Freezing your vegetables for winter

So – I figure to make it all winter I would need about 128 (10) ounce bags of vegetables to eat local and fresh until the season starts again. So today I started with the first 8 bags of green beans, and four bags of diced onions. I bought them both at the farmer’s market. I have five onions left from my bag. Four of those will be used to make a delish onion soup, the other one will be used in other cooking items. The green beans, all but one bag I’m giving away to my great friend for letting me use her Vidalia Onion Chopper (loved it and now have to get one) to chop my four walla walla onions.

So green beans are so easy. You start with a big pot of water and boil it. Break off the ends of the green beans. I used my little steamer insert from my rice cooker to determine the size of each batch. One full steamer insert was one 10 oz bag once done. Put the beans in the boiling water. Put your timer on for four minutes. Take them and let them dry. Then put them into your freezer bag/container and you’re done. It’s just that easy.

I spent $8.25 for my portion of the beans at the market. That means I saved at least a dollar per bag that I would have spent at the grocery store. If I can have 128 bags of produce frozen by the end of the season, that’s $128 min. that I will save over the next winter. Not a bad start.

For the onions I found a great blog that told me exactly how to flash freeze them. Pragmatic Compendium had just what I was looking for. With my friends chopper it was a breeze. I put the onions in the freezer while I was doing the beans. When I was ready for the onions I put a little bread under my upper lip (a weird trick that seems to stop the crying from chopping onions). Then I chop, chop, chopped and layered them on my cookie sheet on top of my compostable parchment paper. I put that in the freezer for 30 minutes. Took it out and bagged them up into four flat bags of diced onions. How easy! Now I will have onions whenever I need them already diced and ready to go. I think I might do some more before winter because that was so easy.

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