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Grape… salsa? Yes … we loved it!

TweetWho makes grape salsa? I have to admit, it was something I had never thought of before, making salsa out of grapes. But the grapes seem plentiful this year, and when I saw the recipe I figured it would be perfect recipes for a mom and a six year old. We found the original recipe …

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Great Green Smoothies!

TweetAre you looking to learn about Green Smoothies? Grab your blender and let’s go: A green smoothie looks so gorgeous! It’s green and fresh—you just know it’s good for you. The sweetness of fruit completely masks the natural bitterness of leafy greens in a green smoothie. The more you add leafy greens to your diet …

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Lollipop Cinnamon Rolls!!

TweetDo you want a fun dessert to make with your kids during the winter break?? I originally found the Cinnamon Roll Pops with Maple Frosting Dip on Sharon Vak’s blog, and make mine with an alternative crescent roll recipes as well as changing it up to be a better vegetarian and allergy-friendly version of this …

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Alternative Treatments for ADD / ADHD

TweetOptions to get away from medications – which I hear a lot from parents that they do not want to medicate. So what are you supposed to do? First you start off with what they call Clinical Nutrition. What is clinical nutrition? Clinical nutrition is the study of the relationship between food and a healthy …

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Yummy tummy banana rolls!

TweetSo my daughter is a snacker – and here is one of my favorite snacks for her – Banana Rolls! Ingredients: Sprouted Wheat Tortilla Hemp Nut Butter Organic “with no added sugar” 365 Strawberry spread 1 Organic Banana and when she’s special… a little drizzle of organic chocolate syrup Directions 1. Slice Banana into long …

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toxic world

TweetI have read so many articles lately about the toxic conditions of our world. If you have taken my Holistic Food Basics free course you know all about the toxic foods in our diets. But you may not have stopped to think about the toxic conditions of your home or workplace. And that is just …

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doggies + tummies = Pineapple Poached Chicken

TweetMy little Laweenie (Labrador Weener Dog) has just been miserable. He started with a little tummy-ache, and it just continued into things I just can’t even write about. So I wanted to talk to all of you about the foods that can assist your doggies when they aren’t feeling well. So the first thing is …

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Apples, Oats and Your Immune System

TweetI read an article recently by Dr. Weil (and who doesn’t love him!) titled, “Apples, Oats and Your Immune System.” In the article he shares new research from the University of Illinois found that soluble fiber can transform immune cells by increasing production of an anti-inflammatory protein, interleukin 4. In the study, laboratory mice were …

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Skillet Macaroni, Cheese and Bison meal

TweetWhat kid doesn’t like Mac and Cheese – but it can be very full of yuck if made the old fashioned way. Here is our quick take on the skillet mac and cheese meal. Ingredients: 1. lb. pastured ground bison (I know it’s more expensive. You can do grass-fed pastured beef or just suck it …

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Pulled Pork Sandwich, the healthy way.

TweetSome of the foods that you may love, are just not that healthy for you. But we’re going to help you change your eating by sharing some of our favorite foods, but far healthier for you. This is the year that you take the control back away from the big food corporations, and you start …

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