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How I Change My Story for Wellness

I always say this, and it really is true. Back story. And it’s a long story. I wanted to share it on social media but I’m on a “twitter” challenge where if it’s long, I must post it to the blog. I tend to give people ALL of the information, so you have been warned.

My daughter had severe asthma and was on inhaled steroids for three years. She barely grew, maybe 1/4″ one of the years. And I just felt so badly for her. I met someone that nudged me to do the 21 Day Kick Start. I had been vegan for two years, and we moved to WA. I created a meetup group to find some other women to walk with, and one gal was the continual show up. So she asked me if I’d like to go listen to this lady talk. That woman was Robin Openshaw, the Green Smoothie Girl. She talked about her sons asthma, and the steroids, and how she finally realized the big trigger was dairy. So I went home that night, and the next day I took my daughter off dairy. She was pretty brave about it, except the little tears the one day about wanting a yogurt squeezer. Now this was a BIG deal. She had been a big time dairy girl!! But in six weeks I was able to take my daughter off of the inhaled steroids. She had been on six inhaled doses daily. SIX!

This friend and I went through the whole superfood shake, paleo lean, and our first W30’s which is why I created my Whole 30 Paleo Vegeo group because she and her friends were all carnivores. Another door opened. It’s why when I went paleo I created my Paleo page on Facebook. I wanted to share my story and I wanted to share resources with anyone that may be like me, because at the time there wasn’t ANYTHING out there for someone who wanted to do the paleo lifestyle in a vegan or vegetarian design.

I was meant for that woman to open a new door for my family.

So let’s fast forward four years. We just bought a new house, and my friend moved about an hour away. And over the last four years my daughter has had croup at least five times a year. Starts at the first of the school year, and her last croup bout is usually late spring. The answer has always been to just wait for it to happen, then we put her on a few days of steroids, recoup her immune system and wait for the next.

In those four years I have had a multitude of people approach me about trying their supplement of choice. It’s a daily adventure on social media, right? And one sounded good, because I had given up the drinking the big superfood smoothie since it just wasn’t doing anything for me anymore but crimping my pocketbook. But I looked at the label once, and poo poo’d it.

More back story. The first week in WA before I started my Meetup group, which failed as a group but as you heard was a true win, I went to Tully’s to get a drink. I knew they had rice milk, and my daughter could have that. There was another mom there, with her two adorable kids. She reached out and we started talking. I was in brain-geek-love with this woman because she was brainy, food mom. You know what I mean. With a degree to boot. We spent all summer roaming beaches with her and her two kids, and then my daughter started school and we lost touch beyond a few times we were able to meet up in the evening. Once was a great talk on essential oils. The second one was more recently where her pediatric doctor had sent out an email for an event about nutrition. You have to know I am always on board for that.

So I went to that meeting, and saw the sign… Juice Plus NW.

UGH!! Seriously. We had been scammed.

So I went in with her and we sat at the very back. Back where no one can talk to you. Right? But the gal that my friend had met up with was persistent. So I listened to the meeting. The Naturopathic doctor spoke about her stuggles, blah blah blah, and then she talked about helping a kindergarten boy recently that was going to be held back due to his severe hyperactive behavior. But when she read the letter from his mom I completely understood it.

Then they had the overweight guy get up that had lost 55 pounds in four months. He said that he would go to Starbuck’s on the way to work for a drink and breakfast. Okay that’s like 1200 calories. Then at his first break go back to Starbuck’s for a drink and snack. Okay now he’s had his full day’s calories. Then the food truck would come at 10:30 AM to the job site. Well if you stopped the Starbuck’s and the food truck and did instead a couple protein shakes and a nutritional bar, no wonder you lost 52 pounds.

So I still wasn’t convinced.

Then the female personal trainer gets up. UGH… I just immediately go to my unhappy wall up place. See, as an overweight, struggling personal trainer, the really gorgeous, healthy girls really get my goat. So I sort of tuned out. You know how we do?

