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Getting Rid Of The Drawers Of Medication

The Drawers Of Medication

Getting Rid Of The Drawers Of Medication I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen's Story Where I wasDo you want to really understand where I’m coming from? The one picture shows my drawer and my daughter’s drawer of previously used medications and supplements. That was our lifestyle… Living unwell. 

The other photo shows our healthy lifestyle.. This is our routine and our go to products.

Which do you think you want?

This is why it’s all so important to me.

I’ve been continually learning. And I have learned that the support our body needs is continual, but easy. Do you know how many times I’ve used a product or gone on a diet and felt great, for a very short time?

The CEO of a large international company said the other day how he’d do the same. Cleanse, feel great, repeat. This is even though he’s doing his own daily routine of “health and wellness”. He’s not getting to the source of it. He’s not clearing out to the level of what he should be. He said he was going to take a photo of his wives supplements because there were bottles of it everywhere. That used to be me… I’d try anything to get me the healthy feeling I was craving. So why doesn’t that work?

Here’s the problem… If you cleanse and clear out your colon you maybe will also reboot your cardiovascular system, your liver, your gallbladder, your urinary system, maybe just maybe your lymphatic system.

But seven days, or 21 days, or even a month for most of us isn’t going to touch the parasites, the candida and yeast, or the most impacted problem of Chemical Toxins. Those toxins are smart. They now how yo redistribute and hide out until you ho back to normal. Then they know that they need to beef up the forces. And you slide backwards. The candida is smart. It adapts to your routine. You’d honestly have more traction mixing up the candida clearing products about every ten to twenty days. It’s like the bacteria becoming antibiotic resistant. Same thing.

What happens when you get natural and get rid of the drawers of medication.

And only when you truly feel health, will you know what happiness is. What you put in your mouth and on your body defines who you are, how you’ll thrive, your health and your connected spiritual experience.

I know that some of this seems radical. My health doesn’t do ANYTHING to my spiritual experience, you say. But have you ever dreaded going to church because you don’t want yourself and your kids to get sick yet again?

Until you’ve emptied out your disbelief in something as organically created as your own divine being, until you figure out that living on drawers full of synthetic (you’re not synthetic!) unnatural… Is that even if word??… But yes using these unnatural products is truly not living, and you won’t really get it. Prioritize your priorities and reclaim nature, even thrive within it and because of it.

We have the opportunity available to heal, that’s true power of self!! I’m going to be hosting a 60 Day Challenge To Health, a Vitality Reset so to speak to help you form the habits of health that will truly clear out those drawers of crap form your home, and clear out the pantry of the junk you think is healthy but isn’t. We’ll be going through a process of Health, Wellness, Purpose – or Believe, Do, Products. You have to have it all to do this. There are over 250 toxins that have been found in umbilical cord blood. REALLY?? Do you believe that you need to do this? Do you believe that you need to try these products? 

If you want to change I will give you:

  • The opportunity to purchase these non-toxic, natural products for 25% off the retail prices. and get products for free every month.
  • Get a full guide that explains what is happening, and how to heal. 
  • I’ll send you a free book to use to guide you to natural health daily – your own reference guide to health. 
  • You know exactly what products to use, when to take them, and why. 
  • You’ll be given rules for healthy eating, but you can either choose to eat what you like within those rules, or 
  • You’ll get my full meal planning guide, with recipes to help you lean into some healthier choices. 
  • You’ll get my Nourishing Basics Plan with a 7 Day Guide to naturally cleaning out your body to help you “ease” into this lifestyle. 
  • You’ll get my personal fitness calender to help you get your body and muscles functioning healthier because functional fitness and flexibility is just as important to your overall wellness as what you put into your body. 
  • You’ll keep healing your body every month rather than just shuffling around toxins – and continued support to learn and grow a non-toxic lifestyle with monthly training opportunities and if you desire the opportunity to share with others. 

I want you to be able to do this in the most simple way to do it. IF it’s not simple, most of you won’t do it. You are worth it, and so I will also for the first time ever share the secrets of my ELEV8 program Soul Revolution Mapping program. Because I know that this process of clearing out stored toxic waste products brings up stored toxic waste emotions.

I’m not asking you to spend money… I’m not a salesman… I’m asking you to think differently. You’re already spending money on all of those items in your drawer. You’re life matters. I want you to put value on your life and instead use the products that you are worth using. You are getting paid physically, emotionally, in relationships and your career what you think your value is. People meet you where you are. Set the bar. Take really good care of yourself and your body and you’ll see changes in every area of your life.

My daughter looked in those drawers today and said, “Mom, I think we should get rid of some of that.”…. I agree! 

