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Horizon Family Vacation Sweepstakes

Tweet Don’t miss out on your opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sun, soft white sand beaches, gourmet dining, and an assortment of fun land and water activities for the whole family! Beaches Resorts offers more quality inclusions than any other resorts in the world. Hurry, contest sweepstakes ends January 31, 2012. To enter and read …

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Healing with Probiotics

TweetI’ve  been thinking about probiotics a lot over the last few weeks – especially because I’ve eliminated most of the dairy in my diet (except for the whey protein which is the purest source of dairy you could get with little or no fat, and no lactose at all). I bought my daughter some Good …

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toxic world

TweetI have read so many articles lately about the toxic conditions of our world. If you have taken my Holistic Food Basics free course you know all about the toxic foods in our diets. But you may not have stopped to think about the toxic conditions of your home or workplace. And that is just …

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Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez’s Death

TweetDid you hear about 17-year old Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez? This beautiful girl died of heat stroke in 2008 while laboring in the scorching grape vineyards near Stockton. Her body temperature reached 108. You know for so many of us Maria’s death is so hard to accept, because it didn’t need to happen. The labor …

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Depressed much? Could be your food choices

TweetThere was a very interesting article in the LA Times that reported on a study that showed eating food containing trans fats and saturated fats could contribute to depression. On Wednesday the scientist in Spain said that their research found that people who ate the most trans fats, which are commonly found in pastries and …

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A little too much candida?? take a break from the yeast.

TweetI have several friends that have had problems with an overload of Candida (yeast) in the body so I wanted to talk a little about what it is, what items you want to avoid in your diet while you are detoxing, and the items to include. Everyone has yeast in the body, it’s there to …

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It’s your food

TweetAll over the world people are really starting to realize that it’s your food! It’s your body! It’s you who will be harmed if you are eating poor quality foods and foods from animals that have been inhumanely raised. A huge scandal related to food has rocked Germany. 4,700 farms that they have tested showed …

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approved!! the child nutrition bill

TweetI was so excited yesterday when Food Inc. shared with me that after months of political wrangling and high voltage advocacy from First Lady Michelle Obama, House lawmakers finally approved the $4.5 billion child nutrition bill on Thursday, even as GOP lawmakers in the House tried to throw up a last-minute roadblock that would have …

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bright colors, long life

TweetEat your veggies and you may live longer, a newly released study suggests. A just heard about a new long-term study, on average they followed those in the study for 14 years, suggests that high dietary intake of alpha-carotene may help prevent death risk from all causes, heart disease or cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all …

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save the dairy farms

TweetA survey of more than 150 small dairy farms and local economic, professional and political stakeholders was conducted in six regions of France. It revealed five types of farm strategy in relation to the farms size, agricultural diversification, importance of direct selling, and farm and household incomes. A “€œresource-based”€ approach shows that the sustainability of …

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