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Remembering 9-11 I Mama Whole Wellness

I think we all remember where we were when the first plane hit the towers, and every moment after that. For me I was far from family, and at my apartment. No community to turn to. Just myself, and my husband, staring at the images and wondering what it meant, and what would come next. Like many of you I spent the next few days just sitting there on my couch watching the images and the replays of the images over and over again. It did something to me, and I never thought about those effects at first. It was evident however, several weeks later, that I was rewired.

My husband and I were in the parking lot of a Home Depot and a plane flew above our heads. I looked from one side to the other and sort of ran about as if I were playing Red Rover. That plane wasn’t going to tag me out. My husband just stood there shaking his head as if to say, “My wife has gone crazy.”

I was a little bit crazy. Post traumatic crazy. I would lock the bedroom door at night, get up 100 times a night and listen, and watch for someone to come into our home to harm us. This was the same time period where my Grandfather’s spirit came to me in the middle of the night. I believe now that he was trying to let me know that I was okay, and I could rest. But I couldn’t rest. As well, my anxiety was natural and connected to something now that was bigger and hard to stop. I still have to remind myself today that I am okay.

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So today, I didn’t make any major commitments to my business. I decided to start the day with a guided chakra meditation, and then before lunch I did a simple, short yoga series. Simple, grounding, pure.

I remember the feelings that were created, and still have to work a little bit more with rerouting the pathways that were creating over the week that followed this day all of those years ago. But I am a better person, love my fellow man more, and desire a better world for all of our children because of this and many more events that have happened after this date. I am more globally aware. Yet, today I will look for rainbows, hug my family, and give my most to love! <3 What about you?