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School year germs, and the difference in the varied Juice vitamin products

My little bug, she gets sick every single year. Starts at the first of the school year. Last year we went to the Children’s Museum a few days before school started… okay that was probably not a great idea. Now yes, I do homeschooling, but we go to a cooperative program through the district twice a week. What it means to me when I hear that first sniffle is, here comes the croup. Now I give my daughter the encapsulated whole foods every day. Emptied into a smoothie made with coconut milk for the healthy fats, oat milk and organic baby food!! Yes, I am that mom. I will sneak every bit of nutrition in that I can, when I can. I can positively say that for the first time in my daughter’s life last year she did not have a cold. Not croup. Not even one bark out of her. How amazing is that? Going into a new school year we were reflected back on how different her life is now, and I am so grateful to the wellness changes I have seen in my daughter.

So with everyone doing the mad dash to get the JuiceFestiv at Costco, someone asked me about the difference between the JuiceFestiv and the Whole Foods products I use and recommend. I thought I’d share the information to make sure you know just how important this process is to us, and why it’s so different. This nutrient to capsule program (Or Farm to Table as it’s been called) is something very special, and very rare in this industry. I can only name one other organic company that I know is using a similar approach to nutritional supplementation. And remember, sometimes you do get what you pay for.

JuiceFestiv vs Whole Foods CapsulesLet me simplify the differences it in an easy way. The AD, DD, FD on the label is all talking about how they processed the nutrients. You can call or email the company and you will get the same answer. That means, (hot) air dried {It doesn’t mean they place it out in the sun for a nice sunbath), drum dried and freeze dried. We all know that we quick freeze (IQF) the non-gmo farm fresh foods, right from the plants and trees to secure the nutrients. The it’s “juiced” when it’s still pretty frozen, and then the low heat drying which they do more or less for water evaporation in just seconds.

As Dr. Mitra Ray, creator of the Transform 30 program, has said, our “extremely temperature-sensitive proprietary process is used to evaporate the water from the juice mix such that heat-sensitive nutrients retain their biochemical activity – the process of going from wet to dry occurs in a matter of seconds!


Thus, when you take these capsules with water, you reconstitute real food with active, bio-available nutrients. We know this to be true because more than a dozen independent studies published in peer-reviewed journals have shown the incredible response that these encapsulated whole foods have in the body to improve the status of various systems, such as the immune system and DNA repair mechanisms.
These two products are easily explained this way to show the differences in nutritional value. If that wasn’t enough, take a look at the video below and then head over to the website to learn about how the Farm To Table process works. I stand behind my own child’s health. And I will so thrilled to fill out my next Children’s Health Study questionnaire about the changes we’ve seen. 

It’s My Five Year Wellness Anniversary

Five years. I can hardly believe it’s only been five years because it feels like it’s been so much longer.

Five years ago I was struggling to lose the weight I had gained after having my daughter and dealing with severe depression. I had lost from a size 17 to a size 14 (first photo) and I had gotten certified in the kickboxing program that was inspiring my change. I became a fitness coach five years ago today after losing that first bit of weight. Then I slowly started plugging away at daily workouts and superfood shakes and after several years I got all the way down to a size 6 at my lowest weight. I gained a little back here and there, my 6’s would get tight and I would move back into the 8’s (second photo).

Transform Your Life I Mama Whole Wellness

I still had major adrenal issues, but I was starting to conquer them. However after my miscarriage I gained twenty pounds back and I lost my desire to workout. Went back into my size 13 pants, and moped. Depressed again, and approaching my fifth anniversary of making a u-turn on my life. That is when I found Juice Plus+ and I am every so thankful that I did. Since October 19th I have renewed my changes, and in far less time than it took to get to where I was before. So is this lifestyle? Yes. I will stick with this because it’s healthy, whole foods, and it gives me enough energy for my workouts. I did a powerlifting workout yesterday, and an interval workout the day before. No adrenal crash!! That’s the best part of this. I just feel good!! And it didn’t take years, just 90 days to get my groove back. So happy 5th Anniversary to me… and I can’t wait to see how amazing the next five years will be!

Transform 30 I T90 Results Mama Whole Wellness

My Problem With Extreme Fitness Junkies

My Problem With Extreme Fitness Junkies

I just started a closed group for men and women that lift weights. The other group I am in I get so tired of hearing them talk about how they lifted and then they did a huge cardio workout. Or they did back to back lift workouts… and I’m thinking if you lifted properly you have nothing left to give. LOL!!! Am I right?

My Problem With Extreme Fitness Junkies I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen CPT

See, as a certified personal trainer my recommendations to clients is always to remember that A) larger muscles require longer recovery time, B) the more muscles your workout, the longer required recovery time, C) fast twitch muscles recovery more slowly than slow twitch fibers. D) age matters. 

Recovery is indeed important, however if you supplement properly, and sleep well, and if your nutrition and technique are on point, you can be conditioned to train often with little or no days off. There is one study I’m closely watching where they are showing that although Intense, eccentric resistance exercise causes muscle damage, soreness, inflammation, and a loss of muscle function, a protein-amino acid supplementation before, during, and following damaging resistance exercise may reduce muscle damage and accelerate recovery. And so we’re seeing that it’s the aminos, not necessarily the protein (think of all that bacon we see on paleo posts) that matters for body recovery. 

