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Soul Purpose Business I This Is Your Calling, Make It Simple

Is this your soul purpose? Then why do you feel like you’re entire life is being time sucked by it?

The secret is the the Funnel …If you are building brand relationships in your entrepreneur live then you have to be using the idea of funneling someone into your business. That doesn’t mean you are looking at each friend like a dollar sign is tattooed on their forehead. It means that you are working with people, and if they have a need that you can support then you want to be able to be at the right moment of the relationship to share it with them. That’s the funnel.

Also as a business owner if you are like me you have so much going on, that there isn’t one marketing ad currently on your plate, there are 10. You aren’t dealing with 10 customers you are dealing with hundreds. So that is why I love using a very compound effect style of marketing with the latest technology tools.

More than one website, who doesn’t? I am Barbara Christensen and I have a domain addiction. 🙂 Although the more clarity I have, the more I find I am reducing those domains, and reducing the time I spend working on it. The trick to your business is to simplify it!!

For me that means I can only work with so many clients at a time, so for a great deal of my business I use automation tools. I find that using automation within a great email campaign tool allows me to stay on top of my job as a coach, a trainer, an Ambassador of good health. I need to make sure I’m there for my clients… all of my clients. This allows me to set things up for where they are, when they need it. It’s there.

Watch this video that will share some of what I do with my business, and hopefully it will help you out. I love AWeber because I can automate my programs to work with a larger community.

So you’ve heard a lot about email marketing, but you’re not sure how to use it. Well, now’s the time to discover one of the easiest ways to cultivate relationships with customers and prospects and grow your business. With this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create sign up forms
  • Create email content
  • Collect new subscribers
  • Automate your emails
  • Measure email performance

Download Free Email Marketing Guide

I also use SendOwl Document Stamping as my download manager because it gives the downloads a personal stamp for who downloaded an item in case there is every a question. It is also great if you are offering an affiliate program, or have bundles that you’ve created. It’s a great way to pull to great systems together, and get something that works amazingly for your business.

Last year I did a program that I am working on relaunching in one of my automation programs soon, called Virtuosoul. I had to close it on day two because the response was OVERWHELMING!! Virtuosoul was my program to design your soul business, and align it to your desired lifestyle, all while keeping your artistic passion. I had 48 women sign up in the first few hours after the launch. I don’t have enough time in the day to work with more than 48 women through a month in that program. What I was most shocked about what how much this program was needed. We all have a calling, and we want to make it work, but the trick is the secret sauce. So I have worked over the last year refining the program and I promise it will be released soon!

Last Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

The Barbara Christensen VlogCast : 10/28/2014 : On Tuesday We Talk I Paleo Vegeo

On Tuesday We Talk

Holistic Coach Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I On Tuesday We Talk Vlogcast

While we were on vacation I decided to start doing a weekly vlogcast. I believe that there is something in each of us that we can share, and that through that connection hopefully stronger bonds will form. And hopefully education will be passed from one person to the next.

This week I talked about a few items. I start with the safety of essential oils on children since I’ve seen far too many posts suggesting that children under age 10 should not have oils diffused around, or applied topically to them. Seriously? And so I’m going to share a little bit of the information from Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals

I also wanted to share a great book that you should read to really get into this whole “entertainment” blog/news/social media growth we are seeing out there more and more.  Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator 

In this great book by Ryan Holiday, he delves into these online posts are created in dramatic format to really bring more viral traffic to their sites. It can honestly be completely fabricated lies, and since it’s entertainment it’s just seen as okay to say whatever you want. Check out this great podcast with Dr. Drew and Ryan talking all about this – http://drdrew.com/146/

I also just want to really talk about your authentic truth is woven into everything in our lives. What you choose to read, eat, share, post, watch, and of course you need to understand not everything you see is truth.

Enjoy the podcast below or on my YouTube Channel

Blip … Blip .. Blip… How to market your business for success

How to market your business for success using the right communication tools

blip  (blp) n.
1. A spot of light on a radar or sonar screen indicating the position of a detected object
2. A transient sharp upward (or downward) movement, as on a graph.

You have to shock the system by creating a BLIP Strategy today. That is the push that I’m going through after the Breakthrough series and now at day 8 on the 30 Day Push. {even coaches look to be coached, to get better, to grow!}

B– Blog
L– Lead
I– Invite
P– Promote

Business, Life and Wellness Coach Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I Bija Coaching

By doing this you are going to taking advantage of the top items to build your business. This allows you to be “big business’ on the outside, while staying true to and working within the confines of your small business needs.I see this again and again within my coaching business when working with people just like you.

