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Sprouted Jalapeño Raw Hummus

TweetWell – I love hummus. I especially love it on sprouted toasted bagels. So when I found a recipe for raw hummus it was something I just had to do. I started out with plain old dry garbanzo beans. You can find them in many stores in the bulk section. I didn’t get much, and …

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Turkey and Kale Lasagna

TweetSo I love Emeril and I love lasagna, so I converted over one of his recipes from the food network to make a family favorite. My 5 year old loves lasagna, as does my husband. He is a meat eater, so I like being able to use turkey to keep the dish leaner. When I …

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toxic world

TweetI have read so many articles lately about the toxic conditions of our world. If you have taken my Holistic Food Basics free course you know all about the toxic foods in our diets. But you may not have stopped to think about the toxic conditions of your home or workplace. And that is just …

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free range and happy

TweetWe took a drive this last week from Salt Lake City to Seattle and back again. The one thing I loved seeing were all of the happy free roaming cows just enjoying their life and eating the way they were meant. I also saw two horrible dairy farms where the cows had no room to …

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Steak Oscar

TweetMy husband has been bugging, bugging and bugging me for steak. Today before heading into Whole Foods my daughter said she wanted crab… so what’s a girl to do but have some good old Steak Oscar for dinner. Ingredients: 4 Grassfed Tri-tip Steaks 8 oz of wild caught lump crab 8 tbsp of ghee Bearnaise …

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doggies + tummies = Pineapple Poached Chicken

TweetMy little Laweenie (Labrador Weener Dog) has just been miserable. He started with a little tummy-ache, and it just continued into things I just can’t even write about. So I wanted to talk to all of you about the foods that can assist your doggies when they aren’t feeling well. So the first thing is …

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mushroom spinach lasagna

TweetI love lasagna, but I don’t have a family that enjoys the butternut squash lasagna as much as I do. So tonight I made a beautiful Mushroom Spinach Lasagna. Mushrooms are a low-calorie food usually eaten raw or cooked to provide garnish to a meal. Raw dietary mushrooms are a good source of B vitamins, …

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you are what you eat

TweetGillian McKeith has been working in the field of Food and Holistic Nutrition for almost two decades, and I personally loved her show, “You Are What You Eat”. Recently I watched her on Good Morning America, and she was just as wonderful as I remember her. She breaks your foods up into four food groups …

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Daily Vitamin

TweetSome of you just aren’t getting the nutrients your body needs, despite trying to eat healthier. But most vitamins are full of so much garbage these days. Well, now you can have your vitamin and get a serving of fruits and vegetables at the same time – Realfoods Organics Your Daily Nutrition is a mulitvitamin …

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Monday Meal Planning

TweetI haven’t done a meal plan for you guys for a while, but I wanted to share one this week to get you back on track: Monday: Pork Tacos (left over pork from roast on Sunday) Big Green Salad Steamed Brown Rice with black beans Tuesday: Vegetable Lasagna (with goat cheese… yum!) Mixed Green Salad …

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