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The gut to muscle connection, or what the body builder can learn from autism’s leaky gut

The gut to muscle connection

The autistic spectrum gut is inflamed they have found in the pathology studies and there appears that there is a mutually amplified feedback loop between gut inflammation and constipation or diarrhea, reflux, increased intestinal issues and nitric oxide (or we’ll call it NO) that are very similar to colitis. Plasma nitrite + nitrate levels correlate with leaky gut. More reasons why I recommend reducing this from you and your child’s diet. The young gut is so sensitive, and the spectrum gut is uniquely sensitive. Too much of this NO can deplete antioxidant defense, depress the levels of GSH (glutathione) which means that the increase in NO binds the GSH so that it cannot support the system.

Barbara Christensen I The Paleo Vegetarian I Gut To Muscle Connection

If you think about this more deeply like a trainer, NO increases exercise induced vasodilation (widening blood vessels) as well as cell volumization (fill the balloon with water and you increase its capacity) by routing water and nutrients preferentially to the muscle cell elsewhere. Cell volume is critical for getting amino acids inside the cell. Those amino acids are so important, along with essential fatty acids, phospholipids (such as lecithin), vitamins (especially certain B vitamins), antioxidants and micronutrients (especially zinc) in maintaining the integrity of the intestine’s leak-proof lining. And of course we now know that with NO synthesis blocked you have greatly reduced gains in muscle mass. I know a lot of people have heard in the spectrum circle of “low muscle tone”. And there was a great quote on a website I saw recently that said:

“Your kid seems perfectly good with their muscles – they are strong, they run round with boundless energy, but they have trouble doing things. You have likely been given the standard explanation about your kid’s muscles being floppy and you just cannot see it in your kid.”

That is because of this NO synthesis being blocked is giving you floppy muscles… yes that is right. It’s a true story.

There are a few very essential items that you can do to really support yourself if you have leaky gut, or to support your child. Or even to make sure that you are getting the best results for your daily workout.

First you want to make sure that you are detoxifying. Without the support of your glutathione you can’t support the rest of the system. The glutathione support gut immunity, and so I recommend two items. First off is a great undenatured protein shake daily that you can find listed on my post the other day.

Then make sure you are getting the prebiotic and probiotic support in your system every single evening even if your shake has them added in as well. The evening is the best time for this because that’s when the body repairs. I have a time released probiotic that I use as the probiotic formula I recommend for folks who are in need of an after-antibiotic treatment regimen, or who feel like a boost would be beneficial. Dairy-free and wheat free, PB Assist+ is a time-released double-encapsulated formula that delivers 5 billion CFUs (colony forming units) plus soluble fiber in the form of fructo-oligosaccharides that encourages culture adhesion and growth past the stomach acid stage of digestion.

You want to make sure if eating meat you are totally uncured, no nitrite or nitrates. Make sure you are careful about the dentists chair using the “laughing gas” as well. You do want to keep those levels down in your body if you struggle with decreasing them.

Avoid toxins, which means eating organically. Use healthy, non-toxic cleaning products. I mainly make my own with my essential oils, or I buy them from sustainable, non-toxic companies. Stay away from the drive through food stores, and then at home stay away from highly heated greasy items. I use coconut oil and rarely cook at a very high heat.