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Fearless to Brilliance : Real Life Word Of The Year

Last year I carved out the year of being Fearless. I can tell you that it did amazing things for my life from all areas. I learned to say what I wanted to say, without fear. I learned to be who I wanted to be, without fear. So I decided I was going to go into a year of Brilliance this year. I was going to share this intensity of wisdom. However, I have so much I want to share that I have really struggled to pull it all together. You know what I mean? I could work on all of this all day every day of this year. That’s how much information I have in my brain that I’d love to get out and share. So I know that I need to refocus and get a plan.

So I bought a project planner – yes just a plain old paper, old-school planner. First project of course is hitting Sales Coordinator. I am halfway there if I was doing it on my own. But I am doing it with a team, so of course that will get you there faster. My goal is to hit Sales Coordinator by March 31st, 2016 so let’s just say it.

I am a Sales Coordinator with my Juice Plus+ Business on or before March 31st, 2016!

There it’s written in the universal language of manifestation, and so it is!

But then I started looking at all of my other projects. Vitality Reset, it’s done. I have it in my hands and will have it at my Utah classes. However, I am not sure other than events how I will push it out there.

Vitality Reset Barbara ChristensenSecond project: Unraveling the Net. 11857 words and only 37 pages. I keep getting pulled away from it, and it’s one of those writing projects that is very hard to get back to.

Third project: Virtuosoul. This was by far my biggest sellout to date, and now I am really tearing it apart to create something that works for the masses. It’s a monster project. No idea if I will finish before the fall.

So … I am living creatively and going for brilliance … which seems to have set this fire of insanity (or intense brightness as the word seems to bring out) and I am feeling like a NASCAR driver. Fast, furious, going in circles. However I am here.

So there you have where I am at as we’re nearing the end of the second month of the year. How’s your Word Of The Year turning out so far?