November is for cooking – include the family

Some of the most enjoyable moments is when I am in the kitchen with my daughter cooking together. She just turned 5 a few weeks ago, and it’s so exciting to see her enthusiasm for cooking and food every day. She loves to tell people that she eats “happy” food, which is our term for eating organic and humanely created foods. She also this morning said, “Mom, I wish I could go downstairs and make my own toasted cheese sandwich.” And I though, why not?

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite books to use to start getting your kids involved in the kitchen. First on my list is the The Everything Kids’ Cookbook: From mac n cheese to double chocolate chip cookies – 90 recipes to have some finger-lickin fun (Everything Kids Series). I am not always a fan of the Everything books, but this one teaches kids the basics about cooking, kitchen safety, and nutrition, while offering up some great recipes.

My number one recommendation for younger kids getting into the kitchen with mom is the Mom and Me Cookbook. Each recipe step and each item needed is illustrated with engaging, fun and clear photographs. You love the fact that even the table of contents is illustrated to make it easy for your kids to pick out a recipe to make with you. And the books key words are big and really simple for little kids who are just learning how to read. This will be a much loved go to in any family.

My best friend loves the The Kid’s Cookbook: A Great Book for Kids Who Love to Cook! The recipes are simple, and very kid friendly – and she loves to see a picture with each recipe so that they can decide if it looks tasty before making it. And nothing weird here… which was a good choice for her picky daughter. One of the reviews on this book said, “I’ve given this book to just about every kid, parent, and grandparent in my life, all to rave reviews.”… Can’t beat that testimonial when looking for a mom tested book.

Don’t be afraid to make substitutions with your kids in any recipe, and teach them that it can be fun to be in the kitchen and not driving through the drive-through window.

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