time to get healthy today

Rather than waiting for the new year to start your resolutions, and break them; why not just start getting healthier today. I’ve put together a three week challenge for all of my friends and readers to get healthier. Each week you’ll get an easy to do weekly meal plan with recipes on this blog to help you out. You’ll also get your fitness plan laid out for you – with easy to do online fitness videos. This is my way to show you that you can do it from home. This is the way I eat, this is the way I workout. For those that take part you’ll be given access in January to a trial of my own fitness and nutritional programs. And you’ll also be far ahead of your friends when it comes to your healthy goals.

I’ll tell you – health to me is not a size or a number. There is far more to it. Eating healthy allows my body to fight off the diseases that have taken my family members and friends away from me. Working out properly, and by that I mean in a way that doesn’t deteriorate your body; I am able to have a healthy heart and lungs. I was born with a hole in my heart, and so I take the health of my heart very seriously. My grandmother’s heart was so enlarged by the time she died that it just makes me sad. And she had a hole in her heart as well. I also have severe asthma, and so I know that not every day I have the same abilities. And each of us are that way. But when you have a strong foundation for health, you can overcome almost anything.

So – join me and get healthy today.

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