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As a holistic coach with a diploma in nutrition, and certificates in aromatherapy and personal fitness, I will work with you to create a more aligned lifestyle. That includes simple nutritional changes, pantry updates, fitness training, supplementation and aroma wellness. CLICK FOR DETAILS





I offer a variety of educational options including a free 30 day introduction to holistic nutrition, a home school nutrition program, a variety of books and classes throughout the year.

Nutrition is our foundation, our fuel, our source for all that we can accomplish in this life. And so let’s learn at a young age how to nourish our bodies, and continue throughout our life.




Transform 30 Program with Barbara Christensen I Holistic Coaching
Barbara Christensen Holistic Coach Transformation 30 Transform your life with simple whole nutrition support. Transform 30 is not a fad, scam or “crash diet” program. It is a sensible approach to progressively improving your diet and finally getting the results you desire. With a 30 Day Session you will see enough change to keep going, and that is a big key to this program. You will feel better, think better, as we use Transform 30 as a holistic tool to create dramatic, long lasting improvement in how the body looks, feels and functions.

Do you need help losing weight?

Feel like your body needs a “tune-up”?

Want to change your diet?

If so, you came to the right place. We can help you achieve those goals with Transform 30!

Would You Like To Build Your Network Marketing Business? 

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Would You Like To Build Your Network Marketing Business?

I work with women and men from many different businesses to help them design and launch, or develop and grow their network marketing team and business. I call what we do not sales associate or distributor, but a Share Coordinator. For me that means that you share the gift of health with others, and look for two people that have a like minded view and passion to also share. Share… not sell. We are not in the business of sales. We are in the business of education and sharing wellness.

When you come on board with me I will guide you  through weekly assignments to take your holistic-based network marketing business to an entire different level of success. We will cover the four cornerstones of business growth, create your core five priority alignments, learn to qualify your leads, and how to nourish your downline to duplicate success, all while building your own personal brand. You will be connected to weekly training calls, as well as weekly support calls to help build your business.