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School year germs, and the difference in the varied Juice vitamin products

My little bug, she gets sick every single year. Starts at the first of the school year. Last year we went to the Children’s Museum a few days before school started… okay that was probably not a great idea. Now yes, I do homeschooling, but we go to a cooperative program through the district twice a week. What it means to me when I hear that first sniffle is, here comes the croup. Now I give my daughter the encapsulated whole foods every day. Emptied into a smoothie made with coconut milk for the healthy fats, oat milk and organic baby food!! Yes, I am that mom. I will sneak every bit of nutrition in that I can, when I can. I can positively say that for the first time in my daughter’s life last year she did not have a cold. Not croup. Not even one bark out of her. How amazing is that? Going into a new school year we were reflected back on how different her life is now, and I am so grateful to the wellness changes I have seen in my daughter.

So with everyone doing the mad dash to get the JuiceFestiv at Costco, someone asked me about the difference between the JuiceFestiv and the Whole Foods products I use and recommend. I thought I’d share the information to make sure you know just how important this process is to us, and why it’s so different. This nutrient to capsule program (Or Farm to Table as it’s been called) is something very special, and very rare in this industry. I can only name one other organic company that I know is using a similar approach to nutritional supplementation. And remember, sometimes you do get what you pay for.

JuiceFestiv vs Whole Foods CapsulesLet me simplify the differences it in an easy way. The AD, DD, FD on the label is all talking about how they processed the nutrients. You can call or email the company and you will get the same answer. That means, (hot) air dried {It doesn’t mean they place it out in the sun for a nice sunbath), drum dried and freeze dried. We all know that we quick freeze (IQF) the non-gmo farm fresh foods, right from the plants and trees to secure the nutrients. The it’s “juiced” when it’s still pretty frozen, and then the low heat drying which they do more or less for water evaporation in just seconds.

As Dr. Mitra Ray, creator of the Transform 30 program, has said, our “extremely temperature-sensitive proprietary process is used to evaporate the water from the juice mix such that heat-sensitive nutrients retain their biochemical activity – the process of going from wet to dry occurs in a matter of seconds!


Thus, when you take these capsules with water, you reconstitute real food with active, bio-available nutrients. We know this to be true because more than a dozen independent studies published in peer-reviewed journals have shown the incredible response that these encapsulated whole foods have in the body to improve the status of various systems, such as the immune system and DNA repair mechanisms.
These two products are easily explained this way to show the differences in nutritional value. If that wasn’t enough, take a look at the video below and then head over to the website to learn about how the Farm To Table process works. I stand behind my own child’s health. And I will so thrilled to fill out my next Children’s Health Study questionnaire about the changes we’ve seen. 

It’s All A Journey & We’re In It Together

Sometimes even I get bogged down with all of the hate and sadness in the world. It rolls over you like a giant wave and eventually you give in. That’s when a short look through Heidi’s photos and a quick bit of texting… Even just that little burst brings that spark of hope back to bring you back to life. So then you surf over to the pages of other friends to see smiling babies, and happy dogs and cats… And goats! And your cousin sends you a stampede of goats that you watch maybe too many times this week. And then it’s Friday!! And you made it through the week on the wings of angels. Sad things will always be there, but good friends, good efforts and God are there for us whenever you need them. Just ask.

I am always reading, learning, and sometimes cycling back to something that I learned about when it suddenly fits in my life. It is what living creatures do. We change and grow throughout our life, or at least we hope to. Sometimes we get stuck, but it’s not really stuck. You know what I mean? We have to engage something, incorporate something to get to the next level. I remember when I started Beachbody. It had been on my horizon before, but it was trendy. I don’t do trendy. 😉 However at the right moment, and for the right connection I was meant to make in this life it fit. It moved me back to fitness, gave me a purpose for me. I know a lot of moms that will understand that. It’s easy to get lost in motherhood and suddenly you don’t know who you are at all. When I gave up my salon it was hard. When I left Corporate life it was hard. When I decided to reduce my coaching clients and be a mom, hard. Every single time we close a door, or open an opportunity it is going to be hard. Teaching my daughter, hard.

So I opened myself up to opportunity, and I became a certified personal trainer, and had visions of being a fitness teacher. Some of that has come true, but not in the manner I would have thought it to happen. That is when I was eating traditionally, but hating how much meat it involved. So I went into the 21 Day Kickstart and went vegan. Suddenly it was like WOW! Things started to flow in my life. However I was eating GOBS and GOBS of quinoa. LOL… Like seriously. My life was superfood shakes and quinoa, and salad. No fruit. But hey, lots of quinoa cookies and zucchini bread! So then I started looking at Paleo. Gah!! I cannot do the meat. But it kept calling me. So I went and created a new vein of paleo and called it Paleo Vegeo for those pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan paleo wannabe peeps like me. Cool right? I kept looking for that magical protein shake. The superfoods were changing, and so I found glutathione… and curcumin! More life changes. More oils, more wellness, more change again and again.

