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Start Your Summer Body Today

You can’t out exercise a bad diet. And you can’t outrun your hormones or check ✔ out when life sends you stress. All of these cause a chronic inflammatory cycle.

The movement to accumulate less…eat food with less ingredients…take in less toxins…. balance your happiness with less stress….and of course less sugar, less gluten and less dairy are truly growing so rapidly for big reasons and I have to tell you that if you’re looking to make some changes it’s easier than you think.

Less ingredients is as simple as adding more whole foods into your diet.

Now is the time for you to join us to change your food choices, your movement and your mindfulness. It can be so complicated because wouldn’t you agree that our world is more toxic than it was ten years ago (both in environment, nutrition and emotionally/socially)? And wouldn’t you agree that our foods are more toxic than they were… heavy on the herbicides? the sugar content? And the foods we just can’t digest well.

And seriously less sugar, gluten and dairy is just as easy and really tasty. Like taco bowls? Salads? Pizza 🍕?? Ice. Cream🍦?

Yes, you can still have all of these!! And align to your Paleo Vegeo lifestyle.

Less toxins is about supporting your body’s natural abilities while eliminating some of those toxic ingredients, toxic foods (think pesticides and hormones), and toxic home products (like beauty products or cleaning products).

Maybe less stress would mean bringing in a little more money. another income for debt reduction, travel or a little breathing room….You need to know that sometimes that mood is actually brain inflammation or poor gut bacteria. You are capable of happiness.

Come join my next program as it is even better to work on personal development as a team. You may even find your purpose by working onward. I can teach you the simplicity in all of these areas. Be a warrior!! Honor your temple!! I love what I do! I love food!! I enjoy a little zen every day.

Want to explore shredding with us? Place your order in time for the event. Next Shred Life starts jun 4th. This is an EASY program with all of your nutrition in a grab and go, and the simplest prep every. Perfect timing so what are you waiting for. Just Contact Me and I will give you the information to order and join our Shred Life Group.

Or, if you don’t want to Shred, want to lean into a more ketogenic veggie lifestyle? A sneak peek of what I am offering is free and truthfully simple, and will be shared May 21st. This will offer you a little of the real science is going to help you create change. The pre-launch of the Ketolicious Reset starts now with the program starting June 4th. This allows you to order your product and prep beforehand, then you’ll learn about what your body craves, about your microboime, and best of all what have you got to lose? (Except maybe your food baby or gloom mood… 😉)

Download A Sneak Peek of my Vitality Reset… just one of the freebies you’ll get because you are joining. And then if you jump in and order the program you’ll get the full 150 + ebook, the special cookbook created just for this program, my Healthy Journey Journal that I ONLY give to my clients, an online community and additional wellness training! You also are going to get my Winter Detox program also free for ordering your whole food capsules and vegan meal replacement.

There is no reason we shouldn’t clean up our lifestyle more than once a year. Don’t wait for the next New Year… let’s go now.

Getting My Husband back

I’ll be honest and say that it’s been a long year. We are missing our family like crazy. My husband changed jobs, we moved (actually from June to June we technically moved 3 times) and right before heading to Las Vegas my husband tripped and broke his kneecap. That happened to be his only good knee, by the way.

At house number 2 we had started with a new fitness program. It was something he enjoyed, but he just struggled with the lunges and squats with his one bad knee from a motorcycle accident a few years ago. So when he broke the good knee, I was sure it was the end of his healthy lifestyle. But we went to Las Vegas anyway, him on crutches, daughter in tow and connected with our passions. Day two he said, “Do you think I could do the program?”

Well of course! Right??

When we got home he went through the program, and healed. it was an amazing change. It wasn’t until I synced by Google account with my pictures that I realized that there had been some big changes in my husband and that I had my guy back! Right now he weighs less than he has in years, feels amazing, and has gained some muscle, and I get to keep him around longer. That’s the best part of the changes!!

Don’t give up, and don’t give in. You can do this!! Love you all so much and I want this transformation for you!!

A perfect Solution to your New Years Resolution. You ask? Reset!

A perfect Solution to your New Years Resolution. You ask

The Wellness Reset 21 Day Cleanse and Detox and New Year Resolution for Weight Loss with Coach Barbara Christensen

How about doing a RESET?!  The Ultimate Reset is a complete, 3-phase daily program that provides you with everything you need to Reclaim your body’s natural balance, Release the harmful materials you may be storing within you, and Restore your system to its maximum health.

