Luke Skywalker

    Rosemary has been used for treating circulation problems, as well as joint and muscle pain such as myalgia, sciatica and intercostal neuralgia. And the Cedarwood has been amazing. Cedarwood essential oil may be useful they say for anxiety, arthritis, congestion, coughs, sinusitis, psoriasis, fluid retention. It’s the safe “oregano” so that you can apply it to the skin without diluting. It also may help stimulate the pineal gland they say, which will release melatonin… and there it is. The sleep factor. It all made sense to me to use this for my family in a way that I didn’t get initially, but knew it was something important. Sometimes we all need a little Yoda in our lives. Powerful, loving, kind, wisdom.

    Going Beyond The Comfort Zone – Successful Life Strategies

    Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

    Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone I Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I Founding Ocean Avenue AmbassadorHow do you feel when you are looking at making any sort of change in your life. Does it make you sick to your stomach to try something different in your life? Does it make you feel unsure to do something that is outside of what you normally do?

    That’s what we all have felt like, but no one talks about it because if you are going to be a successful mentor than shouldn’t you be the person that is never afraid to color outside of the lines?

    Fear is something I believe is like a compass to the good and bad in your life. Fear of success is something that you feel when you want to push yourself beyond that comfort zone. So how does that impact you, and how can you grow beyond that?

    “In order to success, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” ~ Bill Cosby

    Working Into Success

    Rockstars Team I Barbara Christensen I Founding Gold Ambassador Ocean AvenueThe key is to stop judging yourself before you move into a new role, or take on a new task. Instead of determining that you will fail, or even sometimes hoping you’ll fail, you have to let go and allow things to happen naturally in order to grow. I love this line from the Talmud, “Teach your tongue to say ‘I don’t know’ and ye’ shall progress”. This mindset makes you trust in the process and live in the moment. How does that feel?

    It’s like taking on a program like Focus T25, something you fear will be intense. Something you fear you cannot do. When you let your body just do the work, you get it done. You finish your workout with amazing resolve because after all it was just 25 minutes.

    How about asking someone if they have ever through about doing what you do, helping others. It’s not as scary if you realize it’s just a sentence you are asking to someone that you have built a relationship with. Is it something that could receive a no, of course. Just like your workout you may have to march in place the first time, stop for water, take a stretch. You’ll never get to the answer of if you can do something if you never take that first step. When you are ready to join a team of rockstars, you’ll take the first step, and I’ll be standing there to applaud it!

    Eat Clean… Train Fast … Trust Your Purpose

    Eat Clean 

    There has always been this little part of me that kept going back to comfort foods. I don’t know if it was because as a teenager that is all I had. My mom went back to work, my sister grew up and had friends that were totally cooler than her older sister was, and at school was sort of the spaz of the group of friends that I hung out with. My mom worked sixty plus hours a week, and I was in charge of dinner. She would leave a $20 Bill under a book, or in a magazine and then I would go to the store and buy dinner. Sometimes that meant comfort from the things that life was throwing at me. 

    Part of what I didn’t know was that the food that was comforting me, was also killing me as my severe food allergies were starting to come through.

    I’ve learned to listen to my body, but I’ve still let those little round crackers, cookie dough, and certain candies call my name. This has been the hardest thing for me to realize that through my fear, I was letting the lonely little girl feed me.

    Clean eating is the one thing that can free me. When I start the day with a big, green smoothie I just feel better. I know myself better, and I am able to deal with what life throws at me. It’s something that any emotional eater can understand, and hopefully will understand. And if you can find supplements that are made with dense nutrition that help your journey, or clean supplements that ease your pain… it’s so much better than a box of Girl Scout cookies.

    Train Fast 

    Over this last year I had a couple of very interesting A-ha moments, that even as a certified personal trainer I was shocked about. I did a 90 day program that was almost all strength training, and I was shocked that I lost body fat, and trimmed down with just strength training. It was the way that the muscles were confused throughout the program, and the fatigue which allowed the smaller muscle sets to get use. Then I went into a program that was a combination of cardio and max intervals. I love intervals. But when the program was throwing in 60 minutes of intensity on top of max intervals was killing my adrenals, and releasing an abundance of cortisol into my system… and that means more fat storage.

    I’m turning 45 this year, so believe me when I say I do NOT need any help with storing fat. When I reduced to shorter bursts of intensity, incorporated the weights into it… things started to swing back the opposite direction. That’s why I was able to get so excited about interval sprint training this year, it’s perfect! I recommend to my clients now to get in 20 – 30 minutes, and if they want to add more they should do pilates based lengthening or kettlebell training. Mix it up, and not doing the same old thing every single day. Your body building the same two legs every day with the same workout will give you two lovely little tree trunks on the end of your cute little behind.

    Trust Your Purpose

    There are shiny sparkling items around every turn. People would love me to be excited about on board with everything they are doing and trying, and what I’ve realized is that it’s okay if I disagree with your point of view, or you disagree with mine. I have learned who I am, and I have gone through the trials of my life to be able to be here and share my soul purpose with someone that needs it. Every time I get a message like this one

    { You are an inspiration to me, truly you are and your sharing of your hard acquired knowledge is so appreciated by all of us in your days stream. thank you for caring about other people like you do. If more people loved their fellow man just a wee bit more it’d be a much better world for all of us. I love you Barb.}

    that is what it’s all about!! I hope you take away from this blog the things that are right for you. And when you learn something that make a difference, share it with someone else. That’s the reason for my posting, that’s the reason for it all.

    HUGS!! XOXO,