But then she starts talking about all of her miscarriages, and having been there several times my heart goes out to her. I open up a little. Then she talks about her husband’s bad health and how she decided to start this just for him. So she shows her before and after, and in her after the 120 days, she is pregnant, and her skin was like butter. Let me tell you before the 120 days her skin was horrific. Think about when you were 15 and double it. In my head I’m thinking “mthfr… mthfr” and I thought, you know something is up.

How can she have had such a difference if these capsules have the so-called synthetic vitamins in them?

So when it was over the woman starts talking to me. And I tell her you know, I can’t do the shakes because of my soy allergy, however I wouldn’t want to do the capsules because of the added synthetic b vitamins. I found out last year when my doctor put me on a Complex B Vitamin that I do not metabolize my b vitamins well at all! Talk about crazy mama!! Yes immediately. And then once I stopped them, back to normal, yet still slightly anxious and sleep deprived me.

So she calls over her upline and I get deep into conversation with Dr. Mitra Ray. Another brain-geek-love moment I have to say. Nutritional biochemist? Yes that gets me every time. And she says, they didn’t realize what the push back was until she brought it to their attention that their labels read, Folic, not Folate. And that it’s folate, because that is what comes from food.

I had been taking, and had my daughter taking the mythelated B Vitamins for some time, without any changes in our health it seemed. I even did the 5-MTHF. No avail. So I quized Dr. Ray about this. And why would this woman who obviously had the mutation do so well with both soy, and a supplement with some folic in it. Now keep in mind that when I first lost most of my weight I was drinking the “superfood” shake that IS actually fortified with 400 mg of Folic acid and other fortified vitamins. FYI. It’s on their company page buried in the faqs.

What she shared was the latest research. Like me, to the point, geek out, be done. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23456769

“Serum folate concentration is responsive to modest increases in folic acid intake. RBC folate increases only with higher additional doses of folic acid supplementation, and this is true for each MTHFR C677T genotype.”

I can only guess that for whatever reason the ingredients that were added to my superfood shake and the ingredients like suma that they took out, were a combination that created the nutritional blocks that stopped it from working for me again.

What is commercially referred to as “nature identical” folate is actually methyl folate – extremely expensive and actually synthesized from folic acid, so entirely man-made. {Didn’t know that as I thought it was just methylated “folate” … which explains why some people I’ve talked to that are taking those high doses may not be feeling any better)

It has not been clinically shown to be any more effective than folic acid, for example http://www.ajcn.org/cgi/reprint/79/3/473
Also … interesting.

Regarding a claim of better/safer for people with methyltetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) insufficiency, what the doctor I talked to say is that this form is only “good” for one turn of the folate cycle (please refer to this link http://www.nchpeg.org/nutrition/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=452&tmpl=component).

Once de-methylated, it is just tetrahydrofolate (THF). While massive doses of 5-MTHF might be less likely than folic acid to mask a vitamin B-12 deficiency, it probably would have little impact on people with the common MTHFR mutations resulting in less efficient enzyme activity, which can be overcome with adequate folate (any form) intake, so there IS a known way to make the mutated enzyme function better. Of note – few foods contain methyl folate, but oranges do and are commonly consumed. It takes about a quart of orange juice the get the daily requirement for folate from this dietary source. And that is a LOT of sugar bugs!! 😉

So, why not call it folate, on the label if in the industry folate/folic are used interchangeably? I suspect there are companies that do that to avoid the controversy, since the term folate and folic acid are considered interchangeable. So along with several of the whole food ingredients in Juice Plus+ that naturally contain folate from the outset they’ve added the smallestl amount of additional folic acid ( and it is called folic acid) to standardize the overall amount in each capsule, and they want to be completely transparent. I am not aware of any commercially available supplement that is made by squeezing oranges or leafy greens, they will all have to be either modified as we stated earlier, or purified in some fashion, so all of them would be in some fashion man-made.