The average business will lose 10% – 30% of thier customer base every year, so keeping the customer base you have is the most effective marketing strategy you have. A fundamental first step in developing that effective relationshop marketing is to leverage yourself as the leader in what you do best.

And effective strategy would be concise, and focus on a single meaningful attribute, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. If you have never tried eating a dinosaur, how do you know what the best place to start is? Do you start at the front, the back, the legs? But if you’ve made 700 amazing green smoothies, then you have all of the knowledge to share with others on the how and why of how things go together.

And the most effective marketing strategy is to be rated as the BEST in one or more meaningful qualities. If you can’t be the best, then you try to better than most or different than the majority. But never settle for second best because your customers never will.

Studies have shown that 30% of all customers make decisions based on price. So don’t make price the deciding factor, because it’s not. Promote how you are going to be a detected item on the radar that they just can’t stop thinking about. BLIP… BLIP… BLIP… and by doing so you are going to be able to overcome most pricing objections because you are giving them what they have been thinking about over and over again.

What do you think would happen if you had an entire room of people and the lights suddenly went off? 

Turning off the power will not only gain you the most attending {turn back on} but it allows you to zero in on your clients as they collect outside to figure out what you are doing! You are inviting them to come on over and check you out. So what are you doing? Do you take the time to turn off the power? Or do you bombard them with heavy neon lights all day long?

The ideal way to market your product or service is to lead with the most compelling functional “need” you offer. and then appeal to the psychological needs of your niche market. If you can do this in a way that shows the primary differences between you and your competitors – then you have covered all of your bases, and you are see that graph start to move on up.

Now, you may just be choosing the wrong customers. This costs you in several ways. These customers are short term… they were never really into it in the first place. If you are building a team of people that want to be there, you are on track. If you are building a team of people that just said yes because you are that good… you are going to find that they are going to be very labor intensive. They will cost you time, money and in the end future referrals because you never should have sold to that customer perhaps in the first place. It’s best to avoid those customers and release yourself from focusing on those people that will never be happy with what you are offering.

When creating your marketing strategy you want to stop, think and ask, “So what? It helps you to translate the features of a promotion to the benefits. This will help you to develop how you will approach your customers when the time comes. It’s not going to always happen, and most of the time won’t happen the first time someone sees your post, your blog, your promotion, your website. The research has shown that the majority of sales are carried out after SEVEN exposures to your product. So you have to develop a way to keep bringing them back.

Blip… Blip… Blip… 

The average marketing communication must gain the interest of the consumer in 2 seconds. So you have to be quick, consise, yet make them want to come back? Pictures say more than words, and you can share that in your own image more than using someone else. Pull them in, and help them to continue to pay attention to your marketing message.

So take that moment in time where you get it… let this click! Watch the next Breakthrough with Anthony Robbins and start to take the shift to create  the quality of life that you deserve, and start thinking about your business in the way that your customers do. If you get the answer for this question in this video, you will figure out your niche. I promise. The decisions you make without targeting, what do you get? You don’t get the change you want. You have to be concise. Listen to the beginning of you journey, and start to develop those BLIPS!

You may not realize how all of this works together right now, but I hope that you watch the video, and then come back maybe later today, or in a week and re-read what you need to do and that’s when it will all really click.

Where are you taking your brand in business?

Where are you taking your brand as you are building a business? 

Barbara Christensen Bija Coaching Ocean Avenue Founding Member Beachbody Coach Life Coach
Everything you are doing during your daily social media connecting, you are really building your brand. Your branding is all about who you are, and what your business stands for. Do you post videos in your shorty shorts… maybe if you are teaching a fitness class online, but not if you are sharing a favorite recipe. And I hope not if you are trying to recruit people. You may find that who you portray in the personal world can overlap into your business world pretty quickly. I’ve seen women that were stalked that’s to the quick ability of people to find out everything about you via social media when they thought they were just “having a good time” and portraying that online.

Speaking of brands, do you want to purchase a fitness program from someone that gripes all the time about how they caved again and ate another giant cinnamon bun for breakfast? Do you think they really know what it takes to get healthy? What about a diet shake from someone who’s waist size hasn’t changed in the last year while drinking it? If you aren’t authentic and you aren’t going to live the lifestyle you promote, you may have picked the wrong business. It’s like the jewelry rep that never wears a necklace. You have to be the picture on the front cover of the magazine that makes them want to BE you!