Six Supplements

Detox, alkalinize, oxygenize, mineralize, optimize, and revitalize—just what your body needs for an Ultimate Reset.

Extensive Support
from your Team Beachbody® Coach and other team members available online anytime.

Participant Guidebook
with all the information you need, plus a three-week eating plan with recipes, cooking tips, shopping lists, and more.

Two DVDs
How To Reset, explaining how to get started on the program, plus the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cooking Class!, showing you just how easy it is to prepare healthy Reset recipes.

Reset Bracelet
symbolizing your dedication to transforming and ultimately resetting your life—and reminding you to give thanks for all you have.

Reset Caddy
to make sure you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your supplements.

Check it out for more questions and info: www.TheWellnessReset.com

Nori Rolls as an appetizer or meal – Paleo Vegeo Nori Roll

Nori Rolls as an appetizer or a meal

Nori rolls can be super easy to make, and can be used either as a party appetizer, a fun starter at a dinner party, or a yummy side for your next meal. I found however that a lot of what I like about my nori rolls is the kick I get from the jalepeno hummus, and in fact just writing this blog post has me craving it for lunch. I’m not kidding. You can add just about any sliced veggies to a nori roll if this is your cup of tea, and you could use any other hummus you choose to make your own combination up. You find that most of those following a paleo diet are overlooking the edible seaweeds. But these boast an unparalleled nutritional profile including many essential nutrients, and they are loaded with iodine which is an essential trace element to life. Iodine is especially important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. I know that I often do not get enough, and I’m betting you do not either.

Paleo Vegeo Nori Roll

Paleo Vegeo Nori Roll I Barbara Christenesn I Ocean Avenue I The Ultimate Reset

Nori sheet
Lily’s Jalapeno Hummus
Sprouted Brown Rice or Quinoa {cooked}
Beets, sliced into sticks
Carrots, shredded
Purple Cabbage, shredded

1. Lay out the nori sheet.
2. Spread hummus across the middle of the sheet all the way across for about 1/3 of the middle of the sheet.
3. Add brown rice or quinoa across the hummus
4. Add slices of beets, cabbage and carrots
5. Like a burrito fold the bottom of the nori sheet over the contents and then roll it backwards, then continue to roll it up into a long tube.
6. Roll the tube back and forth {you may have to use a dab of water across the end to keep it in place}

Paleo Vegeo Nori Roll I Barbara Christenesn I Ocean Avenue I The Wellness Reset

7. Slice up and add to any meal or use as an appetizer at your next party.

What a Difference A Year Makes

What difference will you see in a year of committing to health?

A year ago my husband, daughter and I went to our favorite farm, Fall City Farms, to get our pumpkins for the house. I took a picture with my daughter. I posted it to Facebook of course, and then didn’t think about it again… until this week.

I looked again at the picture when added this year’s pictures to my album and could hardly believe the changes. Let me say that lately I haven’t been feeling like I was seeing any differences at all. I feel good, I’m working out, but that is it. Nothing that I can say is AMAZING.

So then I look at the difference in this picture. That’s why I always tell my clients to take your pictures. Pictures don’t lie the way the scale does. Also measurements don’t lie. So take those measurements. I know that a lot started with doing the Reset. I have to admit that I have been a cardio junkie in the past, and I’m also a bit of a hoarder. When you commit to the Reset, it can be HARD. Really hard. A lot of emotions come up and you don’t know if you can do. It’s easy to cheat yourself, just like in anything in life. It’s easy to cheat and just eat the cookie, or add in meat. And for me, with my allergies, I had to figure out the comparable foods before I even got started with the program. So I already had a negative attitude going in, and a fear. What if not working out for 21 days gives me the feeling that I don’t have to work out anymore?. What if it breaks the cycle?

That didn’t happen. Instead it started a “clutter cleaning” of my house, my garage {remember I’ve moved 3 times in the last year and a half and I still had boxes that were packed up from three years ago when our house buyers didn’t show up to closing} is looking lean and ready for another car… LOL… I have my eye on one. My budget is on track. I have a savings for the first time in years. I’m paying down debt and building up my business. It was more than an internal body cleanse, it was a brain fog detox. Since then my entire life, including how I workout has change, and it shows. So don’t give up, and don’t think that a year won’t make a difference. I promise you that if you commit and go through the process, it will change for you.

Here’s Bryan’s story: {You don’t have to become a Vegan bodybuilder if you do the Reset, but it’s good to know that life can change, right}