why real food is so important

What do you think of when you hear the words “real food”. I think some of you think that a box of cereal is considered real food; and the rest of you think perhaps of something that is scary to you – raw milk, ghee, liver… but for most of you the idea of real food is going to end up being somewhere in the middle. Figuring out what you need to eat has really just become so complicated. Modern life has so many easy routes, and so you almost have to take hours to create your meals in order to feel like you are eating real food. All of these experts have been advising you on what food choices to make. You are listening to celebrities, scientists, fitness experts and the large national news stations. At every turn there is someone waiting to tell you how to eat.

Our current United States diet consists largely of processed, refined foods that are full of sugars. We eat large portions and we eat few vegetables and fruits. And we think that whole wheat is equal to whole grains. Our nation is suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and you only have to look around you to see the obesity that our nation is struggling with. The problem is that no one has told you that real food is actually simple. You aren’t manning the first space shuttle, you just need to stop and actually cook your food. Buy fresh. Don’t buy any foods that have more than 5 grams of sugars per serving if you buy something processed. If you don’t understand the ingredients, you most likely shouldn’t be eating it. This new way of thinking maybe will take some getting used to, but in a few weeks you’ll find that you are enjoying your food in ways you haven’t enjoyed it for years. And before long you will start to crave the things that you didn’t even know existed two months ago.

So – you may not know how to start. Start small. Change up just your breakfast this week, then change your dinners, then your lunches… and you’ll find every step to be easier. You could even start just by buying more local, and not buying anything with Corn Syrup or other sad ingredients in it, and don’t buy any items that contain Genetically Modified ingredients – so in other worlds stick to local and organic products. We’re here with you. We are sharing recipes, tips, news… everything that you need to find support for your healthier fresher way of living. I know most of you don’t have a farm right down the road, but you don’t need a farm within walking distance to find healthy, fresh foods. And coming next year we’ll have our meal plans available for our subscribers to help you learn to eat healthy. So do this now, for yourself. Don’t wait another minute. Start eating healthier today. You deserve it, and your family deserves it.

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