Monday Meal Planning

I’ve been way behind this week, and honestly didn’t come up with a meal plan until this afternoon. We’re gearing up for my daughter’s birthday party (costume party) the first Saturday in October, and then we’re off to Seattle and then to San Diego. So I’ve been doing the deep clean around the house.  So here goes the meals for the week.

Meatless Monday:
Vegetable Stew
Homestyle Biscuits

Kiddie Tuesday:
Uncured Bison Hot Dogs

Sensational Wednesday:
Scrambled Eggs with veggies
Homemade French Toast

Indoor Picnic Thursday:
Veggie Plate
Homemade Hefeweizen
Apple crumble

Slow Cooker Friday:
Slow Cooker Chili
Fresh Salad
Rosemary Spelt Bread

Family Party Saturday:
Going out to eat

Weekly Prep Sunday:
Chicken Soup
Sweet Potato Home Fries with Rosemary Garlic Seasoning
Cobb Salad
Real Root Beer

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