So then I opened myself back up to more opportunity and more wellness and spiritual connections, more WOW! Partnerships change, but knowledge keeps happening when you are open to it. I know that every block of knowledge is going to either help someone else, or be something that will eventually help me. So I listen, I learn, I hoard knowledge and hold onto it for when it’s needed. Whole foods, they have come back around, differently because I am eating a ton of fruit and veggies, and I am slowly healing my sugar addiction. It could be worse, because I could have totally caved into my DNA and GABA deficiencies and gone for the liquid GABA. I didn’t though. I learned about aminos, about the addition genes, and just kept adding whole foods. I am getting better. I am changing. It’s what it’s all about. It’s the purpose of living, and I am grateful for it! <3

Global JP Opportunity Call : Nourished Warriors

I cannot share enough that this business is amazing. And I am excited to share that with you tonight. Courtney was originally introduced to our opportunity via our ‪urban garden‬, the Tower Garden. She was invited to a Dr. David Phillips presentation and discovered the value of ‎whole foods and eventually ‪ Transform30‬. As a pharmacist she knew that prescribing pharmaceuticals was not the real answer to peoples health. She saw that Transform 30 would allow her to make a much greater impact in people’s lives. She also saw the opportunity to generate an additional income. Courtney has taken advantage of the FT program using HLP, 2000+, and getting herself to the highest commission position of Sales Coordinator. Listen in tonight to learn more about Courntey’s success formula.

Monday calls for N America (6 pm Pacific)
Invite your prospects anywhere to hear about how to share the love and own your life!!
USA: (641) 715-3580
Passcode for all: 189131#
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All Country Call In Numbers:
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‪#‎UnitedStates‬+1 641-715-3580

Getting My Husband back

I’ll be honest and say that it’s been a long year. We are missing our family like crazy. My husband changed jobs, we moved (actually from June to June we technically moved 3 times) and right before heading to Las Vegas my husband tripped and broke his kneecap. That happened to be his only good knee, by the way.

At house number 2 we had started with a new fitness program. It was something he enjoyed, but he just struggled with the lunges and squats with his one bad knee from a motorcycle accident a few years ago. So when he broke the good knee, I was sure it was the end of his healthy lifestyle. But we went to Las Vegas anyway, him on crutches, daughter in tow and connected with our passions. Day two he said, “Do you think I could do the program?”

Well of course! Right??

When we got home he went through the program, and healed. it was an amazing change. It wasn’t until I synced by Google account with my pictures that I realized that there had been some big changes in my husband and that I had my guy back! Right now he weighs less than he has in years, feels amazing, and has gained some muscle, and I get to keep him around longer. That’s the best part of the changes!!

Don’t give up, and don’t give in. You can do this!! Love you all so much and I want this transformation for you!!

Grape Salsa My Family Loves

Who makes grape salsa?

Grape SalsaI have to admit, it was something I had never thought of before, making salsa out of grapes. But the grapes seem plentiful this year, and when I saw the recipe I figured it would be perfect recipes for a mom and a six year old. We found the original recipe for our own grape salsa, Grape-ful Salsa in The Ultimate Allergy-Free Snack Cookbook, and we modified because my daughter felt like the cilantro was overwhelming. (I have to admit I’m not the biggest cilantro fan either).

They used red grapes as well, and we had bright purple grapes, and who here doesn’t think that would make for an amazing colored grape salsa? Right?  Like I said, I had actually never even thought before this book to actually even make Grape Salsa.

Here’s The Grape Salsa Recipe:

One thing I loved was that we could have made our own brown rice tortilla chips, which we’ve done before. But they make such yummy brown rice crackers these days that you don’t have to. You know you could also use the round crackers that kids love with this – and they’d probably inhale it. My daughter doesn’t like the “chunky salsa” so when I make it for her it is always a little more soup, than pico.

Ingredients for Grape Salsa:

  • 1 cup of purple seedless grapes
  • 2 celery stalks diced
  • 3 garlic cloves, diced
  • 4 roma tomatoes, cut coarsely
  • 1 tbsp of freshly cut cliantro
  •  1 teaspoon of Himalayan Sea Salt
  • 1 tsp chili paste
  • 1 freshly squeezed lime
  • 6 drops of Lime Essential Oil


1. Cut the grapes in half and place them in a mixing bowl.

2. Add the remaining ingredients and place in the fridge for 30 minutes

3. Mix (we don’t want too chunky of salsa because my daughter still sometimes has texture issues) on the lowest setting on your vitamix.