So I leave it with this information. Because you know that I just like the company want to share transparency all around.

Three weeks into using just the trio capsules I am feeling better, waking up better, sleeping better (if you have the folic issues you know the anxiety and sleep issues that go along with it), and I am finally losing weight. That just like the photos of the trainer with her super glowing skin was the proof for me that this supplementation really works. For me, this was the answer. And I’m thankful that the door was opened, and I decided to walk through. Thankful for myself, and thankful for my daughter. It is changing our lives. And so you know how they always ask you about your why? This is my why… it’s big, and loaded with lots of information, and it ends in wellness.

Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia… all signs of Adrenal Fatigue… but also many Copper Toxicity

Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia… all signs of Adrenal Fatigue… but also many Copper Toxicity

Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia... all signs of Adrenal Fatigue... but also many Copper Toxicity I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen Wellness AdvocateDepression…

Maybe you have Adrenal Fatigue &
Copper Toxicity??

If you have a copper toxicity in your tissues from lack of #copper binding proteins you’ll have a struggle with your histamine levels as well. High #histamine symptoms are often equated with#estrogen dominance symptom because of under-methylation. Your #adrenals become the innocent victims of this toxic realm. B12 slows down histamine release which is why vegans often struggle the right balance of histamine levels and the result is small amounts of PCOS symptoms that seem to come and go. But if you are an under-metalator… B12 is not your friend, and you cannot be vegan. Sorry, but true. You need B12 dearly, and you have to get it naturally not in supplementation.

The best sources or B12 in foods are: Sardines, Salmon, Tuna, Cod, Lamb, Scallops. One serving of any of these will give 100% of your B12 needed.

And when I take a b-complex… look out… my anxiety goes through the roof… its folate I need not folic acid.

The key is you to clear out more than just your colon. You need to clear out your system all the way through to the tissues. That can’t be done in a quick cleanse. It takes a natural, healthy routine in your life.

How do Histamine Levels Figure Into All Of These Issues?

I’m So FROZEN… Oh wait, that’s just excess histamine release

The extreme chill you feel could be excess histamine release. As well symptoms that appear to be allergy related may be more obscure than you think. For example, sneezing may be an allergy symptom, but muscle pain, insomnia and acid reflux may also be signs of allergy. These are all signs of excessive histamines. Since histamine has a large amount of functions within the human body, the effects of high histamine blood levels can vary widely.

Current studies have shown that there are direct links between histamines, the irritants produced in an allergic reaction, and the nervous system. People with too much histamine in their brains experience anxiety and depression. And detox raises histamine levels. I first started to figure out histamines when I would come home from the gym and an hour later is when I’d start to freeze and want to curl up in a ball under a mountain of blankets.

The symptoms of toxicity may also be more obscure than you think. You may have headaches, joint pains, colitis and even poor coordination may be signs of toxicity. Another sign is skin eruptions and rashes. I woke up with a nice little rash this morning, too.

Your body has a unique detoxification system. It comes with many fail-safe mechanisms. A toxin may simply be detoxified and rendered harmless – usually by the liver. This is often accomplished through enzymes with the help of antioxidants. These poisons may be turned into useful tools, such as when blood toxins are turned into bile to help us digest fat from our diet.

Some toxins are difficult to detoxify; they may be stored permanently in fat. Other toxins and allergens are stored temporarily in water in the lymphatic system. Detoxification, stress, and even like I said, exercise can cause these symptoms. This is why people get “puffy” with allergies or toxicity. I know you’ve had that issue before. These high-histamine levels often are due to a metabolic imbalance that results from under-methylation. Sound familiar??

I think I’m going to kick up my Acerola Berry and Citrus oils today, because both of these help release those toxins that my body just wants to dig deep and hold on to.

Today was the first day of the Renewal process day 21… think my body is ready for some renewal before we move into next month. Want to join me? I’m starting another clean month in 10 days.
Do a wellness consult and see how I can help. Believe me that you can feel better if you do the process, and use the products.