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Nutrition Can Create Hope & Change

I can’t take the credit for my girl’s change, because she put in the hard work. All I did was give her the knowledge and offer up the basic solution of nutrients. Those little capsules are just something beyond anything I could have every had dreamed up.

When clients come to me, they are looking for hope, and nutrition offers that when you accept it. This amazing lady works in a field when men struggle, and with all of the problems she was dealing with in her life, she still was getting up and giving every day her all.

I watched her over several months as she shifted, changed, give and take, learning. I watched as she pushed the limits in life. This wasn’t just her taking on the nutritional battles in her life, this woman was going for bigger things in her career, her relationships, everything!! It was something amazing to watch and be a part of. I cannot even share how much heart and soul she has!

So she pushed, she changed, she stumbled, she got back up. Like a fighter… which is amazingly enough the soul workout for her. Imagine that. We align to our souls. Her soul is a fighter. Of course I never see a fighter that isn’t also a survivor and especially a lover. All of that heart. But when you put heart together with soul purpose, move through giving your body what it craves… everything else starts to open up. This is what I saw happen here. And I know that before the year is over even more is happening. When you open your heart, you open a storybook. This story is being written in the stars! Keep watching…. she’s on fiyah! Love ya girl!!