4. Serve chilled. You can keep this in the fridge for up to 5 days covered for freshness.

We loved it and I am pretty sure your kids will as well. Remember that grapes are very low on the Glycemic Index, which means your blood sugar won’t go through the roof. Also grape phytonutrients are now believed to play a role in longevity… so we could also call this the “anti-aging” salsa. But your kids may not be quite as interested in making grape salsa if you tell them that, so it’s our secret. There are a couple other great salsa recipes over on the ALOHA blog. Another version of the grape, and also a great mango salsa. Think creatively and enjoy your food.

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How does the W30 compare to the T30

Let’s compare the Whole 30 ( #W30  ) to the Transform 30 ( #T30  ) because they are very similar.

The Transform 30 is elminates gluten (same with W30), dairy (W30), processed foods (W30), sugar (w30) but also has you eliminate meat. W30 has you eliminate legumes and all grains and soy.

T30 focuses on drinking 3 liters of water daily, getting eight hours of sleep, drinking two shakes per day. It focuses in on eating real whole foods like the W30, but promotes vegan foods for your other meals as well as supplementing with their whole foods capsules. W30 doesn’t promote supplements, but the founders take their daily fish oil, D3, broad-spectrum digestive enzymes, zinc, magnesium, curcumin, R-ALA. I personal recommend for those doing the T30 to also get their D3,  omegas, I also take daily vegan creatine, sublingual methylated B12, dairy-free probiotics and a kelp supplement.

The shake is not aligned to those that are focused in on the paleo vision of non-soy. However, the Whole 30 allows for the right type of soy for vegans. Did you know that? And the T30 shake is an organic, non-gmo cold washed soy and tofu protein with other proteins as well. It also has chickpea, pea and rice proteins (rice is making a paleo comeback due to it’s resistant starch and probiotic nature) a sprout blend and pumpkin, pomegranate, spirulina, mushroom extract and digestive enzymes.. there are your digestive enzymes.

I have seen a lot of women with metabolic symptoms  move to paleo diet. Meat is often a bodybuilder staple to raise the testosterone levels, so I think that diving into a ton of meat isn’t always going to be the best answer, so consider that, and what the high amounts of nuts may be doing to keep you from hitting your results.

Transform 30 T30 Compared To Whole 30 Program

And why not try and say yes to Say YES to:
• Power shake + Trio (capsules). Combined, these will fuel
your transformation.
• Water–Drink enough pure water a day that your urine remains clear (usually two to three liters).
• Exercise–Do 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise at least four days a week.
• Zero wheat–The benefits of eliminating wheat are enormous. And it’s easier than you might think!
• Zero Dairy–Try hummus as a substitute for cheese. Eat leafy greens for the best source of calcium.
• Deep breathing–Complete deep breathing exercises three times per day for three minutes for relaxation.
• Sleep–Plan ahead to get eight full hours of sleep each night.
• Assist–Eating your last meal by 6:00 pm allows your body to rest and digest properly.
• Balance–If you are an athlete or in training, feel free to increase portion size to accommodate high energy

• Artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, chemicals
• Caffeine
• Saturated fats or cholesterol
• Refined sugar
• Hydrogenated fats
• Alcohol

Want to learn more? Head over and let me know how I can help you.

So which is for you? That is a personal decision. I’ve worked with almost 700 individuals that have done a vegan or vegetarian version of the W30 and I love it. There still is not enough information out there for those that want to live a paleolithic lifestyle as a vegan or vegetarian follower. So now am really grateful to be able to help more people with the T30, most of whom commit to and successfully do the full T120 because of how much better they feel. And if you aren’t able to do the shake, do the Trio, and let’s get you something healthy to use in replacement of it. Don’t let one thing stop you from reaching you well goals.

What is the Transform 30

Say yes to a challenge of creating new habits for 30 days that will last a lifetime! The Transform 30 Program .

Are you ready to make a non-radical leap to OPTIMUM health? Ready to achieve your ideal weight? Are you prepared to drastically change your body on a cellular level? Ready for some simple solutions for healthy/clean living?

The Transform 30 is a simple plan that brings immediate results and lasts a lifetime with a simple, affordable, ongoing track to run on. This program helps transform our bodies by incorporating the power of whole foods into our diets for healthy, life-long living.

read more…