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Welcome to my blog! My name is Barbara Christensen and I’m a wife, business woman and of course a mom! Every week I will be bringing you fresh blog topics related to my fresh life, healthy recipes, organic and sustainable news, and reviews of some of the freshest, fun products that I love.

For the last decade I’ve been running my life coaching, wellness and design business,  and I am a fresh food enthusiast! Since I was a teen I’ve has suffered from a variety of food and environmental allergies. I became more and more interested in food as I learned more and more about my allergies. Welcome to the age of being an internet researcher! It became clear that my allergies started when my processed food consumption increased and at the same time that corn syrup and soy were invading the United States food system with great speed. The first allergies were sunflower and corn. Then came peanut, tree nuts, other seeds, tropical fruits, bananas, oranges, and others and the final crush was latex.

Since developing my latex allergy I have become more aware of how every little thing can change the way your live your life. And so I started looking at fresher ideas. That is what this blog and my business is all about now. Let me share my favorite things with you, and hopefully you’ll share your experiences with me as well so that we can grow together!

As I change and learn and grow I hope that you will go on the journey with me. One person can change many lives, and with a community we can change the world! And I hope our children will be able to live happier lives because of it.

Love, Family, Food and Traditions make it all worth it in the end.


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