Homemade Potato Chips

I found this great recipe that I just had to give a try to – and they are delightfully easy to make – homemade potato chips.

1 organic red potato
Non stick olive oil
Parchment paper – cut to size of your microwave
Dried Dill, minced
Salt and/or Pepper

1. Slice your potatoes very thin using either a good quality knife, mandoline, cheese grater with the long slicer or a vegetable peeler.
2. Spray your parchment paper
3. Line the paper with potato slices
4. Sprinkle Dill on potatoes and then salt and/or pepper on them.
5. Place parchment with potatoes in the microwave.
6. Turn off your rotation setting.
7. Cook for 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 minutes.
8. Enjoy!

These are so easy that you will not believe how yummy they are.

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