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You are what you eat. … or take in the way of supplementation

You are what you eat

I shared this in my aromatherapy group, but it was so important I had to share it here as well…

According to an article that I read on the Harvard website, “multivitamin bashing seems to be in season. The March 2008 Harvard Men’s Health Watch gives the impression that few of the ingredients in a multivitamin are worth taking. The June 2008 Nutrition Action Health Letter suggests taking a multivitamin every other day instead of every day. The central concern of both articles is folic acid—specifically,getting too much folic acid.” And when we read articles about supplementing what it always comes down to is that you can’t replace real nutrition with synthetic nutrients.

Their better advice: “Take a standard multivitamin every day, but stay away from heavily fortified foods that deliver a full day’s dose—or sometimes more—of folic acid … there is newer evidence that excess folic acid (the synthetic version of folate, a vitamin found abundantly in vegetables, fruits, and grains) may be contributing to an uptick in colorectal cancer. many of those multi vitamins or meal replacement shakes contain your recommended daily amount — 400 micrograms (mcg) — but look at your package foods and you’ll see that folic acid is also added to breakfast cereals and enriched grain and cereal products, including breads, rice, and pasta. A person taking a multivitamin can easily exceed the recommended total intake, and maybe even the safe upper limit of 1,000 mcg. This issues of getting too much isn’t a problem with folate found naturally in foods. But most supplemental vitamins are fortified and not the whole foods that your body really needs.”

You’ve heard me talk about Folic vs. Folate before when I have talked about MTHFR, but did you know that most vitamin B1 supplements are made from derivatives of coal tar? Or that ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is often made by reacting high-fructose corn syrup with sulfuric acid? Or even that many iron supplements (for those that have the iron-folic anemia you may want to hear this) … are often made from the rust off of nails?

You Are What You Eat I Juice Plus


Where you get your nutrition matters. How you react to what you are eating matters. If your skin looks like it’s being used to detoxify your system, you have a problem with your central detoxification chimney.

I want to get more into the concept of food synergy. This concept is based on the proposition that the interrelations between constituents in foods are significant. We all should realize this by now, but we don’t. It’s because we see these ads all over the place that say we need this fortified food and that fortified food. This significance in our food and/or supplementation is dependent on the balance between constituents within what is going into our bodies, how well these constituents survive digestion, and the extent to which they appear biologically active at the cellular level.

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition published data says: A healthy diet should contain all of the required nutrients and sufficient calories to balance energy expenditure and provide for growth and maintenance throughout the life cycle. Importantly, dietary factors are associated with 5 of the 10 leading causes of death, including coronary heart disease, certain types of cancer, stroke, noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8892167

The Barbara Christensen VlogCast : 11/18/2014 : On Tuesday We Talk Episode 3 I MTHFR, Folic Acid and B12

MTHFR, Folic Acid and B12

You know that I’ve talked a lot about MTHFR, especially important that those with PCOS get tested, but only recently did I realize the also very important side of it that has to do with B12 methylation.

I have dealt with a major folic acid methylation issue which leads me to believe that I have some form of this gene mutation. Taking a folic acid gives me anxiety that cannot be measured. Methylfolate, for me is key. But the underlying anemia for myself and my daughter now has me wondering about the B12 gene defect… More to come!!

The Barbara Christensen VlogCast : 11/18/2014 : On Tuesday We Talk Episode 3 I MTHFR, Folic Acid and B12So today on the VlogCast I am disccusing the MTHFR defect, folic acid methylation and B12 meythlation and the effects of this no our lives.

One thing that I didn’t discuss much is the link to the B12 methylation issue and migraine. they say that one in 10 is suffering from this migraine issue from high homocysteine levels caused by the inability to methylate the B12 vitamin properly. This is the enzyme mutation of MTHFR and you should really get tested and see if you need to change or supplement with a methylcobalamin, so check into it.