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Pastured Prime Rib with Coconut Garlic Mashed Potatoes

TweetWe found the most amazing little butcher shop just 2 minutes from our house. We are in love. All of the meats are pastured, grass-fed from local ranchers. And they offer raw milk from our favorite local ranch. So of course, my husband being home sick for the Christmas Eve family gathering at his dad …

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Lobster Tail with Citrus Butter Sauce

TweetWhat are you having for your special mean this year? I’m going to step outside of the norm, and while my husband and daughter are enjoying a pastured prime rib roast, I’m going to be having a wild caught lobster tail. Ingredients 2 ounces coconut oil 2 leeks, cleaned and julienned 1 cup vegetable stock …

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Buckwheat Christmas Cinnamon Rolls!! (gluten-free, egg-free, yeast-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan!!)

TweetGluten-free… trying to stay away from loads of sugar… what could be a better choice for your Christmas morning!! I love that this recipe that I originally found from the Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen uses coconut sugar. Coconut sugar isn’t from the coconut itself. It’s drawn from the sap of the coconut palm tree buds. …

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White Bean and Aromatic Vegetable Ragout

TweetOne of my favorite new blogs to follow is Food Wishes/. It’s a great site, which drew me in with the great photos, and easy to follow videos. Here is one of my favorite recipes – White Bean and Vegetable Ragout. Technorati Tags: video Tweet

No-Bake Key Lime Chocolate Graham Cream Cakes

TweetDo you want an easy, healthy no bake recipe?? Here is the one you are going to love!! Crust Ingredients: 1 cup graham cracker crumbs 1/4 cup finely pulsed hemp nut seeds 1/4 cup Chocolate Complete Protein  4 tablespoons Soy-free Earth Balance Butter or coconut oil Filling Ingredients: 8 ounces Vanilla Coconut Yogurt 1 can …

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Warm Lime Cilantro Sauce

TweetI really love the combination of lime and cilantro. One of favorite mixes is to use lime and cilantro in quinoa!! Delish! Another is with fresh veggies or seafood. Ingredients: ½ cup white wine 1 medium sized shallot 4 garlic cloves 8 drops lime essential oil 2 Serrano peppers 1/2 cup Soy-free Earth Balance butter, …

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Lollipop Cinnamon Rolls!!

TweetDo you want a fun dessert to make with your kids during the winter break?? I originally found the Cinnamon Roll Pops with Maple Frosting Dip on Sharon Vak’s blog, and make mine with an alternative crescent roll recipes as well as changing it up to be a better vegetarian and allergy-friendly version of this …

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Horizon Family Vacation Sweepstakes

Tweet Don’t miss out on your opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sun, soft white sand beaches, gourmet dining, and an assortment of fun land and water activities for the whole family! Beaches Resorts offers more quality inclusions than any other resorts in the world. Hurry, contest sweepstakes ends January 31, 2012. To enter and read …

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