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What I Crave!

TweetCameo Edwards started Crave, a wholesale San Francisco bakery, in 2003. And boy am I glad about that. One of my favorite – not produced by myself – treats is the Crave Vanilla Cupcakes. Crave’s philosophy is based on choosing simple, high-quality and organic ingredients. You also won’t find any trans fat or preservatives in …

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Organic Breakfast that they’ll beg for again and again!

TweetI know a gal that likes to do orange rolls every holiday for breakfast with her family. So this Halloween I decided to start a new tradition with our family, because although I love my husband’s pancakes – I wanted something easy for us so that we can enjoy the morning together. This is a …

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Sourdough Doughnuts

TweetSo, the days are getting colder. So what would you love to have for breakfast this Halloween? How about some yummy Sourdough Doughnuts  with some hot cocoa? It’s a little chilly here in our area, so this is the perfect trick before the treats. I love Nourished Kitchen, and they were making some the other …

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Are you living abundantly?

TweetI hear people talking about abundance an awful lot these days. And if you have watched or read “The Secret”, or even heard of it you have probably taken it all to be about money. But abundance actually have very little to do with earning money. Fiscally speaking it’s more about respecting your money, and …

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Cheap-O Groceries

TweetThere is a chain grocery store here, and they have the cheapest processed food you can find. Many of my friends and neighbors were really excited when they opened up locally. I went to check it out. I have to say the smell of the bad meat, was enough to make me never want to go back. …

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Lemon Chicken and Green Olive Tagine

TweetOne of my mentors in the health industry has shared his wonderful mouth-watering recipe that I just couldn’t keep to myself. INGREDIENTS • 1 whole large chicken, cut into 8 pieces (chicken breasts or thighs will also do - free-range chicken is best) • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar • 5 tablespoons olive oil • 1 large bunch …

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A little cheese with your whine??

TweetI hear a lot of people whining about the prices of entertaining this time of year. It can be especially hard when you are trying to go the organic route. But you can entertain at the same level as last year when you are buying organics if you just watch your pricing and go for …

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Time for some root vegetables

TweetFall is the time of year for some yummy roasted root vegetables. There are so many to choose from as well that you can have a delightful, healthy and really quite yummy side dish that the entire family will enjoy. My favorites are using onions, garlic, carrots and potatoes; but you could also use leeks, …

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Monday Meal Planning

TweetMonday: Low-fat Enchiladas Brown Rice Fresh Salad Tuesday: Grilled Salmon Steamed bok choy Brown Rice Wednesday: Vegetable and Beef Alfredo Salad Fresh whole grain rolls Thursday: Bison Stroganoff Steamed Carrots Spinach and Strawberry Salad Friday: Vegetarian Chili Lime Cilantro Brown Rice Fresh Sprouted Tortillas Fresh Salad Saturday: Black Bean Burgers on Sprouted Buns Steamed Broccoli …

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Fear-less Potato Salad

TweetOne of my favorite quotes of the moment is from Roseanne Cash, “The key to change… is to let go of fear.” This coming from a woman that has dealt with the all to personal challenges of watching her public father, Johnny Cash die. Through the last years of his life his health declined, and …

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