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Amazing Breakfast or Brunch Recipe I Farmhouse Goat Cheese Gratin with Swiss Chard and Cherry Tomatoes

TweetAmazing Breakfast or Brunch Recipe from the Urban Farmhouse I went without eggs for several years when I was strictly vegan. Moving to Seattle was a HUGE emotional process, especially the first twenty four hours. That first day I added eggs back in, and I still here and there have them. THIS is one of …

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The Happiness Of The Pink Breakfast Smoothie I Eat Fresh In The City : BlendFresh Girl

TweetThe Pink Breakfast Smoothie A few years ago my very good friend said a special prayer, and won herself a Blendtec blender. She became addicted to this extremely popular smoothie recipe of Robyn Openshaw’s – the Green Smoothie Girl. My friend, Lauren, and I had gone to Robyn’s lecture when I moved to the Seattle …

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Brownie Protein Bar to use for recovery and on the go snacks

TweetThe Bija Super Brownie Protein Bar to use for recovery and on the go snacks Time for recovery with the yummy nummy flavors of chocolate and nut butter blended together in this brownie-like recovery treat. Bija Super Brownie Protein Bar Total Time: 1 hr., 10 min. Prep Time: 10 min. Yield: 4 bars Ingredients: • 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology • …

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Sprouted Whole Wheat Olive Oil biscuits (with a special New Zealand ingredient)

TweetAmazing!!! Let me just say that first. I believe these are so amazing because of the combination of the sprouted wheat and the Far North New Zealand Olive Oil. The Far North New Zealand subtropical climate provides one of the finest environments in the world for growing olives. Charles from Far North is so much fun …

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Ranch Breakfast

TweetYou know how your kids love love love you to make breakfast in the morning. How about an old fashioned Ranch breakfast? It’s eggs sunny-side up with Turkey Sausage, Amasi parfait, and Fresh Orange-Carrot juice with greens Ingredients: > Organic or pastured eggs > Turkey sausage > Fresh fruit > Amasai (or another cultured dairy …

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Crock Pot Breakfast

TweetWant one of the easiest breakfasts for your next big Saturday or Sunday?? This is going to stick to your kid’s ribs, and they’ll love it!! Seriously, who doesn’t like ‘oatmeal’ for breakfast on a cold winter morning anyway? I got this recipe originally from Tosca Reno, and of course you know me… I have …

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Easy granola breakfast treat

TweetThis is the easiest granola recipe, and once you’ve done it you will never spend $6 on a bag of store bought granola again. I promise that. This can be changed to keep things fresh and exciting by changing up the ingredients, like using nuts instead of chocolate chips. Whatever is your need… and lately …

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Green Juice

TweetOne of my favorite juices comes from the beautiful Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Diet book. Her Make Juice, Not War Green Juice is delightful. She starts her morning with it every day, and this recipe makes 32 ounces. My only problem is that I hate cucumber – can’t get past that. Also am …

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Another Pancake Lovely!

Tweet ½  cup gluten-free flour ½ c. quinoa flour (blend quinoa in a food processor, or just sub more gluten-free flour) 1 c. milk alternative (hemp, coconut, rice, almond) 1 tbsp maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla 4 tsp. baking powder 1/8 tsp salt 1 tsp. cinnamon 2 T. coconut oil (these turn out well with …

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Healthy Pancakes

TweetI love the ‘Thin Kitchen – Ingredients for Healthy Living’ book that you get from Team Beachbody when you sign up for the club membership – but I have to say that it’s very down the center. So I loved the idea of the healthy pancakes, but not all of the wheat. So here is …

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