What is Fresh In the City?
Non-GMO Whole Foods Nutrition

Farm to capsule in less than six hours allows you
the opportunity to naturally support the gaps in your nutrition.

Urban Tower Gardens allow you
the opportunity to grow your own organic food faster, for less.

  • Farm Fresh
  • Simple Change
  • Non GMO

Focused On Nutrition
and lots of plants

Our vision is to get you eating a lot of plants, in as many ways as we can. Through simplified solutions that make it simple and easy..

Accountability, Support,
and simple ideas to wellness

Through our proven programs, and clinical study you will find it easy to make simple changes to your lifestyle.

Daily Movement
meditation and body talk

Through natural wellness we move our bodies and learn to listen closely. Increasing the vibrations of our connection to mind, body, soul.

Simple Changes Are Key To Wellness

Transformation happens by drinking more water and sleeping more hours,
to removing inflammatory foods and increasing nutrient dense support.

  • How We Change

    Through a simple program we transform our bodies. Biochemist Dr. Mitra Ray shares how 30 days can change your life!

  • Online Tools

    The program is maintained through daily online connections. As well you will work one-on-one with your coach every month to get better results.

  • 4 Month Program

    The full program comes in a four month package. Online we focus in on ten days each month of intense coaching, and connections over the full 120 days of learning.

  • Listening In

    We'll do a lot of listening in this program. Listening to energy work, listening to meditations, listening to the group, and listening to our own bodies.

  • Finding Truth

    Nutritional truth is very personal. Through this program you will learn what foods work, and what foods don't work for your body.

  • Finishing Line

    When you hit the finishing line you will see what real nutrition means. We're sure you'll become a raving fan and continue to stick with our maintenance program for many years to come.

Join Us Now

Your body right now is asking for transformation, and now is the best time for you to get started.