Let’s take it further. Is your brand image filled with pictures of you partying it up, smashed out of your mind with your pals? Who is going to have faith that you can give them the quality advice to build a successful business if you seem to not even have a grip on your own life. You need to realize that who you are is going to come back and bite you on the behind if you let it, and so don’t let it. Be the person you want to be, be the brand you want to share. Let’s talk about how you can build a brand, instead of damage your brand.

Start with your strengths when building a brand

Start right now by creating a list of your strengths you bring to your business. How can you share those strengths with your social media audience. If you are very tech savvy, share tips on the best apps on the market, how to make your email box more organized, or how to use an online calendar to keep on task. Do you LOVE to cook? Share recipes and pictures of the amazing foods you are making for friends and family members. Do you love to style others? Do videos about how you would style for the Christmas season, or for family pictures, or job interviews. Share who you are and you’ll be not only building a business, but building a personal brand that will help you reach the level of success that you are looking for.

Glutathione is an effective antioxidant that fights free radicals in your body

Glutathione is an effective antioxidant that fights free radicals in your body

Glutathione is such an amazing antioxidant, and the more I learn about it, the more excited I get. Ever wonder why some people get sick and others don’t? Higher glutathione levels means you have stronger defenses. Even germs you already have will clear up when your immune system starts kicking. This antioxidant action also detoxifies your liver, helping you be less sensitive to allergens {my favorite part!}, and removes the toxins that can lead to cancer and other diseases.I read recently about how the amino acid cysteine is often used in supplement form to treat respiratory conditions, as well as other conditions. I have a lot of friends that are either suffering from continued respiratory issues, or with Hurricane Sandy they’ve got some serious issues with mucus and breathing that have been brought up by the damage and the lingering mold issues. So cysteine most typically comes in its acetylcysteine form when used as a supplement, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Once taken, your body converts the supplement into cysteine, then to glutathione. It’s the glutathione that is the key here… and you can get that from a great undenatured whey product

mother nature conveniently placed GSH (glutathione) in the lung lining fluid to offset the harm of pollutants, smoke, chemicals

When you are sick you probably use guaifenesin ( Mucinex) alone or a combined with cough syrup. They prescribed this to get through the worst part of your cold, but it is not recommended for chronic, ongoing problems because guaifenesin stimulates lubrication of the lungs. So doing more research I found that they have proven that, without exception, every lung patient has decreased, deficient levels of glutathione (GSH) in their lung lining fluid. WOW! Who knew. Your lungs are exposed to everything in the air and so mother nature conveniently placed GSH in the lung lining fluid to offset the harm of pollutants, smoke, chemicals…you know all of those toxins that you are breathing in on a daily basis. But after long-term respiratory issues and over-exposure to these elements your GSH supply becomes inadequate and that’s when the lungs start losing ground.

When you already have a problem with mucus and breathing, the last thing you need is a cold or bronchitis. It takes you longer to get over it the more times it happens. Each time our founder got bronchitis, it was worse and lasted longer. It left damage, and deepened the cycle of mucus and vulnerability. In fact in Europe they are already using glutathione rich products and glutathione creating medications for Cystic Fibrosis patients. In patients with cystic fibrosis the levels of glutathione in the lung drop. They are using glutathione products to increase the levels of glutathione, and they believe to reduce inflammation and
help maintain normal composition of mucus. This way it is expected to relieve the symptoms of the

I love this video where Dr. Oz talks about glutathione – and I hope that you will research how it can help you.

Homemade non-toxic “Green” Cleaners

Homemade non-toxic “Green” Cleaners

Educate yourself on the dangers of Household Hazards and Toxic Household Cleaners. What would have cost you $300 if you purchased Tide, with essential oils you are looking at $2. I think that if you are going to eat clean, you really should think about the whole living clean lifestyle.

Getting Through The Holidays with Coach Barbara

What is the Transform 30

Say yes to a challenge of creating new habits for 30 days that will last a lifetime! The Transform 30 Program .

Are you ready to make a non-radical leap to OPTIMUM health? Ready to achieve your ideal weight? Are you prepared to drastically change your body on a cellular level? Ready for some simple solutions for healthy/clean living?

The Transform 30 is a simple plan that brings immediate results and lasts a lifetime with a simple, affordable, ongoing track to run on. This program helps transform our bodies by incorporating the power of whole foods into our diets for healthy, life-long living.

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