why should I eat fresh?

The difference between eating clean and fresh foods and eating a traditional diet is a lot like the difference between dieting and getting nutrition. Often times when you diet you stick to certain foods, and you miss out on getting specific nutrients that your body demands for health. When you eat a traditional American diet of mostly processed foods you are missing out on a great number of nutrients that your body demands for healthy. See what I mean.

Healthy and fresh foods are not only good for you, but they can be good for your pocketbook as well. What you say?? How can eating healthy be good for my pocketbook? First you need to have a plan. When you plan out your meals and stick to the list at the store, you’ll spend less. Then buy some healthy items that you love in bulk when they go on sale. Sometimes you can buy three items and save a large amount during a sale. Also ditch the high costing sodas. They do nothing for you and they are actually damaging your health rather than helping it. Another good tip is to add more beans into your diet because frankly they are good for you, and they are cheap. I am in no means saying you need to stop eating meat. I personally like meat. But you don’t need to have it at every meal. Joy Bauer has a great article that features the 10 top Budget Friendly Food that I think is a much read for anyone trying to be healthy and stay on a budget. Just adding in these items to your every day meal plan is going to start to save you money, and in the long run when you are healthier you’ll save a lot more.

So, how do you plan out your new healthy fresh plan? According to food expert, Michael Pollan, a smart diet doesn’t have to be complex. Pollan encourages you to seek out real foods that your great-grandmother would have recognized as food, thus eliminating “non-foods” such as sugary processed cereals, packages of gummy animals and those soup mixes flavored with bits of shrunken Franken-broccoli. Don’t you think a big pot of soup made with fresh ingredients is going to cost less and go further than a can of soup ingredients? Pollan reminds us often that four of the 10 leading causes of death in America are linked to what we are eating. Also as I have posted before, many of these “fortified foods” or “supplements” that we are taking to make up the gap aren’t being used by your body anyway. The truth is in the real long term studies. Healthy fresh lives require healthy fresh real foods.

As far as diets go, I have a friend that recently lost 42 pounds in 16 weeks using liquid meal replacements. And while I agree that our country has an obesity problem and we need to lose some weight, in 16 weeks of drinking your meals you will have learned nothing about healthy fresh living. What you learn is if I put myself back into this position again I can drink my way back out of it. And then you’ll go to the store and buy the “light” Cool Whip and start the process all over again. And by the way, have you see the Cool Whip Experiment? Just disgusting! Something you should all look at since Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Until you learn to eat real foods nothing is going to change. And the sooner you introduce real foods to your children the easier it will be for them to pick up the process. Eat real… delete the fakes.

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