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Your Fitness Is Defeating Your Hormones

How Your Fitness Is Defeating Your Hormones

Have you heard about the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis or the HPT Axis for short? This is the most important hormone area in my opinion for those trying to lose weight or balance hormones. A study done found that when you do long high intense workouts the Serum T and Free Testosterone will start to decrease in a number of weeks. This has an effect of that “low t” syndrome that you may have heard about. When you exercise you want to feel those great endorphins that are released by your pituitary gland when it’s working well. Overexercising then starts to cause this inflammatory issue within the HPT Axis. And then add in this over abundance of hormones that you don’t want raised and you start to inhibit your endorphin production.

Also they’ve studied and found that for both men and women this decrease, especially the lower FT level is a significant predictor for loss of muscle mass. I saw a Finish study that showed that doing a heavy lifting session of just 5 reps produced the highest testosterone response. And so for those lifting to increase testosterone you want to make sure most of your resistance training is being done with compound exercises that work many muscle groups at once. Think CVX or Total Synergy.

I know so many moms that get 3 hours of sleep, then do a long run and cannot figure out why their testosterone is so off. Let me share with you, cortisol reduces and antagonizes free testosterone levels.This cortisol dysfunction promotes abdominal fat gain and again, muscle loss. Stressing your body out by overtraining, too much stress and not enough sleep is a one way ticket to this HPT Axis crash.

Yesterday I talked a lot about estrogen, but that is because estrogen inhibits thyroid activity. That leads you down the road to low thyroid. If you have the right compliment of progesterone, testosterone and balanced cortisol levels your thyroid is a happy camper. That means you have to balance out the testosterone in order to have functional estrogen.

Dr. Willian Hrushesky believes that natural killer cell activity and interleukin 2, both powerful immune system components, are compromised by estrogen dominance and promoted by adequate progesterone. His opinions were presented in the Journal of Women’s Health.
Dr. John  Morrow, PhD and Dr. David Isenberg PhD say that estrogen has been shown to decrease the size of the thymus [depresses immune system] and to cause a reduction in the level of thymic hormone in the blood. 

So how are you going to balance out that testosterone, for you that means less heavy, and more HIIT. Something like Focus T25 is going to be better for someone dealing with PCOS and higher testosterone levels than someone that has low testosterone and needs to boost it.

So it’s time to balance out those hormones

Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen I Balance Your Hormones With Fitness
And having overdone it your entire life by keeping those estrogen levels low has been linked to dementia. I think that’s another reason why you are seeing more and more fitness professionals asking women to reduce their workouts, get them done quicker and placing more value on taking time to stretch and relax. It’s time to think, since if you are here you hopefully are already thinking ancestrally, so when you think about movement think about your ancestors a little bit more.

Mark Sisson has said you should lift heavy things, sprint a little, and move at a slower pace. And my favorite doc, Dr. Daniel Amen, recommends to optimize your hormone levels throughout the day you should do daily interval training, balance your insulin levels, sleep well and lower your stress. Getting the right workout matters, and it has to be the right one for your hormones, too. Am I right? You will give your body a better fighting chance if you functionally approach your fitness in a manner that works with your body. Otherwise you will be like most of the studies I have seen that show group after group that saw almost no changes in their weight regardless of weeks of putting in hours and hours of time on the treadmill. So make sure you balance your hormones with the right workout. Lower estrogen, lower testosterone… eat right and try something fast and simple like P90X3 or even Body Beast. For those with high testosterone, struggling with PCOS give a good HIIT workout like Focus T25 or Combat a look over.

Finally, take a listen to Dr. Hill as he talks about hormone balance, and natural ways to support your system which you know I am very passionate about.

If you are looking to get tested to see where your hormone levels are head over to my coaching lab and order your own tests. http://bijacoaching.com/LabTests I would be happy to help you in any way that I can, but this can help and you can take your results to your doctor to start putting together an action plan for health. 

Your Thyroid Is Low – But Your Level Is Normal

Your Thyroid Is Low 

You know it, because you feel it. But let me share with you that “Normal” is just the opposite. This last week I had my annual exam. I brought my blood test results and cortisol tests because you know if I were in an accident, the person they are going to go to for your medical records is the primary care physician. I don’t like the idea of working with the left hand, and the right hand has no idea what you are doing.

Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen I Adding My Supplements to My Medical Sheet

She looked at every test result and said, “Well it all was in normal range.” as well as, “I don’t like to give women testosterone because you could start losing your hair, getting a mustache.” >>> OMG!! o_0 Did I hear you correctly?

You see there is a reality beyond the “normal” numbers that they teach in medical school. I’m thankful that the doctor I have been going to for testing my blood work was able to read the results and know what was wrong with me. I’m thankful that she cares enough about her clients to heal them. Now, follow me on this whole crazy notion… who do you think goes into the labs to get tested? Sick people. If a lab creates its “normal” range based on test results from sick people, is that really a normal range? Does that tell us anything about what the range should be for health? This is why I want to learn more, and help more people. This week the general physician told me that all of my prior tests were “normal”. So that’s why I now feel so much better… I just went out and got WEIRD!! I prefer weird then, give me the bioidentical, super food weirdness any day of the week. Are you with me?

My Thyroid Was Low

Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen I My Thyroid Was Low
Did you know that truly scientists believe that up to 40% of the population are effected by low thyroid levels. My levels apparently are “normal”, but not by Dr. Tami’s levels. What seems to be the norm is that a doctor may put you on Thyroid pills, probably not compounded, which we know is better used by the body. When they test you they’ll see after adding thyroid supplementation your TSH level is low, which means too much thyroid. That is only because you are being supplemented. A doctor that has not had the appropriate will think you are on too much thyroid and lower your dosage. Here’s the thing.. you would know if you had too much thyroid in your system. You’d suddenly start seeing hand tremors, racing heart beats, and quick weight loss. 

