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The Secret Autoimmune Disease

Be forewarned, this is going to be a rambling post. I like to write as I am thinking and this is like my brain unwinding all of the information.

We hear about autoimmune diseases all of the time. Many people believe that it is because we are diagnosing these illnesses more. Or it could be that we are being exposed more and more to the components that are the underlying cause of autoimmune disorders. So when we hear autoimmune you automatically think of Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Chron’s, RA, Type 1 Diabetes, although there are at least 80 known autoimmune disorders. When you have an autoimmune disorder, your immune system does not distinguish between your healthy tissue and antigens.  I have had environmental allergies since I was very small, and then food allergies since I was a tween, and there are similarities. Both allergies and autoimmune disease can be considered hyper-immune responses, whereby the body’s immune system becomes supercharged, attacking or responding to substances that shouldn’t normally draw such attention.  Because these two classes of disorders involve a misplaced inflammatory response we see an overlap somewhat in regard to the symptoms. So are you having allergies, or are you having autoimmune issues? And when do they collide? In response I have seen some research showing patients having both Eosinophilic esophagitis  and sticky blood. Some forms of sticky blood have been documented to have unusual anaphylaxis associated with it. An allergic reaction can also involve what they call a coagulation cascade. Consider that our eosinophils directly communicate with T cells and mast cells. Histamine is released by those mast cells, white blood cells and platelets. When those mast cells bust out the histamine, it calls on a quicker blood flow, and that healing blood clotting that our body relies so heavily on. So taking your antihistamine or supporting your mast cells I believe can be a huge support to our systems while we’re trying to heal. My daughter had high, high, high levels of eosinophils in her blood work. So I have to start to consider what I want for her in the future by looking at me where I am at, as well as my past.

I have taken antihistamines since I was 11. By the time I was 18 I realized that I was having anxiety attacks and that Benedryl was also a good “anti-anxiety” medication. I didn’t realize any of the damage that over use can have because when you are 18 you can take on the world. Even though I had almost died several times from allergic reactions to food, and I was going to live to 100. My daughter and I still have that pact. So 100 it is. Therefore, I have to take care of myself. That’s why I really listen to my body when it is not functional. I have to ask, “what’s going on? What I didn’t know when I was so young was that I probably was helping my body for the 18 months I was over using antihistamines. You see I have finally had the proper testing to show that I have what I suspected, sticky blood. This is very common with my genetic mutations, and I suspect is the same problem that my mother has. With MTHFR we often see people put on an aspirin therapy. Taking aspirin, ibuprofen and some antihistamines stop platelets from working normally, which can increase bleeding due to thinning of the blood. What that means in human talk is it can create that extra sticky blood clotting effect. We know that the gut health has a huge impact on our wellness, and those allergic responses, as does the strength of our mast cells. So consider that our stomach lining renews itself regularly by getting adequate blood flow.

My sticky blood is due to genetics that cause the blood to be more viscous (thicker and stickier) than normal. This increase in the thickness of blood showed up as moderately high cholesterol. As the creator of Paleo Vegeo you can see what a laugh that is. When our blood vessels get damaged, our platelets go out and plug up the hole to fix the problem. The problem is when those sticky cells then start to accumulate in the space where the damage is being repaired. Because of this that Lp(a), test and not LDL test is the real cholesterol story that we need to address. Especially if 25% of the population could have genetics linking them to a more likely outcome of having that sticky blood problem. Sticky platelet syndrome can be considered an acquired platelet function disorder which can be addressed as an autoimmune disorder.  If we determine that at least 25% of the population has an MTHFR mutation, and in the UK the stats show that this sticky blood is responsible for 1 in every 5 cases of recurrent miscarriages, why aren’t we talking about this more?

MTHFR Iron and LDL Blood

Several months ago I started having problems with my adrenals again. Lots of fatigue on a daily basis and then weight gain and other symptoms that made me think my thyroid was getting into the game. Now it doesn’t hurt to say that I stopped the T30 at this time which was probably masking some of my issues and making me feel better. I am glad I stopped long enough to figure out what was wrong, but now I also know that the T30 is a long term lifestyle need for my body.  General low-grade symptoms of having a sticky blood problem are:

  • headache and migraine.
  • memory problems.
  • dizziness and balance difficulties.
  • visual disturbances.
  • blotchy skin
  • joint pain.
  • fatigue.

Sound familiar? When I started self treating my thyroid, I immediately had some edema, and I had started having what I call Fire Veins. It really feels like fire is in your veins. Extra severe joint pain started happening as well as muscle pain. I felt a little like I was falling apart. I started taking my daily iron again. I thought this is adrenals + low ferritin for sure. Did you know People with low levels of iron in the blood have a higher risk of dangerous blood clots, according to new research due to… Sticky Blood!!! OMG my head is spinning. These low iron levels the are now strongly showing to be associated with higher levels of the factor that shows you’re at risk for blood clots. Blood clots… sticky blood… genetics… autoimmune… it’s these things that we don’t put together that we should be.

When I was born I had a disease that caused smaller lungs and a heart murmur. This is a hole in my lower tricuspid valve. Sticky Blood is this immune disorder where 1 in every 3 patients has a heart valve abnormality. Interesting, right? It’s linked to not just the blood clotting, but also recurring miscarriages and premature birth. I can check both of those off. In this case this autoimmune disorder’s abnormal antibodies attack proteins and fats in the blood; specifically phospholipids. This attack on these proteins and fats is what causes the blood to become excessively sticky. Did you know that with type 2 diabetes your red blood cells become sticky. I have talked about this before in discussing why the T30 is so helpful with blood sugar control because you’re getting all of those rich fruits, vegetables and fiber. That’s because they say we should:

And my ND wants me to stick with daily omegas, and started me on a time release niacin, cqo10 and red yeast rice. I also added in tomato paste. Yes you read that right. Researchers did a study and found that platelet build-up was reduced three hours after supplementation with tomato extract equivalent to two or six whole tomatoes. I forgot this morning and grabbed an organic tomato at the store to nosh on.

I recommend if you’ve had migraines, undiagnosed blood related issues, high cholesterol along with fertility issues, PCOS or any other autoimmune disorder have them do that extra Lp(a) test when you get your cholesterol checked. I will be having my blood drawn again in three months to check on if we’re corrected some of this and I will keep you updated. And of course I will continue to wonder why it took half of my life to start to figure this all out. Because I am going to live to be 100… my daughter and I have that pact.