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Well – what a great day to start the Fresh In The City Blog – off to the Lehi Farmer’s Market at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. When you drive through some parts of Utah County you just feel like your in the farm country, yet – not so much fresh fans in Utah. Lots of McDonald’s however. (just sick that one is coming to my neck of the woods very soon) So with my wonderful friend and kids in tow, we were off to the farmer’s market to see what fresh we could find.

My very first vendor stop, and my reason for going in the first place, was with Pleasant Valley Beef. This is a 700 acre ranch in Mt. Pleasant that was started by Ken and Charlene Palmer in 1974. They are an old fashioned farm with old fashioned values – like herding the cows to pasture… imagine a happy cow not in California! I bought my grass-fed pastured beef with much excitement – three pounds of it because it was a great price and great fresh food. Then I questioned…”So.. I see online that you have no more chickens??”… Well I was thrilled to find out that they had three chickens left. So I of course had to have one of those as well.

We then took a break at the Harvest Deli to get a snack for the kids. I’m a little disappointed that they had water in the corn bottles… uggg…has corn not taken up too much space already?? But at least they still had the Smart water – and yes, my water was in the car in it’s stainless bottle, but we were all thirsty right then. So we got some local milk and some water and rested before continuing the journey.

We found a nice little farm next to Pleasant Valley and got tomatoes and some wonderful Anaheim peppers. My husband will be stuffing those this weekend to grill… just you wait. I also bought some great produce (a bag of basil and two beautiful onions) from the Junior Masters Gardening Club that grows produce at the Farm Country in Thanksgiving Point.

My daughter also got a great handmade sword from a wonderful old man, and so all were happy as we left the market today!

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