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Your Fitness Is Defeating Your Hormones

How Your Fitness Is Defeating Your Hormones

Have you heard about the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis or the HPT Axis for short? This is the most important hormone area in my opinion for those trying to lose weight or balance hormones. A study done found that when you do long high intense workouts the Serum T and Free Testosterone will start to decrease in a number of weeks. This has an effect of that “low t” syndrome that you may have heard about. When you exercise you want to feel those great endorphins that are released by your pituitary gland when it’s working well. Overexercising then starts to cause this inflammatory issue within the HPT Axis. And then add in this over abundance of hormones that you don’t want raised and you start to inhibit your endorphin production.

Also they’ve studied and found that for both men and women this decrease, especially the lower FT level is a significant predictor for loss of muscle mass. I saw a Finish study that showed that doing a heavy lifting session of just 5 reps produced the highest testosterone response. And so for those lifting to increase testosterone you want to make sure most of your resistance training is being done with compound exercises that work many muscle groups at once. Think CVX or Total Synergy.

I know so many moms that get 3 hours of sleep, then do a long run and cannot figure out why their testosterone is so off. Let me share with you, cortisol reduces and antagonizes free testosterone levels.This cortisol dysfunction promotes abdominal fat gain and again, muscle loss. Stressing your body out by overtraining, too much stress and not enough sleep is a one way ticket to this HPT Axis crash.

Yesterday I talked a lot about estrogen, but that is because estrogen inhibits thyroid activity. That leads you down the road to low thyroid. If you have the right compliment of progesterone, testosterone and balanced cortisol levels your thyroid is a happy camper. That means you have to balance out the testosterone in order to have functional estrogen.

Dr. Willian Hrushesky believes that natural killer cell activity and interleukin 2, both powerful immune system components, are compromised by estrogen dominance and promoted by adequate progesterone. His opinions were presented in the Journal of Women’s Health.
Dr. John  Morrow, PhD and Dr. David Isenberg PhD say that estrogen has been shown to decrease the size of the thymus [depresses immune system] and to cause a reduction in the level of thymic hormone in the blood. 

So how are you going to balance out that testosterone, for you that means less heavy, and more HIIT. Something like Focus T25 is going to be better for someone dealing with PCOS and higher testosterone levels than someone that has low testosterone and needs to boost it.

So it’s time to balance out those hormones

Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen I Balance Your Hormones With Fitness
And having overdone it your entire life by keeping those estrogen levels low has been linked to dementia. I think that’s another reason why you are seeing more and more fitness professionals asking women to reduce their workouts, get them done quicker and placing more value on taking time to stretch and relax. It’s time to think, since if you are here you hopefully are already thinking ancestrally, so when you think about movement think about your ancestors a little bit more.

Mark Sisson has said you should lift heavy things, sprint a little, and move at a slower pace. And my favorite doc, Dr. Daniel Amen, recommends to optimize your hormone levels throughout the day you should do daily interval training, balance your insulin levels, sleep well and lower your stress. Getting the right workout matters, and it has to be the right one for your hormones, too. Am I right? You will give your body a better fighting chance if you functionally approach your fitness in a manner that works with your body. Otherwise you will be like most of the studies I have seen that show group after group that saw almost no changes in their weight regardless of weeks of putting in hours and hours of time on the treadmill. So make sure you balance your hormones with the right workout. Lower estrogen, lower testosterone… eat right and try something fast and simple like P90X3 or even Body Beast. For those with high testosterone, struggling with PCOS give a good HIIT workout like Focus T25 or Combat a look over.

Finally, take a listen to Dr. Hill as he talks about hormone balance, and natural ways to support your system which you know I am very passionate about.

If you are looking to get tested to see where your hormone levels are head over to my coaching lab and order your own tests. http://bijacoaching.com/LabTests I would be happy to help you in any way that I can, but this can help and you can take your results to your doctor to start putting together an action plan for health. 

