This weekend I went with my little family up to Snowbird Resort to the annual Oktoberfest. I love the crisp, fresh air this time of year, and this Labor Day was no disappointment. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the colors were amazing, and the sky was clear blue. So we drove up the canyon and parked in the top lot and walked down to the festival. Once you get there you have to take the time to enjoy some of the great shops outside of the eating venue. We found some fun glasses, outdoor clothing, and of course my girl found a new hat that is just fun, fun and fun! The hat was made from a great local company, Baroque Ski Hats, out of Sandy, Utah. The website states: “Katherine Taddeo, owner/designer of Baroque Ski Hats creates chic and functional head and neck wear for skiers. Designed by skiers for skiers Baroque fills the need and desire for functional yet chic hats, headbands and neck gators. The definition of Baroque in the fashion world: whimsical, ornamental, odd shaped akin to rococo. Baroque mixes and combines faux furs, fleece, brocades, glitter and more to create a very unique line. We offer hats in the classic pillbox and skullcap styles.” I was surprised that my four year old is not out of the toddler size, but the great part is that she’ll have this great handcrafted hat for a lot of year. Baroque Ski Hats is located at the base of the beautiful Utah Wasatch range. Who could ask for a better combination?

After shopping my we went in for the main event, sauerkraut, brats and loads of polka music. We ate, danced and had a blast. My husband sipped on a nice Oktoberfest Black Bier and all was perfect for another annual Oktoberfest. I also want to add that the chef is always great about making my “Latex-free” dish every year. It makes my visit to Snowbird for Oktoberfest great, and of course makes my desire to go back to the Lodge again and again for dinners and overnight stays something I would do and recommend for all.

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