Murray Park Farmer’s Market

Saturday morning my good friend and I instead of our usual sit at the coffee house after our 3.5 mile walk chose to go to the Murray Park Farmer’s Market. The Murray Park Farmers’ Market is held right in the Murray City Park off of State Street and just north of 5300 South in Salt Lake City. It was so great because there was none of the crafty stuff, just food. And except for the Great Harvest Bread (which really is so not local) you can expect to find farm-fresh produce, dairy, and fresh-baked local breads from Volker’s  Bakery. Prices are very reasonable. We shared a smoking deal on a box of green beans. I plan to freeze most of them for winter.

It’s easy to freeze green beans for your winter supply. You want to blanch them for about four minutes, then let them dry so that you don’t get any crystallizing when you freeze. Then when they are dry you just freeze them in your freezer bags/containers. Use as needed.

This great farmer’s market is held every Friday and Saturday from the beginning of August through the end of October. If you go on Saturday get there early. It’s gets busy very quickly. We go there right at 8am and it was jumping! It’s a great way to support local farms.

Also this weekend my neighbor canned her own salsa. So darn fun!! I am so wanting to do that. Anyway she picked up her produce in her backyard, and at two local farms, Jensen’s Farm and Kuwahara I read an article about Kuwahara this weekend and the real bottom line of the article is to support the local farmer. Learn about them, buy from them, and ask your grocery stores to carry the local foods. When you shop in store buy the locals!

You can learn more about local and urban farmers here in Utah by visiting these links:

Buy local and love your food. And by the way, I spent $27.75 on all of the fresh produce I bought at the market, which I see as a success! I got a bag of yukon gold potatoes, a bag of walla walla onions, a bunch of green onions, an Armenian cucumber, a summer squash, a dozen pears, a ton of green beans, the mystery Israeli melon and a lovely large leek. My bags were overflowing. When was the last time fresh cost you so little?

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