Functional Training for Health As Important As Nutrition

Functional Training for Health

I read this great article by  and it stated something I think we all need to consider… functional training for health

“Yesterday you had a great workout at the gym. You’re bench-pressing more weight than ever before, and pulling enough weight on the seated rowing machine to try out for the Olympic sculling team.

Today, you lift a 60-pound suitcase to carry it downstairs — and throw your back out. What happened? In all likelihood, you’re not paying enough attention to your functional fitness. You might be toned, tight, and ready for the beach, but are you ready to lift your toddler out of his (or her) car seat or hoist the spring-water bottle onto the dispenser?”
Functional fitness, it’s just as important as nutritional foods are to your overall health. It’s the reason why so many people have flocked like droves to CrossFit, but I personally think that it’s not the answer for Function in our lives. The big key to getting a good functional training session in is integration. You need to teach your muscles to all work together rather than isolating them to work on their own.

I have two favorite programs I like to promote for functional training for health, and that is P90X and Body Beast

How am I preparing my body for aging and health using P90X or Body Beast? 

With P90X there is a lot of focus on functional training. The leg workout are low resistance and focus on all of the functional angles with is a key to aging, as is the core. The core workout is an amazing multi-planar set of functional exercises which will keep your balance as you get older as well as supply you with functional strength.
Now Body Beast is all about function overall. It’s completely focused on form, and overall muscle development. These big compound moves that Sagi has you do are slower, and also more effective for strength, muscle volume and function. You are giving your body a hard mulit-planar task where it will respond by giving you more strength and more power.

Before you jump over to the next CrossFit class, or the kettlebell training, make sure you work on building up functional core stability and muscle support and you’ll be able to live a much healthier, longer life. That’s what we are all looking at having, right? 

HIIT Your Target with a Tabata Workout

HIIT Your Target with a Tabata Workout

HIIT Tabata Training for Paleo Fitness Burn Fat Fast I Paleo Vegetarian I TurboFire

I love nothing more than just pushing past what I think I can do with one of my TurboFire HIIT workouts, but HIIT or tabata is nothing new. TurboFire® is the intense 90-day cardio conditioning program that will help you get leaner with exercises that burn up to 9x more fat and calories than regular cardio and it comes with four different amazing HIIT workout:

  • Low HIIT 20 Class – Unlock the Turbo in you with this low-impact workout filled with 6 drills, which are sure to become your favorites.
  • Low HIIT 25 Class – Low-impact doesn’t mean low intensity! With this intense workout packed with 7 drills, you won’t need to jump to scorch calories.
  • HIIT 15 Class – Don’t be fooled by this shorter workout; you’ll be sure to break a sweat with 9 killer drills.
  • HIIT 20 Class – Scorch fat with 7 sizzling Fire Drills in 20 minutes.

Tabata was a Japanese exercise physiologist that researched

Olympic speed skating workouts to determine the optimal interval protocol for increasing both aerobic and anaerobic capacities in the most time-efficient man

Experts say Tabata should be used as part of a well-rounded regimen that includes cardiovascular, strength and flexibility workouts. A basic Tabata is 20 seconds as fast and intense as you can go, then 10 seconds of rest. Repeat eight times. I love using the FocusEnergy and it’s push for the green coffee bean to bust the fat even more, and with a short workout you have to bust out everything you have to get the results you want. A few tips I’ve learned over the years:

  • A Tabata interval can be performed with many exercises, including cycling, running, jumping rope and treadmill work. – Start with one that is most comfortable for you.
  • Allow time for a warm-up and cool-down. Never start by immediately putting the pedal to the metal.
  •  Don’t count the seconds in your head; rely on a good timer. This will allow you to put your full focus on the exercise. Tabata apps are available for smartphones like my Nexus S.
  • Track your progress. The ultimate goal is to be as fast in Set 8 as Set 1. If you experience soreness for more than a day or so, stop and consult a physician.