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Great night

TweetI had a great night last night with a new friend in Washington. My friend, Lauren, and I went to an event in North Bend that was a free informational class by The Green Smoothie Girl. It was amazing to hear her story. She talked about how her grandmother had stage 3 Melanoma cancer, and radically …

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the visit and the return

TweetI spent several days this weekend both on the road, and visiting Seattle. Now – I’m still doing the vegan thing so I knew it was going to be interesting. I did, however, bring along my mini blender and my Shakeology to make sure I had one for sure thing. I packed the cooler with …

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free range and happy

TweetWe took a drive this last week from Salt Lake City to Seattle and back again. The one thing I loved seeing were all of the happy free roaming cows just enjoying their life and eating the way they were meant. I also saw two horrible dairy farms where the cows had no room to …

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Chimayo Restaurant review

TweetLast night we went with my husband’s work mates to dinner at one of the top rated Park City restaurants, Chimayo. Now, we were not a large group, about 15 people – just ready for some amazing food after a day out on the slopes. Our bill was a number that is larger than most …

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kids can be picky

TweetKids can be picky when it comes to the foods they eat. Even my daughter who has been exposed to a variety of healthy options far beyond what most kids would be exposed to due to my allergies, has a picky side to her. And if you add in the stubborn attitude, well getting all …

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What are eating?

TweetA lot of you know me as the Eat Fresh In The City girl – but long before that I started up a life and wellness coaching business. I’ve been a life coach for a decade, and there was always something that seemed to be lacking – nutrition. I can lead a horse to water, …

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New Year’s Traditional Foods

TweetSince I can remember – with every New Year’s Eve has come the new year’s “lucky” foods. Sauerkraut, kielbasa and boneless pork ribs along side mashed potatoes. At Food Timeline they share a lot of the food symbolism of foods ssociated with New Year’s Day. So I wanted to find out where this tradition started. They shared …

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paper, plastic, Ecoli or lead?

TweetSo you may notice I’m often using paper bags at the grocery store these days. There are many reasons. First might be that I may have left my bags at home. I have a couple of bags that I leave in purse but I have to wash them. Right? Of course I do. Our local …

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why real food is so important

TweetWhat do you think of when you hear the words “real food”. I think some of you think that a box of cereal is considered real food; and the rest of you think perhaps of something that is scary to you – raw milk, ghee, liver… but for most of you the idea of real …

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eat chocolate

TweetWhen you start to feel that lackluster attitude this season, I recommend eating some chocolate. Endorphins boost creativity. Endorphins are among the brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. Researchers have found that eating chocolate, that delightful number one food craved by American women, and myself at …

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