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Are you living abundantly?

TweetI hear people talking about abundance an awful lot these days. And if you have watched or read “The Secret”, or even heard of it you have probably taken it all to be about money. But abundance actually have very little to do with earning money. Fiscally speaking it’s more about respecting your money, and …

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The Biggest Loser

TweetI am a big fan of the NBC show, The Biggest Loser. This week they ask the question of everyone about what was the easiest diet. And they all were using words like “whole foods”, “eating healthy”, “being green and lean”, but they just didn’t really know what they were talking about. But when they …

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No soy!

TweetMore reasons to stop buying processed foods full of soy. Soy contains trypsin which inhibits protein digestion and assimilation. Soy is estrogenic and thyroid suppressive and inhibits hormonal health significantly…soy oil is also extremely high in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids which create a lot inflammation in the body and becomes completley carcinogenic when it’s …

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