Detoxing From Heavy Metal Poisoning Can Be Toughest For Vegans

Detoxing From Heavy Metal Poisoning 

Heavy metal poisoning is far more common than you may think.  You can get it from mercury tooth fillings, immunization shots, poor environmental factors. The average adult inhales thousands of trillions of mercury atoms a day from a mouthful of amalgams; fish provides trillions more, the air more, and in children, vaccines provide surges of trillions of mercury molecules per day in the form of ethyl-mercury, which is vastly more toxic than metallic mercury. Insulin molecules are directly assaulted as are insulin receptor sites.

The Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen I Doterra I Detoxing From Heavy Metal Poisoning
Did you know that the geometry of your insulin can be changed by mercury? If it is the message that insulin has arrived to give glucose to the cell is not received.

Mercury is the most potent enzyme inhibitor that exists; it is in a class of its own and well deserves its title as the most toxic non-radioactive element. Since mercury and lead attach themselves at these highly vulnerable junctures of proteins, they can readily provoke biochemical shifts and then morphological changes in the body.

The formula I’ve most seen online to get rid of heavy metals – a gel cap 2x a day filled with a couple of drops each of cinnamon, clove, cassia and oregano.

“Supplements helpful in the detoxification process include: cilantro, Vitamin C, selenium, garlic and others. Eating a clean diet, free of pesticides, is a must for a detoxification program. I encourage my clients to eat whole foods, with adequate amounts of plant based protein sources while detoxing. Eliminating the refined sugar, refined flour, and refined salt will help any health condition and help any detoxification program.

Here’s the deal, however, you have to have sulfur in your diet to detox properly, even with the support of something like essential oils in your plan. Nutrition is so important and we are so busy thinking about the medicine, we often forget the nutrition.

In a study these doctors, Dr. McCully,  and Dr. Ingenbleek, MD that took place in Chad, they looked at twenty-four rural male subjects ages eighteen to thirty, and fifteen urban male controls, ages eighteen to twenty-nine. (Women in this region of Chad could not be studied because of their animistic beliefs and proscriptions against collecting their urine.)

The rural men were apparently healthy, physically active farmers with good lipid profiles. Their staple foods included cassava, sweet potatoes, beans, millet and ground nuts. Cassava leaves, cabbages and carrots provided good levels of carotenes, folates and pyridoxine (B6). The rural Chadian diet is plant-based because of a shortage of grazing lands and livestock, but subjects occasionally consume some B12-containing foods, mostly poultry and eggs, though very little dairy or meat. Their diet could be described as high carb, high fiber, low in both protein and fat, and low in the sulfur-containing amino acids. The urbanites added in meat. The results fround that the near-vegetarian subjects were thinner, with poorer muscle tone, and showed subclinical signs of protein malnutrition.

So are you deficient in sulfur? 

If you aren’t vegan, eggs are among the highest dietary sources of sulfur, more so than meat. Another major source of sulfur in your diet is methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM. The plant foods that are typically high in MSM include Brussels sprouts, garlic, onions, asparagus, legumes and kale. Mmmm… Kale!! Two B vitamins contain large amounts of sulfur. These are thiamin, or vitamin B-1, and biotin, which is also known as vitamin H or vitamin B-7. Biotin is present in large amounts in a variety of protein foods, including egg yolks, sardines, nuts and legumes. Other good sources include cauliflower, bananas and mushrooms. I also take a great B Complex daily because I just don’t feel like with my allergies I’m getting enough.

Dietary sulfur helps to improve the health of your joints, skin, hair, nails and connective tissues. It can also slow nerve impulses, potentially helping to reduce pain. So let’s think about that… if you struggle to detox, you have issues with inflammation, joint pain, and you aren’t getting the sulfur needed to detox – you’re going to just be pushing the toxins out and into other areas of your body, and causing more inflammation and pain. And what you are most likely doing if you aren’t flushing the toxins out of your body, is flushing the good bacteria out of your body instead. So you’re making the digestive issues worse, and that is the lead brain in all of this we’ve learned. Your gut is in more control than you think.

So this sulfur enables the transport of oxygen across cell membranes. You want the essential oils to be able to pass in through the cell membranes. And since sulfur is directly below oxygen in the periodic table, these toxic elements have similar electron configurations. Not only does sulfur have a unique action on body tissues, but it will decrease the pressure inside the cell. In removing fluids and toxins, sulfur affects the cell membrane. Sulfur is present in all cells and forms sulfate compounds with sodium, potassium, magnesium, and selenium. Organic sulfur, in addition to eliminating heavy metals, regenerates, repairs and rebuilds all the cells in the body.

Get it right, support the detox and hopefully feel better. And tomorrow I’ll share why I got into this in the first place… because it all comes together if you can wait long enough to really figure out my thought process. See you tomorrow for Part 2.

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