Daily Archives: August 17, 2010

Some Wonderful Potato Crusted Fish Sticks

TweetOkay – so I loved fish sticks when I was kid. Maybe that is why I have so many allergies – that and Miracle Whip. Who knows. Anyway I really wanted to share this tradition with my daughter, but with my allergies that seemed like a thing I was never going to see. I tried …

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Preschool… what do you think?

TweetMy daughter just started a two day a week preschool program, mainly so I can be sure she is getting some fun away from mom play time – but she has been really freaked out about the food. Not let’s say, A) I have a load of allergies and even at four she senses that …

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What does every child need – real organic play with sculpting dough…

TweetIntroducing you to a wonderful Seattle native, Max’s Mud! What little guy or girl doesn’t love to play in the mud? Well now they can do so without becoming a huge mess! A Seattle original, Max’s Mud, made with care by, yup, Max’s Mama. This wonderful stuff is the worlds first certified organic and gluten-free sculpting …

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