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Perfect kids meal

TweetDinner??? Tonight’s dinner is refrigerated biscuit pizzas. You flatten round biscuits. Spread 1 teaspoon of pizza sauce on each one. Put on pepperoni, sausage or whatever you want on top. Top with cheese. Put on cookie sheet and bake until biscuits are done at 350 degrees. Eat. This is a fantastic easy kid’s recipe and …

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Banana Ice Cream

TweetMy daughter loves ice cream, and I do, too. Unfortunately I’m trying to diet a bit and needed something to make that would suit both of our needs. Thus, banana ice cream. I’ve had three banana’s that were sitting around  getting ripe, and needed to use them fast. So this is one of those great …

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Monday Meal Planning

TweetThis week is going to be a hard one. I did no planning since my daughter broke her arm this weekend. So this morning I took a look into the good old freezer to try to figure out some sort of plan. And her you go…So it’s that time again and Here is my upcoming …

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I love my salmon…fresh and non-gm

TweetI am a salmon girl. There is nothing I love more for lunch than a nice salad and a piece of wild caught salmon. A little balsamic and I’m all set for the best lunch ever. Now I read that the very first GM animal that may be allowed to be sold for consumption looks …

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TweetI finally received my indoor kitchen composter from and EcoSafe Plastics. A great way to take the “yuk” out of composting food scraps. This small, convenient kitchen composter is the perfect shape to accommodate plate-scraping, has a snap-latch lid to keep odors in, is dishwasher safe for cleaning, and even a handle for easy …

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The new local get-about-town ride

TweetHave you seen it? If you have I know that you want it! Load up the kids and head to the market. The Madsen BUCKET model bicycle will carry your precious cargo and help you complete all your errands in style. The BUCKET comes equipped with a removable seat and two seatbelts. How awesome is …

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Easy Mac and Cheese dinner

TweetSo it’s the kids night and what are you going to make for dinner. Well if you want it to be completed wiped off the plates, it’s going to be macaroni and cheese are our house. 1 package organic elbow macaroni 4 tablespoons organic unsalted butter 5 tablespoons spelt flour (or the flour of your …

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Put down the raw nuts and step away from the coconut!

TweetHow would you feel if you were just picking up some fresh local raw foods, and turned to have a gun pointed in your face? The LA Times broke the story about how one weekday morning, without any warning, investigators entered the organic grocery store, Rawesome Foods in Venice, Ca, with a search warrant and …

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Get sporty

TweetThe next time you get moving out on the sports field, think about where your sports gear comes from. This time of year there are all of the sport signups all around our area, and so it got them thinking about where these items come from. I found out recently that 70 percent of the …

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Freezing your vegetables for winter

TweetSo – I figure to make it all winter I would need about 128 (10) ounce bags of vegetables to eat local and fresh until the season starts again. So today I started with the first 8 bags of green beans, and four bags of diced onions. I bought them both at the farmer’s market. …

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