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New Soy-Free Natural Bar : Wellness On The Go

Have you wanted to get into the Juice Plus+ Transform30 Program, but you just not matter what cannot wrap your head around the Complete Shake?

Transform30 Salad In A Jar SeattleWell get excited because now you can change the game, and go soy-free if you desire. Although I have no concerns myself with using the cold washed soy that Juice Plus uses, because I have not reacted to it they way I have reacted to other processed soy products in my life. I guess I am not allergic to soy, as I tested, after all. Just GMO and crap processed soy products. In fact I’m drinking Juice Plus+ Complete right now.

However, now you can transform without the soy. Instead of doing 2 Shakes + 2 Snacks + 1 Healthy Meal… just do 1 Green Smoothie + 2 Bars + 1 Big Green Salad + 1 Healthy Meal and see what happens for you. More options for getting healthy in an easy to do way.

How does it work?

In the morning make a big green smoothie and get out the door. When you start feeling hungry, pull out bar number one and nosh. Come lunch time have a big green salad, which you can make ahead to just grab and go like I do with a nice large mason jar. Start feeling hungry? Have bar number two. Get home and have a healthy dinner and of course, drink lots of water throughout the day.

Does that sound like something you can do?

Decide what you want, 30 days, 60 days, 120 days? Order accordingly. Payments will be spread out over 4 months unless you connect with me directly and we can do an every 2 month order. One box of Juice Plus+ Complete bars are 60 bars, so one month supply. You can do one month only and still spread those payments over the next four months.

If you really want to up the results, add in the Juice Plus+ Capsules and increase the amount of nutrients and plants in your diet in a very easy manner. Healthy changes do not need to be hard to do, but you do need to commit. Are you ready?

Juice Plus USA Cherry Soy Free Bar Label