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What’s Contributing to the Unhealthy Way You Feel

I started working on hormones a little over a year ago and as my knowledge as a certified aromatherapist has increased, I have seen amazing changes in my personal health. I can make it through the day now, when I couldn’t before. My life has become this weirdness of moringa and essential oils. I’m now to a point where I’m going to push even more to fit in more of the natural changes to get back to a normal life, which I can’t believe is on the horizon!!

It’s crazy to think of how far I’ve come in this. So have hope that you will get better, but it does cycle. Good days, AMAZINGLY good days are often a sign of an upcoming crash. Keep up the work and be hopeful for your health.Let me tell you my opinion (nothing on my website as you’ve read is a medical diagnostic or claim of a cure. I am not a doctor) just what I’ve found through this process and the aromas I use as a certified aromatherapist.

Here are some insights on hormones that I’ve read up on:

Out of whack hormones are the culprit behind so obesity related issues in particular. Some indicators are;

  • persistent weight gain
  • loss of muscle mass
  • low libido
  • fatigue
  • anxiety, irritability, depression (omegas/essential fatty acids also reduce bad cholesterol which contribute.)
  • insomnia (lavender, slim and sassy to calm adrenals.)
  • excessive sweating
  • digestive issues (digestive enzymes and probiotics can help)
  • food cravings

With any of these I recommend you go talk to your doctor because there could be more going on than you realize.

For me this was a huge red flag before having the five vials of blood drawn and tested. The fatigue for me had gotten so bad that I some nights could not drive home from picking my husband up. I had to have him drive because I was ready to just fall asleep at the wheel. My weight kept going up regardless of the workouts I was doing, and I couldn’t sleep through the night. Don’t even get me started on the cravings… it’s really been a huge change to deal with for someone like me that was always healthy and never dealt with weight before my daughter was born.

I didn’t realize I was moving into that place where I was at the hormone inhibitor UNHAPPY zone. My doctors explained that my hormone inhibitors were;

  • age (I was 45)
  • poor diet (I ate JUNK when I was pregnant and for the first 18 months after in part to trying to conform to Suburban life)
  • oxidation
  • xenoestrogens (fake estrogen caused by pretty much everything bad around us—Phytoestrogen supplement helps eliminate xenoestrogens and it is adaptogenic to balance estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.)
  • inflammation (this one is chronic for me)
  • stress (Let’s see… miscarriage, pregnancy, lay off, move, job change, move… lots of illnesses for my daughter)
  • sedentary lifestyle (Went from nothing to something, but for a while it really wasn’t enough)
  • environmental toxins

High estrogen—even fake xenoestrogens push down your progesterone to be low. I take a pediatric does of progesterone now because I have lots of allergies to the things you can take to support your progesterone so my doctor has to work very natural with me. Things that help support increasing your progesterone naturally are whole seeds and nuts, avocado, leafy greens, yams. That leaves me with leafy greens and yams. LOL!! Darn allergies.

I’m using a very special balancing blend to reduce my cortisol reactions during the day, and of course geranium essential oil which really should be a must have oil for any woman or man dealing with hormone imbalance. I use a protecting blend on my feet to help booster support for my immune system. Use daily for 10 days, and then give your system a rest for a few days.

Roman Chamomile is indicated where there is a tendency to be over sensitive either physically or emotionally, and is especially useful in helping with pre-menstrual problems on an emotional level, as chamomile has an affinity for female disorders.

Some other oils that help support the whole being these issues are:

Citrus oils (think lemon oil in the morning), ylang ylang, balancing blends, stress control blends, Frankincense and True Lavender. I use daily for specifically support my adrenals are Sweet Basil and Rosemary. There is also another great blend that is great for those PMS/PMSD symptoms.

Essential Oils for menopause symptom support;

Hot flashes – Peppermint, Geranium, Citrus oils, Clary Sage
Fatigue – Ginger, Peppermint, Balsam Fir
Libido – Ylang Ylang, Ginger, Peppermint,  Clary Sage

Many studies Indicate the benefit of EO’s to our cellular structures and the cellular line I use is a great supplement for that. As a client I can get more into the protocols to support your wellness. I also really worked to boost my glutathione level back to where it’s supposed to be. Glutathione is truly the most critical and integral part of your detoxification system and to get rid of those xenoestrogens this is your travel agent, Can you see the importance of having enough Glutathione in the system?

