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Back and Forth on the Undenatured Whey Rollercoaster I To Be or Not To Be Whey

To Be or Not To Be Whey

I go back and forth. I want to be fully vegan, I am most of the time fully vegan. And then I start to lift, and I worry that I am not getting enough. Also there is the glutathione boost. So what use is right for me? Keep in mind that when I use or recommend a whey protein shake, it’s A2, organic and free of toxins, from happy pastured cows. But that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of those people I know still can’t use whey protein because of the way their body responds to it.

So I am looking at several protein shakes. For my mom I have given her the complete protein because she needs to lower her cholesterol and research shows that soy protein can support this goal with a 5% reduction in the college students in the study. She doesn’t have the food allergies like I do, and she is post-menopausal and I so I figure it’s worth a try. I also read that it could help alleviate some of her osteoarthritis symptoms, which have been classified as severe for her. Anything that may help her feel a little bit better, I am all for trying.

Now the shake also has pea protein in it, which I know people cringe at because they don’t get pea protein. I love my pea protein. And a good non-gmo pea protein has a very mild, slightly sweet taste. It’s one of the better tasting vegan proteins out there. Pea protein is the concentrated natural protein fraction of the yellow pea. The process used for concentrating pea protein is water based, which is a lot different from most other protein powders out there. If you are looking for natural, this one fits the bill.

Rice protein is processed via an enzyme based protocol, and so unlike your average soy or whey protein, it is also very natural. Low temperature and chemical free processing prevents the denaturing (you have heard me talk about the cold processed undenatured whey protein before) of the amino acids. It is a very hypoallergenic protein, and I rarely see anyone that reacts to it… however the paleo community has been back and forth on rice. Currently as I am writing this white rice has been allowed to rejoin the foods on your plate. Especially since it only takes four hours to digest, and then it ferments and feed the good bacteria in your colon.

So what about soy?

The only soy protein shake that I refer friends to is the complete shake that has the rice, pea and the low processed, water-washed non-gmo soy and tofu protein blend. Of course I always recommend for those that use tofu to get non-gmo soy tofu or the new hemp tofu out on the market. The one shake I recommend that has this soy blend in it also is blended in with fruit and veggie powders, and complex carbohydrates. There is a lot to be considered when choosing what is right for you, and so I wanted to share this pdf explanation from my ingredient mentor. 🙂 I love that my passions have led me to someone to teach me even more in life.

Your Harshing On My Legumes I Why Paleo Is So Quick To Jump On Vegans

Always drama over legumes

The other day I shared this amazing broccoli and oregano hummus recipe from The Flexitarian on my Facebook page, knowing that the first comment I would get would be that “chickpeas aren’t Paleo”. I get this all the time in my large nutrition group as well. And my standard answer is from the “authorities” in nutrition because of course myself with a nutrition diploma and a lifetime of ingredient research cannot be the common sense for many of these folks. The people that hate on these sorts of posts are those that are very traditional in the defined roles of Paleo Vegan (Pegan as Dr. Mark calls it) as you can see the traditional below.

What I tell them is this:

It depends on where you get your information, ____. If you look at the Whole 30 Vegan/Vegetarian shopping list Tofu, lentils, and properly prepared beans are all acceptable paleo foods. Paleo Leap says, “Legumes and pseudograins (which include vegetarian staples like buckwheat and quinoa) are both promising solutions to this puzzle – as long as they’re prepared correctly.” 

And if you have read my basics you know that this Paleo Vegeo lifestyle is all about finding YOUR nutritional truth. That means for some people chickpeas would be fine, lentils would be fine, kidney beans would be fine, and GASP … organic tofu would be fine if it works for you. It doesn’t work for me, and I am not fond of soy in general personally. But it’s your personal truth not mine. I like the TEMPT Hemp Tofu… so yummy. But even some Paleo folks would want to toss me to the timbers for saying hemp is okay if you are paleo. The truth is as you know that you have to get to know yourself and that generally means doing at least 30 days elimination from all of these foods and then reintroducing one at a time to see how your body reacts to them.

It’s hard to be vegan. Don’t you agree? Especially if you have food allergies. Even harder to be paleo and on top of it vegan. And so for us we have to be aware of genetics, digestion, micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients even more so than your average Paleo off the street. Although many of those that are Paleo should be genetically tested ans see if there are any gene mutations first. If you have the right gene mutation you should be low protein, high fat. If you are eating bacon and ribeye at every meal you could be doing serious damage to your brain and not know it otherwise. That foggy feeling may not be overwhelming life after all.

And there are very few vegan protein powders for paleo folks to choose from. There is the Warrior Blend and Non-GMO Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, Sacha Inchi Protein… and I am just going to say it… there is also those with rice protein.

Yes I said it. I know that Paleo and Rice are not often said in the same sentence because it’s not generally allowed. But rice in the right form can provide you with a good resistant starch. The best sources of resistant starch is going to be from those supplementary isolated starch sources, and rice protein is a better option than cold cooked rice. So I don’t look at it in the same tones as I do eating rice.

But if you don’t react to a little rice or tofu you may have been looking at complet protein shake. However I would not recommend it for B12 MTRR clients because it does show in the ingredient panel b12 and I have been totally informed on it. And if that is the case, please let me know so that I can share some alternatives to throw into your mix.