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No Sugar Added or What May be the Scariest Year of My Life

No sugar added… Did I really just say that … I’ve done no sugar for 30 days before. But I always let it back in via honey, or organic cane, or coconut palm. But year. I must be crazy. In her recent book Year of No Sugar, Eve Schaub avoided any sweeteners containing fructose but allowed herself those that were fructose-free (so glucose and dextrose were OK). I have decided in 2016 I am going to do the opposite. The glucose in sugar is the real big problem for me in my opinion. So I have decided I am going to go low gl/gi, and no added sugar. More or less a full on #Transform365 if I may. Going to be the scariest and yet most brilliant year of my life I believe. I will also the almost insignificant amount in my Complete shake into my diet only because I know that it would be the same if broccoli and apples came with an ingredient list. It is about the fiber to sugar ratio which lowers glycemic load – rate at which sugars enter blood, and so I am not considering that to be ‘added sugar’ in my diet. Just so that I don’t have to answer that question over and over again this year.

Also I am also going to focus on going low glutamine which means sticking with the no animal fats diet, and then working out because you can usually get enough glutamine without taking a supplement because your body makes it in a healthy body that is moving every day. So if you are looking at your daily foods, stay away from animal fats, raw spinach and raw parsley (cook these instead). I know that people have a real misunderstanding of this and are actually taking more of it in my circle for leaky gut and for bodybuilding. Great article you may be interested in http://www.rlcure.com/glutamate2.html and another one http://articles.mercola.com/…/arc…/2004/05/01/glutamine.aspx

And if you are using bone broth to heal your gut, for the glutamine, then I would recommend you add turmeric to it before you drink it and reduce the time you are simmering. The turmeric is reported to interfere with gluconeogenesis, and glutamine content increases in bone broth with increased simmer time. From whole raw chicken to bone broth should take no more than a few short hours—as opposed to overnight or longer. Just a little FYI. The year of a really focused Paleo Vegeo nourishment and shining brilliance is on. Care to join me?

Have you ever heard of a bean smoothie? – Beans For Paleo Vegeo Diets

Have you ever heard of a bean smoothie for weight loss or muscle gain? 

I came across this smoothie recipe, and I think I almost fell over.

Healthy Paleo Bean Smoothie for body building for vegetarian crossfit


1/4 cup raw hulled pumpkin seeds
1 scoop NitroFusion, or similar protein powder
1 cup soymilk
1 cup water
1 banana
1 can canellini beans, rinsed [aka white kidney beans]
[optional] cocoa powder to taste

Blend all ingredients to desired consistency

Total stats: 974 calories, 125g carbs, 68g protein, 18.5g fat, 43g fiber

This was on a Vegan Bodybuilding website, and I wanted to say… body building for WHO exactly? I don’t know about you but 974 calories is most of my daily diet. WOW!!

So what kind of bean smoothie do I use? 

This is more up my alley in terms of healthy and wellness for a bean smoothie.

Now of course you are probably saying, “What? Beans are not paleo??” … but many in our community are starting to change the way we look at beans as a one-size fits all sort of plan. You know I am all about finding your own nutritional truth, right? A fantastic article on Chris Kressers’ blog went into details about the pros and cons of beans, and the ONE study that most of your paleo pushers use to put the fear of beans into your diet. I recommend you read it, and if you tolerate beans, then this is a fun recipe revamp that we use at my house.

Great Northern Protein Shake

6 ounces raw pineapple
4 ounces flax or hemp unsweetened milk
1 cup frozen berries
1 can (16 ounces) Eden Great Northern Beans or your own soaked Great Norther beans, rinsed and drained
1 scoop of protein powder
1 teaspoon stevia (optional)
ice (optional)

Blend and enjoy