Since I had my blood work done about six months ago I’ve been feeling better every day. In fact I’m starting to wake up early again, and not horribly tired all day. I am working out again, mostly hitting the yoga mat and some weight lifting, but it feels BLISSFUL!!

So let me share what my test results were, I don’t know if it will be helpful to you, or anyone else. I shared it recently on my Facebook page, and hopefully you’ll realize that just because one doctor says your levels look fine, you can keep searching for someone that knows that you do need supplementation.

How my levels were

Ferritin (which is our stored iron) was 8. It should be 90 or higher. Ferritin is the fuel for the entire hormonal system so let’s say you are taking thyroid but seeing no results. It could be because you have low ferritin. I started with 1 iron supplement a day, and each week increased another until I got up to 4 capsules a day. I’m not taking the Food Based New Chapter Iron. I take the iron with the Whole Foods Acerola Chewable Vitamin C 500 mg – 2 with it, and 1 later in the day.

My Thyroid was TSH 2.680 and Triiodothyronine, Free was 3.0. I was put on 15 mg of Armour initially and then increased after 30 days to 30 mg of Armour.

My Free Testosterone was 0.3 – I do 1.5 ml of yam based testosterone cream a day.

My Progesterone was 4.3 – I do a pediatric dose of compounded progesterone (regular progesterone pills have peanut proteins in them) each night until a couple days before my period.

My estrogen was great, she recommended taking DHEA but it gave me major zit face. So I stopped. My vitamin D was 30.0 – I started with 5,000 IU a day, went up to 10,000 IU a day and am now back to 5,000 IU a day. It should also be up at about 100.

I did the ZRT Laboratory Cortisol spit test. The results are easy to read and you can order this test from Amazon to do on your own, or go through True Health or your local doctor’s office. Shows you exactly when you are low or high – which of course is exactly what you need to do for using any supplementation. I take 1/2 of the Cortisol Manager each night at bed time since that is when my cortisol was low.

The last few weeks I’ve started doing a full vegan plant based food nutrient complex, cellular vitality complex each day. I am now also doing the detox blend twice a day – morning and evening. Cleansing is an important component of preparing for pregnancy. Fertility cleansing consists of supporting the livers natural ability to cleanse itself as well as supporting uterine health and circulation. This in turn supports hormonal health and encourages a healthy uterine environment. I did a cleanse several months ago, and then did last month a 10 day cleanse as soon as I got back from vacation because I was pooped, I was craving nothing but sugar all day long.

Also this detox and the other whole food and cellular supplements I can take for prenatal throughout pregnancy, so that make me feel great if I get pregnant. I was told it could help with decreasing nausea taking the detox supplementation. I’ve seen the recommendation of using the 100% whole food Baby and Me from Mega Food but I am taking the B supplement below and so I don’t want too much Folic because it’s been linked to asthma in the first trimester if you have too high of amounts – so that is another reason why I feel better about taking the whole food nutrient supplement I have chosen.

I do the Stress-B-Plus capsule and then for the selenium I’m doing Ecological Formulas Kelp. It has great levels of selenium, very bioavailable and has the iodine and kelp. Contains no corn, soy, yeast, etc.

I use essential oils, and a lot of women should think about it. I’ve had quite a few friends using a blend of essential oils and these while doing IVF. The one I like is a proprietary blend of 11 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils including clary sage, lavender, bergamot, Roman chamomile, cedarwood, ylang ylang, geranium, fennel, carrot seed, palmarosa, and vitex.

I’m now doing clary sage and geranium with fractionated coconut oil daily. I have a few blog posts on different essential oils.

The recommendation is to not apply at the same time you do your iron. So I usually do this when I take my thyroid pill. The blend that was shared for those with PCOS was:

10 drops of clary-sage essential oil
10 drops of fennel essential oil
7 drops of geranium essential oil
3 drops of rose essential oil

Option 1: Add these amounts to 2 tablespoons of EVOO or Coconut oil and gently rub over the abdomen
once a day.

Option 2: Make the synergistic blend using these proportions and use 6 drops to a bath.

Option 3: Make the blend and use 5 drops synergistic blend to 1 teaspoon EVOO or Coconut oil or place in a vegetable capsule and take internally.

After reading more I determined that since my whole food complex has rose hips and fennel, I just use the clary sage and geranium oil externally every day – but instead of the abdomen I apply to the adrenal zone. Then I’m taking the metabolic blend oils just 5 drops under my tongue about five times a day. It helps with blood sugars during pregnancy and reduces anxiety, so it can be taken while trying to conceive and not be feared as something horrible to take if you do get pregnant. It helps your body to have a healthy insulin response, reduces oxidation and inflammation, reduces cholesterol, improves digestion and increases your energy. It does seem to help.

That’s been my only concern during this process, the what if I were to get pregnant. The only concern I would have is to stop the testosterone cream because it could increase the male hormones in a female embryo. But that’s the only item I’m taking that I feel I have to worry about at all.

I hope that within the next year I’ll be able to drop the thyroid supplementation as I’ve fixed the dietary issues. A lower carb diet, healthy real foods, good sources of omega-3’s, ferritin levels getting up to normal, vitamins and minerals should correct the problem.

One note: I am not in need of estrogen, but I’ve read that you should not take oral estrogen with oral thyroid. The oral estrogen binds T4 so it cannot convert usable T3, which would make you more hypothyroid. Just FYI as you are working on your own endocrine system balance.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product nor anything written about on this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This blog is a purely entertainment practice. 😉 As Always… consult your doctor and enjoy my opinion as just that.