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Using Magic Words To Align The Five Principles Of Reiki

Over the last year I have embraced my energy, and find such joy in finding an aligned purpose for the open heart and open chakras I have always had since childhood. Part of that was getting certified in Reiki, which has brought me many blessings. The place I felt stuck though, was in the Five Principles. I have learned through some of the most amazing trainings that our unconscious mind is always churning. It is always listening. So when you push “fearless” your unconscious mind still hears fear. So I wanted to align my daily practice using the Five Principles to what I felt was aligned to the affirmations my body, mind and soul wanted to hear and say. So here are the ways I updated my principles, and perhaps it will spark something special in your heart.

My Reiki Five Principles:

For This Day:

1. I invite good-natured thoughts and calm emotions.

2. I free myself to feel trust and reassurance.

3. I am grateful for my many blessings and grace.

4. I practice expanding mindfulness and enlightenment.

5. I am gentle and loving with all beings including myself.

Part of what aligning has given me is a connection back to nature. I had sort of lost that, and I was pulled into the “convenient” foods and lifestyle where electronics are simple, food comes from the Whole Foods Market, and I never have to need or want for anything. What a boring, sad, closed off life.
Barbara Christensen I Seattle Reiki Juice Plus

We are trying new things, exploring new areas, connecting to other life forms in a very mindful manner. It’s been very freeing to release and invite so much more back into my life, and to let other emotions fly away as they are no longer needed. It’s the same when you eat well. You feel that connection to the nutrition, and you start seeing energy return, you start seeing endurance return, you start seeing something bigger happening at a cellular level.

Have you ever felt like that? Those little capsules do that for me every time. And when I felt like I had hit a plateau, I doubled the capsules and wow… abundance of cleansing, channels opening, and expanding practices of fitness, prana and simply created joy!

Try using these Five Principles as part of your daily meditation and see what it brings you. I’d love to find out if you find it as helpful as I have. Always remember that how you feel, how you treat yourself, how you take on each moment in each glorious day is exactly what you will attract back to you. Your Vibes Attract Your Tribe! <3 Positive Vibes For Affirmation

Nutrition Can Create Hope & Change

I can’t take the credit for my girl’s change, because she put in the hard work. All I did was give her the knowledge and offer up the basic solution of nutrients. Those little capsules are just something beyond anything I could have every had dreamed up.

When clients come to me, they are looking for hope, and nutrition offers that when you accept it. This amazing lady works in a field when men struggle, and with all of the problems she was dealing with in her life, she still was getting up and giving every day her all.

I watched her over several months as she shifted, changed, give and take, learning. I watched as she pushed the limits in life. This wasn’t just her taking on the nutritional battles in her life, this woman was going for bigger things in her career, her relationships, everything!! It was something amazing to watch and be a part of. I cannot even share how much heart and soul she has!

So she pushed, she changed, she stumbled, she got back up. Like a fighter… which is amazingly enough the soul workout for her. Imagine that. We align to our souls. Her soul is a fighter. Of course I never see a fighter that isn’t also a survivor and especially a lover. All of that heart. But when you put heart together with soul purpose, move through giving your body what it craves… everything else starts to open up. This is what I saw happen here. And I know that before the year is over even more is happening. When you open your heart, you open a storybook. This story is being written in the stars! Keep watching…. she’s on fiyah! Love ya girl!!


Best Advice I Can Give Is to Listen To Your Own Story

When I think comfort food, there are two options.

First: Tomato soup and grilled cheese.
Second: Chinese.

It’s hard to find healthy of either. I like to roast up veggies like carrot, onion, bell pepper, green bean, celery and mushrooms. Then I blend it with garlic, veggie broth, tomatoes, jalapeno and/or ancho peppers, and himalayan salt. So yummy!! Best tomato soup!! And my daughter likes the Imagine Organic Creamy Garden Tomato soup with of course is dairy free. I can’t let her eat it as often as she would like because it can be very acidic to her healing gut.

Then of course it’s always Chinese. My friend Kwan, who owns to very popular restaurants in Utah, got me hooked on it. In fact when I was younger I worked during the day running the Cafe Pierpont. I would get up, get my brother’s kiddos off to school … part of that time was walking on a treadmill while they were eating breakfast. Then I would go back home to my house in SLC, get ready and walk down to Cafe Pierpont.

Then I do the morning set up, and during the morning meeting they would make these amazing organic, handmade tortillas. So I would have one tortilla filled with rice, lettuce, and pico. Then off to the races. Lots of walking from about 11:30 am until 1:30 pm.

After the day I would grab a granita and drive out to Kwan’s Bountiful restaurant to run it for the night shift. I would usually have a little broth before the shift started, and then lots of walking from about 6pm until about 7:30 pm. Then about 8:30 when things were winding down the cooks would create these luscious creations. Mostly veggies, and lots of varieties of veggies, and mostly spicy and of course rice. White rice. And here and there I would add in some actual noodles, but they were never enriched. I loved getting the szechuan beef, no beef. LOL! Doesn’t sound like me at all, right? Or the veggie lo mein with added chili pepper sauce.

This was my every day five days a week, and then Saturday sometimes all day at the restaurant. And I was HEALTHY! This should have been when I realized the truth of my health, but it wasn’t. I forgot that truth. I had this long time period without any IBS during that time. And I was a size 2/3 and just fit as can be.

So what do you think about when you think about your story, and when you felt the best. Because that is always a secret that we can connect to.

I realize today that I do great with lots of walking. On my to-do list is getting out and walking, and even buying a new treadmill for myself. Also, remembering those veggies and how much I love them, and how good the white rice actually was for my colon health. Yes, I did just go there. Refined rice is high in soluble fiber, and binds with water, creating a soft, gel-like bulk that slows digestion. White rice can help calm our stomach issues . However the brown rice, especially when it’s not sprouted, can tear up the lining of the small intestine (causing more symptoms), and the higher insoluble fiber content also seems to also increase gas and bloating for someone like myself with IBS.

Again, it’s about stories. And the stories we learn, are all there waiting for us to use in the puzzle of our wellness life.

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