Glutathione elevation is aided by;
sulfer rich foods and exercise
D-limonene (Grapefruit and Orange oils, metabolic oils blends are a great tool for this)
Exercise – Yoga, Walking, Slow Strength Training (have you heard of it?) and HIITS

These tools and ideas are so related to men as well. Men suffer at the same rates these days as women with hormone imbalances. Hormones are balanced when we have our deficiencies corrected. For women it’s usually iron, but for men it’s usually zinc. Also for both it’s bad diet, obesity, and those darn xenoestrogens. Also for those men that like to drink, alcohol converts testosterone to estrogen which is why men that drink more often get man boobs. If you are vegetarian and add in soy milk… dude you are in trouble! So keep in mind that phytoestrogen is even great for men! A good protein-rich supplement is something I recommend for most men. More so than women they often are getting even less nutrients and minerals during the day.

So what does a hormone balancing day of meals look like now?

For Breakfast it’s something like collard greens in coconut oil, side of berries and my morning shake with added Suma extract or Maca powder. (capsules because the air corrupts the maca, so don’t buy bags of it.)  Also if your shake doesn’t have any decent fiber, I like using some chicory root,
Snack is fiber with water. We never get enough.

Lunch is a green salad with either some salmon or other lean vegan protein source with added omegas, an apple sliced with some pumpkin or squash puree with cinnamon in it because I’ve read that cinnamon can help lower cholesterol and it runs in the family.

Then dinner is a sweet potato or other root vegetables, some selenium rich crab and salsa if I’m doing fish. I like cauliflower because it’s a great plant based protein, and a protein shake a lot of the time.

This of it like this:

Breakfast: {Eat Like A Queen}
Lunch: {Eat Like A Princess}
Dinner: {Eat Like The Pauper}

Follow the 40/30/30. That’s where I was actually most successful before in life because I was following the Zone. But the Zone for most people still has too many of the bad carbs, the bad fats and the bad red meats. Think of this like the Paleo Vegeo Balanced version.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease See Disclaimer

The Dangerous Chemicals Lurking In Your Home

There are chemicals lurking in your home

You may think that you’re being safe, but safe isn’t always enough. Most homes still have plastics, even if they have gotten rid of most of them. I still see a lot of children eating out of plastic containers, and plastic water bottles, canned foods, and handling receipts. All of these things are linked to BPA (Bisphenol A).

Go BPA Free Mama Whole Wellness

What is this BPA we’ve been hearing so much about. It’s what we call and endocrine disruptor. It can interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce some adverse developmental, reproductive, nuerological and may do substantial damage to a developing fetus. But BPA is not alone in the endocrine distruptors around your house hold.

These lurking culprits of unhealthy body systems can also be found in detergents, clothing and furniture with flame retardants, foods, toys and cosmetics and other personal care products. This can come from our own children’s car seats and they can alter children’s brain development and cause learning and behavioral problems.

This chemical warfare on our families has to end.

We must get rid of the as much of the dangerous chemicals that we can from our homes, and protect our children by using healthy products, chemical avoidance, supplementing with helpful methylation/detoxification organics and start our children off with a non-toxic breast feeding experience. Get rid of the plastic shower curtain and don’t “stain treat” your carpet (there are many natural alternatives that will get the stains out without having chemicals for our kids to run around on). Make sure you are using low VOC or no VOC paints, and seal old paint with a non-toxic sealant. Grow your garden organically, and think about the quality of the furniture you purchase, and what it has been treated with. Avoid cosmetic products that are not organic and certified safe, ESPECIALLY those with the ending in -paraben on the ingredient label. Connect if you need help to start a safety plan for your family, today.

What Moves You, Scion’s Business Program – Motivate

What Moves You, Scion’s Business Program

Scion has been helping artists and musicians with their passions for nearly 10 years. Now it’s your turn.

If you’ve already started turning your passion into your profession, we can help you take it to the next level. Submit your business plan and other materials before February 1, 2013 to our Motivate program. You could be set up with industry experts, a new Scion and ten thousand dollars for your business.

It’s what’s inside that moves us.

What moves you?

I really wanted to share the Scion program because it’s exactly what I have found in my Paleo Vegeo lifestyle, what Beachbody has done, what doTERRA is all about – and especially what Ocean Avenue is bringing to the table… innovation! So this program is for business owners in the creative arts community – like the SLC Arts Hub. If you’re in music, art or retailing, Scion is looking for you plans.

You can submit your plan and other materials. They’re picking 50 people to fly to the Scion Motivate event in Los Angeles. These 50 innovative, creative businesses will spend three days learning valuable knowledge about running a business. They’ll be hooked up with mentors and attend seminars with business advisors who’ll give insights on how to take their business to the next level. For example, they’ll learn how to write a press release, apply for a loan or copyright their ideas; find out why starting an LLC might benefit their endeavor; get tips on how to get funding from investors.

They’ll also pick ten lucky business owners at the Motivate event to receive $10,000, the Scion of their choice and continued access to mentors to help mobilize their venture.

Learn more at http://www.scion.com/motivate