One study did show specifically that BCAA (branch-chain amino acids) administered before and following damaging resistance exercise reduces indices of muscle damage and accelerates recovery in resistance-trained males. So I totally agree with your statement of recovery and nutrition matters. 

Now back to my original issue, the problem that I see is that most people do not do any of the needed recovery items that they should do.A lot of those at the gym or working out at home do not do the needed warm up or stretching when their muscles are warm. Flexibility matters. With aging, functional movement ability, core stability and flexibility are all key. And then they think that major amounts of cardio are good for you, which we have found is so untrue. I swear if I see one more post about how someone did their leg workout and then did another 25 minute HIIT workout I may scream. If you can do more than stand on your wobbly legs after you have finished workout on leg day, I really think you need to pick up more dang weight!! 

We’ve become this EXTREME nation, and we take a program that is meant to be 25 minutes of hard cardio, and then do it two or three times a day, seven days a week on top of resistance training and it drives me batty. LOL… even the most recent studies are showing that aerobic exercise initially generates more reactive oxygen species (ROS), and even anaerobic exercise may induce prolonged ROS generation. So as we think we are getting healthier, and we have all of these untrained folks out there telling others how to get “fit”, there is this cringing part of my being that wants to hit them all over the head. 

Weight loss is a good thing, but not at the expense of our underlying health. Skinny people too die from heart attacks, and thin people can lack oestrogen among other things. A problem for women that we don’t address in the fitness community. Researchers analyzed nearly 100 studies that included more than 2.8 million people. While obese people had a higher risk of death — particularly those whose BMI was 35 or more — overweight people had a 6% lower risk of death than those of normal weight. So I think we need to really think about why that is. You’d think smaller=healthier. So what are we doing as a “skinny” community that is causing us to be unhealthy? I want to really get people to see that the science it approaching a less is more approach to weight loss and physical fitness, for health, and that you will still lose weight, and still can do things to strengthen your heart, your bones, and your body. Anyone for the Fast Workout approach to cardio, and the Slow Lifting Method for weights will give you a run for your money when it comes to health you crazed overachievers. 

Living A Healthier Lifestyle Like Those From BAMA

Living A Healthier Lifestyle Like Those From BAMA


Living A Healthier Lifestyle Like Those From BAMA I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen I JM Ocean Platinum Ambassador

How can you live a healthier life? Well let’s look at one of the healthiest communities on the planet, the people of from Bama. Their culture was studied in the 50 Secrets Of The World’s Longest Living People. They eat only 1500 calories a day, and eat a plant-based diet including a wide range of local, organic vegetables. They eat them soon after buying to make sure they get as many of the antioxidant vitamins from harvest. They make sure that they eat a very balanced diet that is high in dense nutrition, low in anti-nutrients like trans fats, additives and sugar. The reason that overeating and non-nutrient based foods can be very hard on our bodies is that it accelerates our aging process by promoting the production of endotoxins and free radicals. The Bama food are all free of pesticides, antibiotics, and all of those things that we try to avoid in my family.

They eat fruit every day, as well as one of my favorites hemp, and brown rice and millet. They also eat soy beans, lima beans and mung beans for the fiber, B vitamins and protein. When they do eat animal based protein is is from the river, and very oily fish. Wild caught is always going to be the best. And if you do have to eat a lean meat, follow the Bama style of eating lean, organic pastured meat, but limit the red meat as it can raise your histamine levels and cause more digestive issues than it’s worth. And they never eat until full, or like we do until OVERFULL. We wait until our buttons are going to pop too often, and they’ve learned that with aging there is no reason for that.

What about digestive issues? Those in Bama they’ve found have amazing gut flora because of all of those fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) in their plant based diet. Another kind of plant, fructus cannabis, is also popular in Bama. Researchers said fructus cannabis helps people absorb vitamins and contains several indispensable nutritional elements, such as fatty and amino acids, which provide the human body with necessary protein. http://www.chinafrica.cn/english/lifestyle/txt/2011-01/01/content_322418.htm.

They are also a complete protein. I love to drink hemp milk, and hemp seeds are often infused in my food. And when they drink dairy, it’s raw, and undenatured. They don’t overproduce their foods.

Can you life a healthier lifestyle like those from Bama

There are easier ways to eat like you are from Bama… like making a vibrant plate. When you eat a rich, flavorful diet, you will get a variety of nutrition, as well as just seeing colors on your plate will make you more in tune with your food. You’ll salivate more and digest better. They change what they eat with the season, and yet still keep their calories and salt intake lower.

They also sleep at night… hello MOMMIES!! And they are active every day. And they are HAPPY!

They live fulfilled family lives, and they enjoy getting outdoors in the fresh air. They are exposed to less solar radiation, and their soil still contains rich manganese and zinc, and low in copper and cadmium. This helps reduce cardiovascular disease and give their immunity a big boost.